Thursday, December 15, 2011

What does an attitude with gratitude really look like?

Good question as I find many who say they live in gratitude don't.

WHAT?! yes, really.

Gratitude all begins with appreciating what you have already, that
pretty well wipes out the whole population of Canada and the US for
having an attitude of gratitude. What do I mean?

To be grateful at all times you must see the body you have is a gift,
yes, every dimple and roll, wrinkle and gray hear, ache and pain along
with every emotion you have, it is a gift. The mundane life you lead,
the job you have, all gifts, ones to be grateful for.

I don't get it....

Okay, let's say someone gave you a blue car and you said "thank so
much! but I want the red one" that is the same as saying, Thanks so
much for this body but I wanted something skinnier..... Make sense?

This is also the danger of goals. When we set goals sure move towards
them but do not lose the gratitude along the way!

I am enough I have enough. Believe this and you will see what you
have is more already than you could have ever imagined but it is your
perception that creates the attitude.

If you appreciate what you have, know you have enough, are so thankful
for what you have, KNOWING you will always have what you need at that
time (even if it is not always what you want) then you will be able to
live in gratitude.

Gratitude is not just saying thank you, it is really being grateful
and humbled by the life you have been given to experience this
lifetime, body, burdens, job, family, life experiences and all.

Yes, easier said than done. We don't exactly life in a society
grateful for what it has, no, everyday we deal with the need for
immediate gratification (even though we have enough) and the drive to
get more, more of everything without even noticing (and in some cases
loosing what we already have because we took that for granted).

Saying thank you so everyone else thinks you are grateful doesn't cut
it either, for if you still think you don't have enough then you are
not living with an attitude of gratitude. No faking this one.

I love my life. I am enough I have enough. Everything I need is and
always will be there for me. I love my body. Thank you for my work.
I adore my life.

The ego will always badger you will ill will and lack of gratitude but
it does not need to be the only thought in your head. Add in the
other thoughts that create balance, the thoughts that allow you to see
the beauty of your life and you.

Find this and you will find you do have everything and when you are in
pain, you can still be grateful even if it is through gritted teeth
and you can only be grateful for the anger you feel. This is enough,
you are enough and to me, you are beautiful (I don't care if I sound
lame you are.... you are my equal and for me, that is enough to make
you one of the most incredible people I know)

You can do this, we all can, it is just adding in another thought to
balance and create a different perception. Do not change any of you,
decide you need fixing or run to someone to tell you how to do this.
Rather find thoughts that make you feel warm and fuzzy then think them
along with your other thoughts. Simple. Make it simple, keep it
simple for it is simple and better yet, it is your life.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clairvoyants, psychics, faith and religion ~ AuKeeRa Rayne

Recently I had a woman write and ask me "Do you still have a strong faith in God?  How do I come to keep my faith and consider being open to the gifts you have? Is there any reading you may recommend that might assist me as I try to come to some conclusion about looking into your area of contribution? " and often I am challenged by many faiths as to what I do and where the information comes from.  Even I used to challenge myself, thinking sometime, how is this possible?  

This is what I replied.....

One can only do what I do if they have a strong faith.  One can only do what I do if they believe there is one God.  Faith and religion are not one in the same.  Faith goes further.  One with a strong faith never worries their faith might be swayed and I must have one for people who claim to have faith have questioned my beliefs for decades when I have never ever questioned or tested theirs. Jesus Christ himself was stated to be a clairvoyant in book of Paul, yet this seems to be forgotten when it comes to people like me.  

Sure there are psychics who use fear tactics to get one to come back again and again, this is just cruel.  (So if anyone claims you need to come back over and over for a reading or treatment in reference to you needing them to balance or 'fix' you, use caution, you only need you)

Prophets are clairvoyant but in ordered to be recognized by any church you must be a part of a congregation, so there fore religion itself is at war.... so this is a good question you ask as really there is no way I can prove what I do is real nor true, so ones who come to me must also operate of faith, yet all people know in the depth of their soul when they hear truth, and this is my saving grace.

I read for people of many faiths and I believe my information is for you from God (However I use the word 'they' for many people do not like the use of God for it's Christian inference thus people like this prefer other terms) and that is the beauty of what I do.  All people are seen as equal, all are spoken to with respect.  All are seen as the Bible itself states, Created in His image, children of God.  Thus everyone is spoken to in a way they understand, with solutions they can work with and in a way their faith cannot only stay intact but become stronger, for them, their way.

When I speak to those who have crossed over I make it quite clear the knowledge coming through if from their loved one and not always what they should do (in regards to advice:).  I have spoken to many about their last wishes, things occurring, possible solutions, about all types of things, it really is quite the unique experience for all involved (including me)

So I cannot tell you how you would keep your faith when coming to me, another one's faith is between themselves and what they believe in for only God knows the hearts of man.

My faith is stronger than any one I have ever met.  I do not drop my faith when things go wrong, rather I work to see how everything is in perfect order even though I may not understand. I allow myself to be angry, I even allow myself to be angry at God, knowing he loves anyway (and I still always finish with I may be mad, I may not understand, but I love you and trust you).  Thankfully I have suffered many losses in my life.  I was told I would suffer all losses known to man before the age of 40, and I did.  I was told it was to aid me in my compassion and understanding for others, and it has, deeply it has.

I find many people search for faith and answers but do not know where to look, I really recommend it is "you" you seek, not your Bible (for interpretation gets lost and confusing so quickly), not another's faith, for they always believe they are right and everyone else is wrong.  All your answers lie in you.  All I do is act like an interpreter between the energetic language that communicates between ourselves and what we believe in and God.  God speaks to us all the time, the problem is most often we have trouble hearing it.  This is where a person like me or journaling and prayer come in.

Because you have all your answers all you need is you.  It does take time to learn to hear them but if you journal daily (no more than three half pages in a smaller journal) you will begin to see the difference between the voice of God and your ego.  The voice of God never barters, creates fear or speaks meanly in anyway.  Your inner voice (connected to God) may be direct and firm but never threatening.

I aid many in this communication for our egos are brilliant and because that is the only voice in your head you often hear, you must allow yourself patience and practice to learn to feel God's constant presence.

Graciously I meet with the most courageous of people often when their spirits seem broken, or when they are at their lowest in grief and each time I see the most incredible person sitting in front of me.  I am humbled by what I do and believe my job is to tell you from you (and what you believe in) what you cannot not hear for yourself right now.  I believe what I do is something everyone can learn to do for themselves, it just takes practice and time.  I also firmly believe in what I do, who I am connected to and the integrity I carry with it.

Often as I watch a conversation between one who has passed and one that sits before me, I can't help but cry myself, it is beautiful.  I do sometimes wish people could see what I do, it is really something. I have such a deep understanding of faith, death, the strength of spirit, and the love of what created us all, I just feel blessed, it is quite humbling in so many ways.

Just trust yourself.  If you are truly meant to be here at this time, you will be, if not then journal for awhile, pray, seek your innerself and wait to see if it feel right.  Yes, I can contribute in so many ways but you also need to be ready :)

Let me know if you need anything else.  I have lots of good blogs and videos on utube you wish to check out.  has all the links.  Take care and have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Grief and the holiday season

December is a time when emotions are heightened. For those of us who
have lost someone in our lives this time can be one of the hardest. I
can only speak to my own experiences but it is my hope you will find
solace in them.

What do I do to aid my broken heart at this time? Many years ago I
gave a child up for adoption, her due date was Dec 5, she bounced into
this world on Dec 16 then went to her new family on Dec 20. Yes, truly
my heart was broken. What did I do?

Days after her loss, when the feelings were so fresh I went and bought
a ring with her birthstone and wore it keeping it where I could see
it. Having something to represent our loved one with us brings tears
yet also the knowing they are okay. My daughter was alive yes, but no
longer a part of my life, the grief is comparable to the death of a
child. For all of you Mothers (and Fathers) who have lost a child, be
kind to you. Know they are okay, where they need to be, that what you
believe in is taking care of them and although this will never be
okay, one day it will become okay the way it is. Each year her loss
hit me without fail, making the Christmas season very difficult and
unsettling for me. I would light a candle knowing she was loved and
safe. Even after my son was born, my heart did still ache. I met the
woman she had become 20 years to the day I gave her up, and you think
this would take away the loss but it did not, for it is the baby I
grieve and this loss will never leave even though I now get to enjoy
the friendship of the woman she has become. Grief is one of the most
powerful emotions we have and we need to respect this fact.

Know you are allowed to cry, feel the loss, miss them horribly and at
the same time, find a way to be grateful for their life, the memories
and their being that was. Find a way to rejoice in your here and now
(even with tears flowing and a broken heart) find a way to smile.
Yes, it is hard but one can be grateful for their life even though
they have lost, somedays are just easier than others.

Write to your loved one, talk out loud to them when you are allow, pay
homage to their memory with your loved ones, even set a plate at the
table if your emotions move you to do so. Trust they are with you and
they are okay even though you don't feel okay.

Grief does not end, many of us forget this. Sadness will hit you
again and again when you least expect it and around their birthdays
and holidays things are often heightened.

After I lost my father I was out for coffee with a friend one day when
I saw an older man enjoying his coffee, the sight of his hands brought
me to tears for they reminded me of my father. It took me a good
fifteen minutes to get it together, the emotions hit me out of the
blue, there was no way to avoid them, so doing my best not to feel
embarrassed I let tears stream down my face. My friend knew not to
feel sorry for me, she knew I was okay and the memories were
beautiful. I wore a necklace I gave my father during his battle with
cancer after he died. I spoke to him often (and still do). His
birthday was Dec 10, so again this year I woke up not happy for no
apparent reason, yes, it still took me off guard, yes, I still cried
and yes, I still miss him. This loss will not ever heal and yet I
know he is okay, I am proud of the man is was and I know he is where
he is meant to be and yes, I am sad that place is not still here with

Being human is not easy. We love deeply knowing one day we will lose
those we love or they may lose us but yet we have the courage to love
anyway for this love is a gift of being human and loss is the gift of
knowing they got to go home.

In December we often self reflect more than usual with the new year
coming, stress heightens and sometimes the cruelty to ourselves
heightened. The one thing you need to remember is not to be to full
of expectation. Christmas is just another day, you MUST remember
this. And the new year does not mean you rush to change things or
start new things. No, this is a time just to be grateful and relax
(although we seem to often miss that point). It is a time to be
gentle with you and those around you, a time to reflect and be
grateful for the year that has just passed, a time to just be.

Light a candle for those you have lost. Draw them close. Let your
tears come. Be grateful for the family you can still touch (even if
they are now only your furry friends). Just recognize even with all
your loss, you still have your life and those you have lost wish only
that you live. No, it doesn't have to be perfect, nor eloquent, it
just has to be what it is and that will be enough.

Hugs to your heart from mine for I know how deeply painful this time
can be, I made it through, even during the years I only lost me, I am
still here doing the best I can do in each moment in time knowing the
next moment is just a breath away.


Monday, December 12, 2011

The haves and have nots ~ it's a matter of perception

Is there really a good time to decide what you have is not enough? No.

As soon as we think others have more than us or what we have is not
enough gratitude stops.

When we are looking for what we 'need' rather than being proud of and
accepting what we have, living in the moment... stops.

Our society tells us we must set goals to keep our drive up but this
also creates a slippery slope of never realizing we have enough.

When we think our lives are not enough we then look to other things to
fulfill us. We look for our success and acceptance through what we
own, who likes us and then we think we need to prove to others we are
enough leading to us feeling abandoned and alone. This makes our self
esteem even worse and leads us to believe we are not worthy of the
things we think we want to complete us. A vicious cycle complements
of a lack of gratitude and assumption.

Look at your life. Find the simple things to be grateful for and
proud of. It is enough, you are enough. Whether you like it or not
life goes one, you are moving forward, growing and changing regardless
of what you do, this life you cannot stop. You will do what you need
to so jump in.

Being grateful for what you do have creates a fertile ground to keep
on recognizing what you are receiving turing you into to a "have"
rather than a have not.

It is simply a change of though and recognizing you are already where
you are meant to be and will be in each and every moment.

How? You feel yourself begin to pout, your thoughts are having an
issue.... I am so broke. Don't stop the thought rather balance the
thought, I love the place I live (note you have a roof over your head,
then silently say thank you to what you believe in)

Thoughts are about balance. Life is about balance and finding your
middle of the road. Balance each observation you are using against
yourself with another observation which aids you to realize the pride
you have for you and your life. Yes, this does take practice at first
and all you are doing is simply realizing the reality you already
exist in. Thinking this way just gives you more than one perspective.

The process of becoming a person who has everything is only a matter
of thought.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

expectations & the holiday season

The holiday season is now upon us once again. Filled with love,
family and reminders of how precious life is, this season also comes
with high expectations of self and others.

The gifts we buy, the meals we make, how our homes look, being on
time, being accepted, all while dealing with heightened emotion of
possible failure or rejection.

For those of us who have lost someone, sadness mounts. Any past
painful memories of this month return with full force in our
vulnerable moment, sweeping off our feet and center.

So what can we do? How do we make it through? Some of us want to run
away, some stay home and away from family, some are being overtaken by
grief while others work hard to prove themselves.... stop.

If you need to just run
-take a deep breath and list what you want to do. Don't decide you
are not capable, write it down, look at it. See what you can
eliminate and how you can complete all your obligations and gift
lists. Sure holiday supper can be put on paper plates, why not? No
your home does not have to be decorated properly! Yes, you can stay
on budget and by doing this it does not make you cheap, less of a
parent, friend or partner.

If you want to just stay away from family
- it is one day, for some maybe longer. Remember you are all adults
now (even if they don't seem to treat you like one). Go without
expectations for anything to change and prepare yourself for the
'usual' but go in treating them as the adults they are (the kindness
of a stranger works to..... especially for those you have a problem
with, why does this work? because it is easy to treat them with
kindness if we act in our heads like we have never met them)
- If the meal is in your home, do all your prep before family comes,
make it simple and efficient so you can handle it. It does not matter
what the family expects, you are the host, it is your home and you
have been generous enough to welcome them into it. They are on your
turf by your invitation, remember this.
- When it come to small talk know you can always remove yourself from
a conversation. Go to the bathroom, then hide out in the kitchen for
a bit. If you feel cornered, excuse yourself. You can do this and it
is not rude, even with family. Just because you are related or grew
up with people doesn't give them more power than others, unless we
choose to.

If family is staying with you or you with them. Remember to not
change what you would normally do. Do not be selfish or impede on
their time or space (if you are their guest) but do not feel you have
anyone else's standards to live up to but your own. Yes, if you are a
guest always leave things as they were and clean up after yourself,
that should go without saying. If you have guests and they do not do
this, don't invite them back, yes, this is also your right even with

Sure I do know this stuff is easier said than done but if you are
ready to feel less stress you will try it.

Grief...... this one is my specialty in Dec for my run of grief goes
from Dec 5th to the 31.....

How does one handle past lost during this time. It is not easy, not
at all. During a time we want to be happy or we want our loved ones
there, they are not. How do we blend the two?

Give yourself permission to feel both emotions. You can be happy and
joyful while feeling sad and destroyed. Yes, we can feel more than
one thing at a time.

Take time to reflect and 'visit' with your loved one. Even if you
can't 'feel' them there, talk to them out loud, or in your mind, so
you acknowledge your loss. No, this does not bring them back, No, it
won't make it all better, and yes, it will make you feel but it will
be worth feeling they are there in some way. Allow yourself to cry,
it is okay.

Proving yourself ~ now is not the time to decide others must know who
you are. Really this is not the time. When we feel the need to prove
ourselves it is because we feel we have not lived up to another's
expectations of us. We are not all adults, what is past is past. Do
not let your ego tell you this is the time to discuss anything you
think others wish to know. Most of all listen to yourself, if you
need to talk it out it is you who should be listening to you. These
emotions are evoked because we have not feel heard or feel forgotten,
so listen to you. Take time to think it through and listen to you if
your insecurity hits while you are in the presence of others. Don't
ignore you to. Others do not need to hear all about your stress
during the family supper. This is a time for small talk, to catch up
and just to have fun. If you have someone who is trying to prove
themselves to you, tell them, "I hear you. Let's meet and talk this
out another time." whether you mean it or not, it is the right thing
to say. White lies can be so important during this time. Do not use
honesty like a knife to get your point across, it is not worth it.
The statement I hear you, squashes their need to be heard, planning to
make a date later (you don't have to follow through if you don't want
to) allows them to feel vindicated for the moment allowing you to make
it through the day together.

Above all try not to have an expectation before you start out. It is
going to be what it is. You are loved (although you may feel judged)
most if not all of these people love you, although you may not feel
they show it, decide and choose to let it be enough.

Look at your home, be grateful for what you have. It is not about the
gifts you give, it really isn't. If your season has become about the
gifts, time to change that. This is not a time for kids and teens to
'cash in'. This is a time to do your best, stick in your budget and
know what you get is enough. This is when you really need you so
don't let your ego become the one who controls the spending, bring
reality into play.

You know, I really don't know to many people who wish to be around
their family at this time even though we wish we did feel that way, so
let's all give it our best, fake it til we make it, enjoy our oddly
wrapped gifts, which may not be the perfect gift, know we belong where
ever we are because at least we have ourselves there :) And most of
us, know we will never regret making the effort, living up to only our
expectations, and respecting how much we love ourselves and those we
have chosen to place in our lives during this time.

*hugs* and enjoy your holiday :) AuKeeRa

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Relationships ARGGGG!!!! Why are they so difficult for us?!!!

We know we can live on our own but why do we have so much trouble
letting another in? We do it with our friends so what about other

Our minds tell us the most horrible things while our ego beats us into
submission. We end up thinking we are not worthy of a wonderful

As I have written before we need to chose our boyfriends/girlfriends
with the same qualities and discerning taste we chose our friends
with. Then we need to, we have to not run double standards. No, not
what you are thinking rather we must treat ourselves the way we treat
those we care about. We often lavish our chosen ones with so much
love and care while robbing ourselves of that same love from ourselves.

It is like we think we can't love ourselves and another at the same
time. It is like we think we are unworthy of our own care and yet
think we can care for another. Just doesn't make sense!

We confuse ourselves, build molehills into mountains and make
something simple seem so unattainable.

Simple thoughts......

You can never end up alone in a world of billions.

You don't need to settle out of fear of losing control.

Relationships are about feeling good everyday, not creating drama.

TV lies. What you see is not what you need nor what you get but for
sure you can create the drama portrayed there.

You get what you expect.

Assumptions kill a relationship.

Communication is not rocket science. Just open your mouth and speak.

Blame is never required, honesty is.

Act like a 12 year old and your relationship cannot and will not work.

If your needs are not being met, don't blame, meet them yourself. (you
are not a victim!)

If you don't know you, no one else can either, meet you, get to know
and like you.

When we fight for something we think we want it is often the idea of
it we are fighting for, never ever lead yourself down the garden path
of assumptions and expectation.

What to do what to do.....

It honestly, and I am not kidding, is simple. Put you first. You must
like you, you MUST meet your own needs, this is where it all starts.

Yes, I get it and I do know relationships seem to be frustrating,
illusive and just plain silly at times but the bottom line is if you
treat you the way you wish someone else too you will never pick
someone who treats you badly. If you allow yourself to do the things
you allow others to do while you are in a relationship with them, you
will never run a double standard and feel resentment. If you never do
anything out of obligation you will not feel like their parent nor
feel like you'll lose control and if you realize a good friend stays
forever, doesn't judge and just plain likes you, you will find the one
who can visit, the humor and the friendship that will last a lifetime.

People say when you add sex it gets complicated, but the truth is sex
is the icing on the cake or the roof on an already stable foundation.
If you are basing a relationship only on what goes on during sex, you
only have a roof with no foundation. If sex is just a bonus, then you
have the right idea.

Relationships are not complicated. We deal with our friends everyday,
so change your perception, choose not to live in the drama, grow up
and into what you know you deserve.
All my love, AuKeeRa

Monday, August 8, 2011

To communicate with those we love and have lost ~ for Parents who have lost children, kids who have lost parents those who have lost their partner in life.

The first thing you must realize is your heart is broken and will
never repair. Some say it gets easier with time, I don't agree, I
think we just teach ourselves how to live without what we have lost.
Yes, we yearn greatly to communicate with those who have now left our
lives, hoping they are in a better place while knowing we feel lost
without them. Time aids us those in many ways and at some point their
memories bring as many smiles and less tears (although I find the
tears often present and I am still grateful for that, only now my
heart does not ache so much it hurts)

When someone we love first dies communication is difficult due to
grief. Please understand this and allow yourself to feel what you
need to. The grieving process is extremely important and must be
respected as such.

Thus do not chastise yourself as doing something wrong if you do not
'feel' or 'hear' the one you are seeking, this is normal. Our sadness
and numbness (which is suppose to be present) sets up a very 'loud'
barrier to the other side for we are suppose to focus on ourselves at
this time, taking the time to give ourselves what we need as each
moment will feel like a struggle. This feeling can be present for a
year and for some more. If you take the time to nurture you, just
doing the best you can, you will allow yourself to be happy one day
again, even those the one you have lost is still gone.

During the glimpses of that returning contentment in when you will be
able to 'feel' or 'hear' the one you have lost.

What do I do until that time?

What you do is write letters. Really. Write to them, talk to them
allow yourself to say what you need to. I am not saying treat them
like they are still alive but tell them how you are feeling, what you
need to say to them, tell them you miss them, allow yourself to
imagine all the good times. When my Mother lost my father I suggested
for her to write and thus she would journal to him every night, half
his ashes by his bedside (the other buried with his family) She told
him about her day, what she did, how she was doing and they would
'visit' for awhile. This did bring her peace, no it did not take away
the loneliness nor her deep sadness and loss but it did bring a smile
to her tear streaked face as she remembered Dad everynight within all
the things they would do together which she was still doing on her own.

She did say she could feel him when she wrote to him and I know you
will see what I/she meant as you write to your lost one too.

Some get beautiful writing paper, then seal each letter with a kiss.
Some find a gorgeous journal. Others just jot down things on paper,
almost like point for rather than full sentences, there is not wrong
way to write to the one you lost, just write and that will be enough.

Some write daily, others find this hard and only write once in a while
when they have something to say. Some write out there anger or regret
while others wouldn't dare. Write what you feel, don't worry about
being judged by the one who has passed (they love you no matter what)
and remember, anger is normal and a part of grief.

Others love to visit as well as right. I must admit I liked to talk
to Dad, and still do. After my father passed I was terrified he would
show up standing at the end of my bed like in a horror movie. Also I
had asked him to ring a waiter bell I had got him for father's day (he
died before fathers day that year, so I had gifted him with it on his
death bed) Although he was no longer talking, he nodded his head
yes. After his passing all I could think was "please don't ring the
bell, please don't ring the bell!" I spoke to Dad, cried and cried, I
just felt dead inside. This was never suppose to happen, not yet, he
was to young.

Finally I had a talk with myself and told myself to smarten up! I
knew darn well that when we see those who have passed they do not look
like the horror movies portrayed them, so why would Dad? I imagined
how Dad felt, reminding myself he will feel the same. I imagined his
hugs, smile, caring nature and all the things I loved about him. Then
about two months after his death I saw him. He walked around the
corner of my garage while I was sitting on the step. He was dressed
in his jeans, wearing a hat he used to gad about in at the lake, he
also had on his beige jacket. I have tears even now writing this. He
didn't show up in my home, he showed up where he knew I would feel
safe. Remember, our loved ones know us, they will never scare us.
There presence will alway feel calm.

We don't see them like we see each other, it is more like.... okay
well let me explain.... imagine a pink elephant, now project that
image out infront of you. Can you see it? It is kinda hazy but you
know it is there, it is kinda see through but you are aware of it's
color (and even it's eye color if you look :) That is how they look
once they are on the other side.

But AuKeeRa I can't see him/her, that is normal, believe me it is.
They can see and feel us but remember, they are now energy and for our
human eyes, this can be hard to see and hear.

While you are writing them, you will start to feel them. This feels so
normal you may not even notice. Yes, it is that simple. Sometimes
imagining them also aids us to 'see'. 'feel' or 'hear' them. It
reminds us of how they feel, sound and look then how simple it would
be to imagine them there. No it won't bring them back and no,
sometimes it takes way longer to hear them but at least you will be
aware of the fact they are okay and 'feel' okay.

The feeling is the easiest to achieve first thus write to them,
imagine them and just allow yourself to KNOW they are present.

One day you will 'hear' a reply to a question you are asking them or a
statement that is like something they would say. It sounds like a
thought in your head but you know it was not you thinking it and it
was something the one you love would say. Your first response will be
to tell yourself you made it up, but trust me, it is your loved one.
Communication becomes easier for some and for others still sporadic,
these clients simply find peace through writing and visiting, taking
peace in simply knowing their loved one is there and does hear them.

Yes, they do hear us. I giggle at myself when I am reading as I know
they can hear me and often will politely ask them to leave so I can
say things I do not wish them to hear. But remember I asked them to
be present. They do not hear everything we say all the time but will
hear us when they know they need to. No, our parents do not hang out
watching us go to the washroom or being in compromised positions with
lovers. (a question frequently asked) they do not care in that way and
all of our lost loved ones respect our personal privacy and space.
Our loved ones will never try to scare us. Never. Not even in a
joking manner. When they kid around they will do it in a way you KNOW
is them. Yes, sometime loved ones leave things around the house. I
have no idea how this is possible but mom found toothpicks all around
the house after dad passed (Dad always carried toothpicks in his
pocket so she knew it was him) I saw animals, unique animals. Dad
also loved animals and now I see prairie chickens and I always know it
is dad. You will know when you have little signs from your loves one.
Don't discount them, decide you are making them up, no, thank what you
believe in, let a tear form in your eye and know you are loved.

One thing we tend to forget is that when we die we do not become all
knowing and all seeing, no, we remain who we are at first with all our
humor and personality traits intact. So if you hear words of advice,
remember they are still coming from that same source thus when it is a
parent, take the words of advice as you would when they were alive.

If you feel your spouse, child or parent is not in a good place
understand death does not work like that. We do not go to a horrible
place. Sometimes we wait and ponder for a bit, taking time to reflect
on our lives, sort things out and sometimes try to amend things in our
mind. Sometimes we are sad we died too (this does not happen with
children as they know death is okay and remember very quickly how safe
we are and how 'home' feels) Some chose to visit many many people to
let them all know they are okay, often appearing in their dreams (yes,
that is them too). Others will chose to stay alone for a bit, just
relaxing, pondering and taking it all in.

This is another reason you may not feel, hear or see them for a time.
How they died does not show when they will cross over.

Let me explain something I understand to be true. When a person dies,
before they cross over, they stand upon the ground when I see them.
When someone has chosen not to leave just yet, it is not because they
are 'stuck' or in peril. No, it is because they wish to stay closer
(in their opinion) to the ones they love, sometime their parents
'want' them to stay, so they listen (I have only seen once when a
child was really not happy because the mom was now still totally
focused on the child's death and the child felt obligated to stay and
thus was beginning to resent the mom's dependance on the death being a
focus). Do not feel guilty you want you lost one around you, they
will stay for a time, they will. (this is when they are called ghosts)

However when they cross over, how I see them is off the ground and
still often just as close to you, (this is when they are called
spirits). Infact after they cross over they can be even more support
to us. Their energy is stronger, their love is stronger, they are
more 'themselves' then they have ever been. It is here in this state,
when they are with you, you will 'feel' them and it will feel really
nice. Yes, still sad as the sadness never truly leaves but you will
KNOW they are okay.

Not all of us will be able to see them, most of us will be able to
hear them and all of us can feel them. Journaling and writing will be
your best aid (for it also aids us when working with our guides and
channeling) If ever the messages seem scared or threatening please
recheck, for you ego has taken over writing for your lost loved one.
Sometime we can be mean to ourselves for some reason, kicking
ourselves when we are down and deciding our lost loved one is still
hurting or scared. Don't create this fear in yourself.

I also found it helpful to have a representation of my father with
me. I have also given up a daughter (treated life a loss in regards
to grieving) and when I gave her to her new parents I experienced a
pain like no other. I purchased a ring with her birthstone to keep
her close to me. As the universe would have it, her birth stone is
the same as my father's and just before my father died and I got the
honor to meet my birth daughter, I was gifted the most beautiful piece
of jewelry containing their birth stone. I think it is wonderful to
keep your lost loved one close to you, yes, I do have tattoos for my
father but I do caution you to wait on your tattoos for memory as
sometimes we get something very very large as we are in so much pain,
and I just ask you consider your life and not just your loss before
memorializing your loved one in ink so it serves their memory and not
just your grief.

I hope this helps in some small way to aid you in contacting the one
you love and lost.

All my love, compassion and understanding, AuKeeRa

Monday, July 25, 2011

my body, my life

I look in the mirror and all I see are flaws. Where is the
perfection? I don't think there is any.

In our society we are set up for failure. We are never pretty enough,
thin enough, dressed right, owning enough nor making enough money.

No matter how hard we try, what route we take, our failures just seem
to pile up.

You look in the mirror and what do you see?

I will tell you what to look for......

There is only one you.

There is only the standards you set.

Only you can accept you as beautiful, perfect and enough.

Another's compliments will never be a substitute for your own from you.

Rather than trying to change you, accept you first.

This means dress the body you have and work with face you have. Stop
trying to change you, enhance you!

Don't be angry and aggressive in your mind thinking, this is me,
accept me. This is the voice of insecurity and rebellion.

Rather go where you feel beautiful and empowered within what you can
afford. Yes, there is a way.

Go to a make up counter and get your make up done. Then go to a drug
store and get educated on similar products and finally go to a place
with a price that suits you.

For clothes go try things on, not to buy, just to try. Think about
how you want to look, what you want to present and observe the world
around you. Don't copy but take a piece or two and add them to you.
No, you may not know how, and you may not be perfect at it but the
care you are taking for you will shine through along with the feeling
of mattering to yourself.

You see, that is the secret. Taking the time to notice you,
compliment you, and put you in your priority list will translate to
you wanting to make time to allow you to feel as beautiful on the
outside as you do on the inside.

It is not our outside we see as icky, fat, old or ugly it is what we
worry about others seeing in us and how we feel inside. We feel icky
and fat, old or ugly and we will feel that is what other's see, there
goes our assumptions again!

We cause our spiral, so again balance is the key here. Yes, we will
have days we don't like our external appearance and also not like all
of ourselves but we can still like the other parts of us, we just need
to allow ourselves to have both.

Have an outfit you can wear on fat days where you still feel you look
beautiful, don't just throw on sweats and be aggressive in your
thoughts. Be gentle with you and take the time you need that day. Be
kind to you.

Each morning take the time to protect your skin and brighten your
eyes, you will feel empowered. No it doesn't need to take alot of
time nor money to do this and it will empower you to live in the
society you have chosen to live in.

Remember, we work of visual cues in this society, this is why we feel
so controlled so take the time to find your middle of the road. Think
of how you want to perceive you and aid you to do that. Stand by you,
take the time to meet you, love you for who you are then enhance what
is already there making it present for the world to see.

First chapter of "From Above with Love ~ Basic Knowledge One" will aid
you in the process of understanding how you see you and how you think
along with how to balance this. It is worth the work.....

*hugs* AuKeeRa

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Within each moment, each experience, lies a gift.

Most of you know my son's hamster died and I was bit by a dog this
weekend, one may ask why?

Within all situations lies gifts.

The gifts of the hamster dying. To die at home would have been hard
on my son. It may have appeared that smokey's long drawn out demise
delayed our lake departure however instead it gave much needed time
for Aaron to return home from work and pack, make me sit and wait,
allow the phone guy to come to fix the phone lines, then time for my
son to assimilate the loss of his pet. He was so excited to go to the
lake he mentioned he was sad to lose her but was so happy we were off
to the lake. At the lake, the little dying creature gave a man his
first chance to hold something very loved who was leaving this world.
A rare chance for many of us and a gift in itself.

What about the dog bite? How can that be a relief? The dog bite gave
me a chance to release some stress in tears (yes, I cried... twice!),
provided a chance for my friend who drove me in and I a chance to talk
and for me to listen, gave Aaron some time alone with his friends (but
i think all he did was miss me), along with a chance for him to make
me supper, an opportunity for him to know I am okay even when he can't
be there for me the universe will take care of me, a chance for the
people there to see a situation can be handled without yelling and
fighting, an opening provided for a much better relationship with the
security and RCMP which a few of our campers had made difficult the
night before, hopefully an introduction to the dog's family in how the
laws in Saskatchewan work and a safer environment being provided for
the next person to come in contact with the dog, the first time ever I
placed charged (or at least have asked too) against another person for
something which happened to me (and felt it was right!), I spoke up
for myself and followed through without remorse or concern of outcome
for the dog. Although I am a deep animal lover I would not have an
issue if my actions resulted in the dog being put down. That is a
first for sure.

The dog bite also provided a much needed reset button. Sometimes life
just so overwhelming we get stuck in our heads and then WHAM something
out of the blue happens and everything shifts, even if just a tiny
bit, clarity comes and more opportunities are provided.

In every little moment, there is a gift. When roadblocks seem to be
thrown up time and time again, there is a gift. However in order to
receive these gifts, we must first believe they are there. We are not
victims of our lives thus situations are not provided to victimize us,
rather as gifts in disguise of life experience.

When we are late to something, chances are the other person is late to
or the lateness provided a gift to someone later. Never assume things
are bad. When we are early it is a chance for us to relax if we let
it be rather than a feeling someone else is monopolizing our time or
trying to prove we are efficient and good enough.

When we get an injury or illness, it is not caused by something we
have done wrong, it is a gift. A gift of new experience for sure, a
time to put ourselves first (something so many of us are just not good
at), a time to ask for help, a time to be self trusting and reliant,
time to be quiet and relax, and a time to develop faith further,
knowing we are safe, okay and things will work out exactly like they
are suppose to.

Now don't get me wrong, even when we see gifts human emotions will
still be present. We are suppose to have anger, sadness,
disappointment and all other emotions even when we see the gifts in a
situation it may still not always make it feel better at first. Plus
we may not always realize the gifts right away. Retrospect really
does show how much the universe has provided within our human

Pause and look at your life, what gifts have the worst times of your
life provided? Remember, if you are still feeling like a victim, you
are not seeing the gifts given to you. When looking for our gifts it
is where the experience brought you to. You will always be a better
person for it, no matter how bad the experience, how extreme or
painful or how drastically it changed your life. If this words
provoke anger within you then take a look again, for you are still not
seeing it and when we feel something shouldn't have happened to us, we
never accept that it did.

Acceptance never means you have forgive another person, condone their
actions or fix/heal the fact it did happen, you only have to accept it
did. You never have to like that it did, ever.

In our society we seem to always be seen as broken, needing to be
fixed, that life has hurt us, cheated us, taken things from us but I
see we are perfect, whole and complete as each moment is the only
moment we have. That each moment provides a human experience we never
had before. That we do not have to like everything that happens nor
everyone around us rather accept what happened did and accept we don't
have to tell others when we don't like them, don't forgive them, and
never want them around us again.

If you look at your past it is an intricate dance with one situation
providing a platform for the next to occur providing a unique life
experience for each and everyone of us with no single moment exactly
the same. These moments are a second in time and the only reality we
know. Acceptance is the only thing needed to live this life.
Accepting what is happening is actually happening. Knowing the
emotions we are having we are allowed to have. Knowing this moment
will lead into the next moment and accept that is not something to fear.

My favorite thought is when I describe people lives as a mosaic or a
painting. I can see this gorgeous piece of art forming before my
eyes. Each moment is a dot of color or a colored piece of glass or
pottery. There are darker times and lighter times providing depth and
flow to the piece. No two artworks are the same, not one is ugly nor
hard to look at or wrong, each life painting or mosaic, even though
they are never finished, are breathtakingly beautiful.

This life is a gift as is each moment in it thus why I always say
"Life is not meant to be an uphill climb, it's just life" AuKeeRa Rayne

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

time with my self ~ alone does not equal lonely

I feel lonely, I am so alone, I need somebody ~ help!

Alone does not equal lonely.  Often we are in a room of people and feel very alone, very lonely.  Just as often we are in a relationship feeling more alone and lonely than we ever have!

Why is this?

How do I not feel alone or lonely?

Change the language for one.  I am with myself.  The word alone has translated into lonely in our language.  Alone is not lonely it is with myself.  I am going out for dinner with myself.  I am taking myself out to a movie. I am going for a drink with myself.

We think if we hang out with ourselves people will judge us.  The truth is most people are too scared others will notice they are with themselves and think they are losers for having no friends.  This is just not true.  No one notices if there is no one sitting with you, no one.  Often people just assume your are waiting for someone else or got stood up by a friend rather than thinking you have no friends.  People are really just to busy and into themselves to care.

When I used to take myself out to lunch if I got feeling awkward I'd glance at my watch as if to wonder where the other person was.  Then I would go back to reading my book or just sitting and relaxing.  If I wanted to go out to the bar alone, I would walk in thinking no on knows if I own this place or maybe I am a millionaire.  It gave me an air of quiet confidence and I did not feel I shouldn't be there.  Movies are easy to go to alone, no one notices you are there.  Hitch hiking was hard I must admit, I felt stupid but conquered it with thoughts of "I am allowed to feel silly!" and made it home safe and sound from Florida to Saskatchewan then out to BC and back :) yay!

TIme with ourselves is such a gift.  To go for a quiet walk with yourself is a beautiful gift, especially if you are a mom in a busy house!  It does not have to be a power walk for exercise or even have a purpose, it can simply be to have some time with yourself.

We put ourselves last, so why do you think we search for another to put us first?  Problem is if that other person if putting themselves first we feel they have put us last (for remember we are not putting us first and they are not either) and then resentment builds.

Soon we feel alone, so alone but we are not.

We have me, myself and I along with everything we believe in (God, Universe, Goddess, Guides, whatever terms you use, you already know you are not alone)

You can never ever be alone.  Feeling lonely? Walk outside, go shopping, look at all the people.  Say hi.  See you are not alone in this world.

Loneliness is a mental state.  It really is.  Feel lonely and you will feel lonely.  Be proud you are with you, take care of your needs and you will never feel alone again.

Sure you may get lonely from time to time, we love human contact, we really do!  So be brave and take yourself out in the world.  Do not wait for others to come with you on your life experience, take you there regardless of what others may do.

I must tell you some of my best memories are of my with myself.  They really are.  These memories include the Saskatchwan river bank, regular picnics on the livingroom floor while Blaze was a baby (in Edmonton, food from Bp's), Walking the streets of Saskatoon for hours just to see what I could see.  Snuggled up with chips and movies, crying, after I found out my Dad had cancer (yes a sad memory but one of my precious ones).  Standing in a field with the sun beating down, hearing the wind gently blow on my Grandparents farm when I was a child, I have many many good with myself memories from my childhood.  

What are your precious with yourself memories?

What are some things you could do with you?  Where would you like to go?  What would you like to do?  What do you feel comfortable doing with yourself?

What thoughts can you think to show you that you stand by you, love you and will always be there for you?

What things can you do for you when you are feeling lonely?

You are never alone, you will always have you, so learn to love and accept you, ask you what you want, follow your own lead, take care of you, love you for who you are, and always take a gentle tone with the wonderful person you are.

Me, myself and I along with my faith is a force to which no harm can come and sadness/loneliness can never conquer.  AuKeeRa Rayne

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stress, frustration and anger

Emotions are a human gift but somedays emotions sure do not feel like
a gift.

We think we are not allowed to feel, then when we feel we think we
need to let everyone know how we are feeling, confusing.

When we ignore our emotions we begin to create a pressure cooker
effect, one day that lid will blow off.

When we constantly act out our emotions towards others, we are not
dealing them, we are creating more drama for our ego to feed off of.

SO what is the solution?

Accept you are feeling anger, stress or frustration, not act it out,
or even figure it out, just say to ourselves, I am angry, frustrated
and stress and I get to be.

This thought allows these emotions to be present but not take over our
day and thoughts.

We forget we can have all of these 'negatives' and still be content,
even optimistic while feeling them. Yes, we can feel many things,
while still functioning in daily life.

We have been taught we just tell everyone how we are feeling. Why?
People at work don't care. Family don't want the wrath or fall out of
our bad mood and friends usually have their own stuff going on,
so mental acceptance is the only way on a regular basis.

Okay, so explain this to me? What do I do?
Acknowledge the feeling mentally and allow it to be present, do your
best not to take it out on family, friends or at work.
DO NOT try and immediately solve these emotions.
If you feel someone else has caused the emotions to occur, do not run
and decide talking to them will figure it out.
Talk to you first!

Have you ever noticed arguing solves nothing?
Both parties are usually trying to prove they are right rather than
finding a solution, and sometimes the solution has nothing to do with
person you are blaming.

So pause, accept what you are feeling, go through your present day and
moment doing what you need to do to live, knowing you are allowed to
feel what you are feeling but do not need to act it out, then, when
there is time, see if there is something you need to speak with you
about. No not the other person yet.....

When you sit down to examine your solutions, you need to approach it
like an adult. Yes, a solution oriented adult :) We are not in the
sandbox, on the play ground nor in highschool. We are adults.

If your solution is telling the other person they are doing something
wrong, seriously think about this before you do it. Is this something
they have done since you met them? Is this a deal breaker? Do you
treat yourself the same way you are accusing them as treating you?
What do you need from you first? What do you need from them? Maybe you
need a hug or cuddle rather than a fight. Maybe you need to know you
are not alone rather than correcting a behavior you decided was the
problem for you feeling angry. When dealing with emotions honesty of
self is required.

Sometimes, well often actually, our emotions begin and end with us.
We don't find the solutions for our stress, frustration and anger lie
anywhere but within us and how we decide to treat ourselves, perceive
our lives and the thoughts we think each day.

So do your best to accept all of you each day; all of your emotions,
good or bad. Ask for help when you need it, try not to blame and
remember you always have a solution. You are the best you, you can
be, in this moment, in the next and forever. You are enough.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Be the driver in your vehicle of life.

You are either the driver or you are an unwilling passenger in an
unmanned vehicle feeling like a victim being dragged along.

There will be twists and turns, barricades seeming to stop you dead in
your tracks, detours, highs and lows, good weather and bad, this is
your trip and it will be the experience of a lifetime.

None of us are born knowing how to drive this vehicle, even if we have
had thousands of past lifetimes ~ no human experience will be as great
or be like the one you are having now. It is impossible to recreate a
single second exactly let alone a whole life time.

Some believe our path is preordained some believe we make up the road
as we go. Regardless how gifted you are with the second sight, you
will never see all experiences coming and even if you do, the
experience will always be a first, even if it appears to mimic the last.

Therefore we will always feel like we don't know where we are going
although we can see where we have been. As our road/life goes along
the road we have travelled will fade into memories and we will use our
experiences to think we know what is coming next, but we still will
never know.

We will use our time to decorate (as so to speak) our vehicle to
hopefully make it more comfortable, but often we decide our vehicle is
not good enough and begin to resent the fact we were given this
vehicle wishing we could trade it in for another forgetting the fact
we have this vehicle to live our lives in the first place. How about
a dose of gratitude and the realization your vehicle is what allows
you to be here in this world a all?

Then there is the fear. We know this road/life doesn't end til we die
but yet we often spend our moments wishing it would end sooner, be
different or decided the trip is just not good enough. We begin to
fear our trip and it's experiences, stating the road we have just
traveled (the experiences of our past) or the unknown of the road
(life) infront of us as the reason for the fear. However the road
(our life) continues, the vehicle still moving no matter how scared we
get we can't stop life.

Sure you can feel fear and while you are feeling it realize it is a
man made emotion. Fear used to be a flight or fight response. The
fear we experience everyday is unwarranted. It serves no purpose at
all. This fear we have created does not keep us safe, nor alive.
This fear does not make us feel content nor bring enjoyment to our
trip/experience of life. No, this fear tortures us, makes us feel
like failures, and creates more fear. Fear of more failure, fear of
being alone, fear of being judged, fear of being just not good enough
for anything or anyone. This fear serves no purpose what so ever.
This fear does not make us stronger, no we use it for the exact
opposite, to keep us thinking we are weak and not capable of driving
our vehicles of life.

This vehicle keeps on going, the road (experiences) keep coming and
like I said, you either experience those experiences or you go through
them kicking and screaming feeling they are being 'done to you' and
you are a victim of your own life experience. The choice is yours,
yes yours.

Oh my gosh AuKeeRa, seriously? Really? but life isn't always fun and
I am just not able to handle everything handed to me, am I?

Another thing we often forget is all of us are going through the same

We all are born unprepared, with no manual on a road we can't see what
is coming ~ no matter how gifted you are, you will never know how to
handle a situation you saw coming until you are already in it ~ this
is where trust in self is needed, not fear.

Life is happening, every second. No single second repeats itself even
though we think it does, we are not on a repeating track we are on a
'road' that is always presenting new life experiences. Our ego begs
to differ as we decide we can no longer learn, we have been there,
done that, and then we become complacent. We think we don't need to
be an active participant in our lives, they will happen anyway, so
whatever, it's not what I wanted anyway, I wanted more, so I'll just
wait for the next experience.

What is handle it mean anyway? We do our best, we drive the best
through adverse life conditions, sometimes we hit the ditch, get
stuck, use a few choice words but we don't just abandon our vehicle
and walk away never to return. Life can be messy, our road, this life
trip/experiences offer all the ingredients to the perfect life

Great weather, bad weather, horrible storms, awesome hills to gorgeous
highs, and deep valleys which can be calming or feel like horrible
lows. There are cars all around us, seeming to get in our way, slow
us down, almost cause accidents and just plain pissing us off,
however, those people are in their vehicles and thus do not effect the
mood in our car, unless we allow it. Even if they smash into us,
hurting us, our vehicle keeps running, our life keeps going and we
decide if we can love and accept what we may perceive as a damaged
vehicle or we may chose to see it as an experience and move onto the

If you use the image of the vehicle using this image to represent only
your body and mind, nothing external at all, you will see it is always
up to you to appreciate you first, your experience next (even if you
don't like it or are finding it stressful, it is still your life, you
don't like it but you are going to experience it weather you like it
or not, so what you think is the key)

While you have been reading this your ego has been trying to distract
you and explain why you can't just experience your life. You must
worry, plan, fear, trying to explain to you why what you are doing is
just not good enough. You must be present, watch your thoughts and be
more that what you are, because to just be is just not enough!!!

The truth is regardless of what you chose to think or believe, your
life (road) goes on. You can use your thoughts to enhance your life
experience, or make it pure hell. Our thoughts create the perception
of what we are experiencing.

Stop thinking about all the self help books you have read and bring it
to the second you are alive in. Your goal is to live and experience
each second. Once each second is gone it is followed by the next.
Being present as the books tell us is not possible for by trying to be
present we are now not present, silly eh?

More or less you want to observe and allow the experiences to unfold,
trying to to guess, fear or control what you assume is happening.
This combined with loving the vehicle you've been given is the simple
explanation to enjoy this road/trip/life you are experiencing now.

When you feel you are overwhelmed, roll down your windows, say hi to a
passer by and just breath.

You cannot drive the wrong way, no barrier will ever kill nor destroy
you (even though some of them feel pretty hard, your life continues on
and those moments become the road you have now already traveled, you
decide how much thought you give it in your present moment)

Somedays you are going to want to just stop, but ask yourself, are you
ready to die? I doubt it, so change your scenery, literally, walk
outside, go for a coffee, sit and read a good book, if you need a
break, take one.

WE make this very very complicated when really it is not. You are
alive in this second. You are present whether you like it or not.
Accept you are doing the best you can in this split second. Accept
the fact you are already enough. Accept the fact this IS your life
and it is a gift. Accept your past is a road you have already
travelled and not the road you are on. Accept you don't control your
future and you WILL do the best you can when it comes as well. Accept
the fact we are all equal, on different roads, in our own cars, not
agreeing with how we see others driving and not responsible for
another's road or vehicle condition.

I use you all as my guides as to what I should write about next.
After you have read this, message me on what you would like to know
next, I will do my best to deliver. ~

Have the most incredible day as you continue along your road of
life :) AuKeeRa

Friday, July 8, 2011

Why do we always seem to feel stupid?

Have you ever noticed how often we seem to feel stupid, embarrassed or
that we have done something wrong?

It seems no matter how hard we try, it is just not good enough.

Our parents what more for us, or friends just want us to be happy, our
partners what more for us..... seems like a nice thought, all these
people caring but it translates to my life is not enough just the way
it is.

Oh yes, our parent's job is to prepare us for this world and then it
is up to us to take over however we usually take the critical voice
and only move that one forward, forgetting our parents also gave us
encouragement, love and support, we need to have those thoughts too.

Our friends while wanting us to be happy often allude to their
thinking we are not happy enough already. Yes, it may be due to our
incessant b*tching and complaining to them, but isn't that what
friends are for? Yes, our friends are to be a sounding board,
offering advice when asked but not assuming we need it. Find friend
who can do this for you so they enhance your life rather than add to
the sense of feeling stupid or not good enough. Also become that kind
of a friend yourself, we are not responsible for our friends even if
they want us to be.

Our partners, bless their souls, so often are threatened when we are
feeling off deciding we need fixing. We don't. If you think you need
fixing then your partner will feel responsible for you and parent
you. You will then resent your partner for trying to control you
blaming them for treating you like you don't know what you are doing,
even though you put them in that position.

A partner who choses to try and fix (rather than just giving hugs and
kisses knowing this will pass) will decide he/she must always fix
things and is not able to have a bad day themselves. This will result
in controlling behavior and eventually resentment as you will feel you
are doing too much and yet you took it on by choice.

So is it any wonder we always think we are doing it wrong? Is it any
wonder we are always feeling stupid, like we are missing something.....

Even our society has it set up so we can never, ever succeed. We are
born being taught to go into debt now, (before we even have cash we
are 'expected to own a home, a car, be married then have kids!) but
hey, we can get credit..... lol....

We are told we aren't skinny enough, don't have enough faith, are
killing the planet.... we are told we are the solution to everything,
we are responsible for everybody and yet we have NO idea how to take
care of our own little world in our minds.

No, this is one thing left out in this society. All the spiritual
stuff our there tells us we are never in the place we are meant to
be. New age says we are always learning making it sound like we will
never be in a place where we know enough, and yet we are born perfect,
we die perfect and the only thing we need to do is experience this
life. Yes, experience. Sure we will observe our life and we will use
experiences to notice new things in the next experience, but we are
enough, we don't need to learn to be more, we need to experience the
moments we have..... it's all about the experience of life and
tweeking it through more experience.

See? You are not stupid :) I am not stupid. Nobody is! There is no
need to feel embarrassed because you 'think' you did not live up to
someone's expectations, even if they were your own. We need to get in
our corners and become our own cheering section.

How we usually handle these situations now....

"Gosh I feel like an idiot" voice to answer self "Your are an idiot, I
can't believe you did that!!!!!!

Normal next action.... call friend "Oh gosh am I ever stupid, I can't
believe I did that!!!!" Friend, "OMG!! Really? You did that? That's
horrible!? Tell me more! (and now the wallowing will commence with
normally no solution or resolution in sight but a great b*tch session
usually ending up with you mad or feeling more stupid but usually not
making you feel better)

Normal third course of action, stupidity won't be forgotten and we
will hold onto it until we can tell our partner. Hopefully by this
time you can laugh but most of the time we are still feeling
embarrassed, so it will look like this "Honey you should see what
happened today! I just feel stupid! I can't believe this happened"
and often we ask again "I don't know what to do"

Maybe there is another way........

Gosh I feel like an idiot ~ balancing self thought ~ I hear you, I
know you do but I am proud of you (then ignore your ego trying to tear
you down more or just keeping thinking both negative and positive,
remember we can do both!

Call to friend..... Qualify why you are calling and what you need.
Ask for what you need, trust your friend to provide it. "I just feel
stupid today and want to hang around you. I figure we could go for
lunch. Mind if I b*tch for a bit? Then I promise we can just visit,
I want to hear how you are too." Then when you see your friend tell
her/him what is bothering you only asking for advice if you really
feel you need it, friends ~ don't offer advice unless you ask ~ do you
want my opinion. A possible friend answer could be ~ "I hear you!! I
have done the same thing" (note to friends ~ just listen. Note to you
who is calling friend.... do not ask for advice unless you want it and
note to both of you, just because you give/receive advice does not
mean you have to take it and if not taken don't be mad at your friend"

Partners ~ Again, qualify what you need from them."honey I had a bad
day, I need a hug" Before they come home, or you get home, decide
what you need from them. Remember, they may have had a bad day too and
your day does not take precedence over theirs. So what do you need?
Do you need to b*tch more? or do you just wanna short update then
enjoy the evening. Honestly think about it. How much time have you
spent feeling stupid about a situation which lasted seconds or was
only a feeling..... so maybe a fabulous hug from someone who is great
makes sense and maybe you realize you already feel better.

Yes, most of the time when we are feeling stupid it is us who then
take it and run with it. Remember we seem to be trained that way, so
the next time you feel you let someone down, let yourself down, did
not live up to expectations, made a mistake at work hurt someone's
feelings, had a fight with someone, yelled at your kid, heard what
someone said behind your back or just are plain having a bad day stop
for a moment....

Regardless of actions you still love you so tell yourself that. You
are allowed to not like your actions or the actions of others but
don't forget the love you still carry for you and those around you.
It is a thought.

Remember the words I am sorry. Yes, had to say for sure especially to
ourselves. I am sorry I hurt you does not mean you are right and I am
now wrong. Why do we go around thinking sorry means someone wins! If
you are fighting or feeling uncomfortable, trust me, no one is
winning. Don't feel stupid apologize to you (for calling you stupid)
and extend an apology if need be to who you feel you might have hurt.
(the reason you are feeling stupid is because you think you did
something wrong so find a solution or give yourself permission not be
be perfect!)

Yes, being perfect. Now here is the clincher. You must take the time
to realize you will NEVER know everything, you will never be the best
and you will never ever live up to everyone's expectations, so you
must decide..... will you go through life being proud of the life you
are living or will you decide others opinions of you are more
important resulting in shame?

We all want to feel proud, so tell yourself this everyday ~ I love
you, I am proud of you, I am there for you, I believe in you, to me
you are perfect, you are beautiful, thank you for living this life
with me, I love my life, I am so grateful for what I have, I am so
proud of you for achieving this, I am so grateful for our friends, ~
yes, I am serious :) Talk to you like you are your own best friend.
You are the best "you" you have each and everyday. You are simple
perfection within each moment of life. Don't decide your past and
imagined future form the moment you are living in now, they don't,
your thoughts do.

So let your ego b*tch, let your mouth run wild and your head call you
stupid. Let your friends be there for you and ask for hugs when
needed and most of all remember, add in the loving thoughts you
deserve from the source always available no matter the time, you. You
are, and always will be, the only one who can make you feel like you
belong in a world where none of us seem to.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

death ~ we are born dying

The one fact we all forget is we are born dying. Death still seems
like such a shock to us even though death is inevitable.

How do we live knowing and believing we will die one day?

This may seem like an odd question but I ask you, "How would you live
your life if you knew you were dying?" It seems we all change when we
know death is impending but it is that way for all of us. We don't
know when it will hit always but it is still coming. This is not a
pessimistic view unless you wish it to be.

You hear all the cliche sayings but do we really ever think about it?
Most of us don't. We live like tomorrow will always be here while
other's live with disregard stating, "well we're all gonna die one
day!" so where is the balance?

The balance is found in acceptance and gratitude. What? How?

Accept the fact you are going to die, thus live without regrets. This
is why you must put yourself first. Not in a cruel manner but in a
self loving manner. This means right now take a moment and think. Do
you have regrets? If so, list them. Now realize there is nothing you
can do about your past. Those past regrets are something you must
realize do not define you, allow yourself to accept the occurrence and
all the emotions surrounding it. Acknowledging how we feel about
something allows us to accept and move on. This can be one tall order
for many past experiences or actions, but doing this allows the
experience to take it's place among the multitude of experiences
you'll have yet in your gift of life.

After you have dealt with regrets (note this not include seeking
anyones forgiveness nor asking anyone to say sorry to you, this is all
about you understanding your past is what it is and it is a part of
you, not the definition of you) It is time to look at your day to day
living in your life.

When you wake up are you grateful to be alive? We often awake already
complaining. Those who have an impending death (that they are aware
of, remember, death is impending for all of us) often realize
complaining is futile and just not worth the energy. Sure you can
complain but are you willing to live the possible last day of your
life being a victim of what you perceive? You are alive, is that not
enough to be grateful for?

If after reading this your ego has gone into overload justifying why
you get to feel bad, take this to heart, you can feel bad and good at
the same time. Yes, you can think more than one thing if you chose to
and have more than one point of view within yourself even if they are
opposing. What do I mean? You awake complaining, allow your ego to
complain while another part of you smiles and is just content to have
awoken this morning.

Make sense?

Yes, life is all about balance. It is not about the bucket list it is
about actually enjoying the mundane of the life you have been given.
During the horrid time and the happy, balance in acceptance, gratitude
and thought is the key.

Try this week to think everyday "I am dying" no this thought will not
enact the law of attraction to kill you, that is not how the law of
attraction works. Plus whether we like it or not, each second we are
closer to our demise. Our egos sure hate this subject eh? :)

As you ponder this thought (don't let it dominate your life as it has
not until this point) and you see yourself pouting or deciding life is
not good enough, remind yourself, "You know you are dying right?" your
mind will reset itself, so chose your next thought. Are you going to
walk away from the argument in your head, or the other person or are
you going to continue the feeling of discontent by choice? There is
not right and wrong here, do as you wish but then don't complain to
the rest of us about your choices and don't decide you get to regret

Our lives create a gorgeous mosaic or painting, completed the day we
leave this earth. The good and the bad experiences blend to create
our unique work of art with no one experience defining us nor our
lives but all experiences coming together to make our life what it is
and will be.

Please never forget how fleeting life is. Take a moment to sit with
yourself and realize your mortality. We will not know when death is
coming so why fear it? By that same statement don't take life for
granted. If you know you can die tomorrow with no regrets then you
are truly living, if you have regrets write them down and acknowledge
them. Acknowledgement can aid us in so many ways and allow us to see
solutions and sometime what is our responsibility and what isn't.

Life may not be easy, but it should never be taken for granted. For
once this life has ended, it has ended. Find peace for you, in your
definition, don't worry about your success simply find a contentment
in this life that suits you and you will not worry if you are going to
die tomorrow so you can indeed appreciate today.

Money for nothing ~ learn how to budget

We are in the age of entitlement. Way to many of us go buy on credit
not thinking at all of the repercussions of our purchase, we just
think "I want it."

Take a moment and ask "do I need it" then we usually try to justify
the purchase :) but do your really NEED it. The majority of the time
the answer will be no, this does not mean you cannot purchase the
item, this simply means you may not wish to buy it yet and may want
something more than you want the other thing. That brings us to basic

It works like this and it is simple.

You have set things in life you NEED to pay for and should be grateful
you can pay for. These companies are not ripping you off by billing
you and your taxes are a result of the great country you get to live
in so yes, you should be happy you can afford to pay those too!
Insurance is often required by law, thus it is also a necessity and
when insurance is by option it is still a need rather than a want as
insurance protects our well being.

Write down how much you make and how often you are paid.

Write down all of you debt then see if you can get it to be one
payment. This includes all credit cards (consumer debt), mortgage and
car. One payment is easier to track than many and also you may be
able to get a lower interest rate. Once that is done, cut up all but
one of your credit cards and make sure that credit card has a very low
limit (no more than $1000) You will also not use a debit card but in
my opinion should always carry your bank card, and one credit card
with you just incase of emergency.

Once you have a clear picture of your debt, then look at your bank
statement. It will show when payments are coming out. Make note of
the dates so you are sure to have enough in for each payment. If you
are renting, post dated cheques are the easiest to work from. If you
own or rent, try and get all of your bills, hydro, heat, electric
equalized (thus paying the same amount each month) and revisit how
much you are paying for you phone, cable etc as some of these extras
you may wish to cut once what you are spending becomes more clear.

Write down how much your debt repayment is per month, then how much
your bills are as well. This total is fixed and MUST be paid each

Things that are not fixed amounts are how much you spend on
transportation and groceries as well as clothing and self care (and
things for the kids that we all buy way to much of:)

Take some time and think how much you would feel you need to spend on
these things and then revisit how much you can actually afford to be
spending on these things. Remember we still haven't even revisited
all the other things you want to buy!

If there is money left over after taking what you make and subtracting
what you need to live on, then subtracting fuel and food, then you
must take a moment and realize one should also keep an emergency fund
where they can. Even $50 a month is enough if you are running low on
cash. Ideally one should have 3 months of set bills put away just

Emergency fund is different than investments as well. If you wish to
invest this money you can but keep it separate. We should have three
months worth of bill payments on hand incase of emergency (injury,
illness etc) and I do not know really of anyone who has this. Most of
us just figure we could use our credit but remember the interest and
how long it will take us to get back on our feet if we do this!

For things you want then you must use money that is NOT required for
any basic expenses. Wants and need are different things and we must
look at the truth of how much we actually need of 'needs'. Life is
not what society tells us it is. No we don't need to look like we are
broke, pride in yourself, your home and vehicle does not cost
anything, thus something that costs what you can afford can still be
beautiful if you are proud of the fact you own it.

Educate yourself.

With a budget in place you will see very clearly you DO have enough to
live on and you WILL make priorities rather than living believing you
don't have enough money for what you want so why bother thinking about

Watch Til Debt Do Us Part on Slice, educate yourself. learn about
what you need to live and make your life a more comfortable financial
place to be. Trust me, living on cash, saving up for what you want
and knowing you have your bills up to date and debt under control is
very, very freeing.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Thoughts from me to you.

There are no leaders or followers, teachers nor students, we are all
equal and all knowledge is relative to the life we have chosen to

Money is important to live in this culture we have chosen but why
choose debt for 'wants' rather than gratitude for what we can afford? AR

You create how you feel each day, moment by moment you can change it,
this is your choice, what will you choose? Balance is the key. AR

You are not who I thought you were ~ No, I'm not who you assumed or
decided I should be. See and believe what others present, don't
assume. AR

Love is an emotion and sometimes not enough, trust someone with your
innerself and you will have contentment for life. AR

To purge one's life of physical clutter is a great thing to do, it
allows us to see all the things we had and have to be grateful for. AR

Contentment is what we seek. Happiness is fleeting and feeling all our
emotions is a gift of being human. AR

Self love and self respect is putting oneself first and not
narcissistic nor egotistical for it allows us to respect and love
others too. AR

A life time is a life time no matter the length, it was still a life
time. AR

Genes don't determine the title of Father, the bond and respect formed
through out the life of a child does. AR

Family is who we decide to trust in our lives with our most vulnerable
self. AR

Why is our mortality such a fantasy for us? We are going to die, this
is a simple fact and a reason to be grateful for the moment now. AR

Unsolicited advice is never appreciated, so why do we often think we
have another's answers when we don't seem to have our own? Lead u
first AR

Freedom is found within your perception of the reality you are
actually in. What will you choose to perceive and be grateful today? AR

Grief is something which needs to be acknowledged, respected and felt.
Feeling bring strength within an overwhelming mixture of emotions. AR

Letting go,expression overused, accept it is a part of you, it
happened, it does not define you. Feel yes, and know, you are not
broken. AR

Your gratitude determines your reality. Be grateful with what today
brought, inspite of your emotions and you will always find
contentment. AR

There is no wrong, only life in the moment. AR

The way we think of and see ourselves is not what other people around
us think or see ~ at least others give us the benefit of the doubt. AR

Learn more about teaching yourself about your reality perception via
"From above with love" Chapter one ~by AuKeeRa, info on AR

Reality Perception Theory~ your external world does not create what
you think you see, what you feel about what you see created that.
(Copyrighted AR)

Assumptions and expectations upon others can make the world seem an
unkind place to be, shadowing all the caring and love already present.AR

Age defined by our culture means a multitude of things, to me it shows
the blessing I have had knowing there are better ones to come.AR

I love birthdays, they give one a reminder of just how far they've
come, along with the experiences they've had. Gratitude for sure!AR

Can life really get any better in the split second you are actually
present in? In that moment, all is perfect.AR

The most beautiful, amazing thing you see each day is you, whether you
like it or not, it is.AR

Not sure why it still surprised me why the world is so full of
intolerance. I will tolerate your view, can you tolerate mine? AR

Assumptions are dangerous as they are seen through the narrow view and
small mindedness of the ego.AR

This morning I awoke, that in itself is the greatest gift.AR

My purpose is to see the world and it's population as perfect, whole
and complete, while living with acceptance and gratitude.AR

People who want to be right are deaf, dumb and blind to the emotions
of others.AR

It's astounding ego convinces us we know more than others. How is this
possible when we are equal and our knowledge relative to our life?AR

I go to sleep at night not blind to the suffering in the world but
content in knowing what I have faith in has it all under control.AR

Monday, June 6, 2011

You are not forgotten

Don't ever think for one moment you are forgotten.

Sometimes those around you may seem to have forgotten you but trust me
they have not. Lives get busy, things get thrown out of perspective
and priorities shift but those who love you have not forgotten.

Somedays actions or words of kindness and support may go undone or
unspoken but trust me, the love for you is still there.

Yes, somedays we feel sad, lost or forgotten and in those times turn
to you but do not turn away, for love surrounds you.

This life is not always an easy one, it is not meant to be but it is
one filled with love even on the days we don't feel loved.

Fine solace in your emotions, even in your sadness for within your
feelings you know you are alive.

This life is a gift, along with all those who chose to share a moment
with you, so know, you are not forgotten and surrounded now and always
with love.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The ego does have a purpose and a gift ~ self doubt

I posted a video on utube today and the first comment I got was "You
realize your full of crap don't you." Yes, this comment was posted on
a video for tolerance and understanding. Interesting. Immediately I
felt the pang of self doubt. Did I do something wrong? DId I
unknowingly hurt someone? My ego flew into wanting to control and
this time I took a moment and rechecked myself.

The ego with it's self doubt allows us to think before we speak, if we
let the ego serve this purpose. The ego works from a point of right
or wrong only. If you are right, then it makes me wrong, I believe I
am right so therefore you must be wrong.

My ego wants this person to be wrong, thus I want to prove he is wrong
but how does this serve me? I do not know him, he does not know me.
Thus all I know is my view is wrong for him. This does not make my
view wrong for me.

My ego is hurt though and wants to hit back, as a child would but then
why would I purposefully hurt another just because they hurt me, thus
I temper my ego with tolerance, allowing myself to feel hurt, angry
and frustrated while letting this person be entitled to their point of

Yes, this is why walking our walk is so hard and tolerance with
acceptance is really required for our time on this earth. Yes, it is
hard, I will admit that over and over but within the same breath, this
is our life and we choose what emotion we allow to lead. No one's
choice is wrong for them even though another might find it abrasive,
even hurtful. Who am I do judge someone who has judged me? I don't
even know him, nor does he know me. He is simply stating his view of
'the cup' and that it for sure doesn't match my point of view.

We are all entitled to this however we can also choose to allow this
to be our compass. What is our ego lashing out at? What self doubt
has this video (in his case) or comment (in my case) enacted within me
and what is my solution. What is right for me? How can I make me feel
better? How can I serve what works for me? In his case it was to
comment on the video enacting his self doubt, for me it was to comment
back and thank him for his opinion, then to blog about self doubt.

A wonderful woman I have recently met pointed out tonight how I use my
self doubt to ensure I see others points of view and don't knee jerk
react to the actions or comments of others. I am deeply grateful for
her insight for now I get to live her theory and see her observation
is right.

Thus I see the ego does come with a gift if we choose to use it, one
of self doubt, the doubt that can enable us to grow more understanding
into ourselves and those around us. No time wasted, no thought a
waste either.

A side note, I later found the comment was posted by a relative of
mine more tolerance is in order :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

when listening to yourself

Clairvoyance is not an elite gift, nor is being empathic nor
intuitive, it a human trait.

We all have gut instincts. Each and everyone of us. That instinct
come with alot of information which you may or may not pay attention
to. Most of us assume we are not able to 'read' other people when in
reality we do it everyday.

For some reason we know who we can trust and who we shouldn't. Yes,
sometime we talk ourselves into another feeling even though we knew
what the original 'feeling' was.

Sometimes people get to far into trying to listen to what they
'should' do rather than just doing. Life is living, not waiting to
make sure your decision is right. There is no true right or wrong,
there just is and you will always do your best. Don't let fear or
self threats (or opinions of others) bring fear and thus indecision on
something you feel is right for you. Indecision makes for a very
unsafe feeling this life. One person you must trust is you.

It is true we are guided everyday, by what force depends on your
belief system, however regardless of this force you are responsible
for the actions you choose. When you decide your guides, what you
listen too, the universe or internal voices 'told you to do something'
and you felt you had no choice, you must sound your own alarm bells.

You are the leader of this life. Your ego may tell you to do certain
things, along with what you think might be a guide but you must remind
yourself you are in the driver seat. You have a choice. A higher
source will never ask you to harm yourself (even by spending all your
money, eating foods that make you sick, drinking too much, gambling
with promise of winning big money or changing your body to make life
better) these are action of something inside of you which does not
accept you just the way you are. I am not stating you are not allowed
to do any of these, I am speaking in the terms of excessive behavior

No other person can make you do anything either. No one. Hypnosis
cannot even manipulate you to do anything to harm you. Those who
envoke fear can make a pretty strong case to manipulate one's behavior
but this again is when we must ask ourselves what works for us. We
hold these answers, we have the gifts for us and we have our
connection to what we believe in.

There is no external force able to make us ever do anything to harm
ourselves or another.

Still it begins with you. Listen to you and you will not require
another to hear you. Take care of you and you will not try to save
the world rather you will be present in life daily.

Becoming one who listens to themselves will hear what they need, life
just becomes fuller, yes, it still includes ups and downs, all your
emotions along with good days and bad, but it now includes a
confidence that you are not alone, have what you need and are
everything you need to be.

Keep it simple and you will know what you need to, each and everyday.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do you follow? Should you lead? Activist or passivist?

Do we need to fight for what we believe in? Should we be educating
others in our beliefs feeling they need our education and advice?
Where has fighting and activism brought us today? Has it really given
us freedom?

Does fighting really solve anything? Does it liberate those who are
fighting? How do we rise up when suppressed? All these thoughts can
just make our head spin. What is our responsibility in a first world
country? Should we defend the weak? Should we rescue? Should we go
and give aid? What should we do?

These answers are very personal ones so I will express my opinions and
views to an objective point then urge you to find your own truth.

In what I see fighting solves nothing. Take your personal life for
example. As kids we are told to walk away from bullies, as adults we
tend to stand to fight to be right. But for a fight you need two
people, right? What if only one is fighting? Well then AuKeeRa we
will be taken over! Really? Are you sure about that? In a one to
one fight, when one walks away, there can be no longer be a fight.
When in an abusive relationship one must first chose to walk away from
the fight then be strong enough to care for themselves learning to see
fighting to be right with someone who will always think you are wrong
can not ever be worth it.

I do firmly and strongly we must have our personal beliefs and find
the mindset behind our actions is what truly is important. If we are
called within ourselves to aid another but KNOW we are not saving
them, then we are operating in a way of equal mindset. This means I
am giving to you because I know you need it right now but I do not
think you are needing or in need of saving (and I am also hoping if I
am ever in the same place someone will know to aid me). This
alleviates the ego taking over and deciding the other person 'needs'
us and our good work. This also keeps our understanding clear that we
are not responsible for this person, nor the final outcome as they are
living their life and we must also live ours.

Yes, it is hard when it comes to charity, but again, mindset is where
it is at. If you know the person you are helping doesn't really need
you and is where they are right now and capable of what they need to
be, you keep what you believe in at the forefront, knowing all others
are taken care of as well. Unfortunately our world feels we need to
save others, not realizing we are all equal, where we need to be and
furthermore capable. We must see all countries, societies and people
as capable. Our equals. It is only your mindset your are responsible
and only you know what view is right for you. You are the only one
who can lead you.

So before you march, fight, donate, be passive, or even vote or help a
friend, make sure your mindset is clear. Journal, take time, make
sure you are NOT acting out of guilt, or doing it because you think
you should or are suppose to, know what and why you are doing it for
you. Be clear this feels right for you. Do not feel you need to
fight or prove your point to anyone. If you are solid in your actions
and your choice you will not feel the need to defend and if you do
share it won't be out of need to get others on board with you or to
prove you are right to them. You will feel good, balanced and right
within your actions.

As I said in my last few blogs, we must feel good and right for
ourselves. When we feel good with our choices we just feel good.
When we work out of obligation or guilt we will begin to resent what
we are doing. Just observe yourself. Keep a pulse on how you are
feeling and if or when things no longer feel right, allow yourself to
move those things out of your life. You do not ever need to justify
your actions to another when they are right for you.

Thus Do we need to fight for what we believe in? Fighting sometime
will come into play but you will know when it is right for you to do
and then it will be right. You will also know if it is not right for
you and you will walk away.

Should we be educating others in our beliefs feeling they need our
education and advice? Sure we can share what we believe in but no one
really needs are unsolicited education or advice as they are our
equals, have their own beliefs and none of us like unsolicited advice.

Where has fighting and activism brought us today? Some believe it has
gotten us to where we are while others believe we have not moved that
far so Has it really given us freedom? I think freedom is more of a
mindset than an actual reality, all I know is I feel freedom in my
life but all I know is my life as all you know is yours, so you will
know how to find your freedom and opinion of it.

Does fighting really solve anything? Two people will never agree when
opposing views are presented thus fighting solves nothing. However
when we work to put ourselves in someone else's shoes and work to see
their point of view it can give us an understand but we still NEVER
need to agree with them or think their views are right for us. Also
when two adults fight nothing is solved however when they work with
solution oriented conversation, understanding and compassion, results
can be achieved. In reference war you must decide this for yourself.
Does it liberate those who are fighting? Again, you must decide this
for yourself. How do we rise up when suppressed? I know for fact when
we are feeling repressed in our lives our mindset must be what we look
to. Look at even the extreme examples in life, those who have been
prisoners against their will, suppressed beyond imagination and there
are countless examples of these people leading wonderful lives.
Suppression can always be overcome via your mindset first. What on
earth do you mean AuKeeRa! Have you ever heard the phrase "Why does
the caged bird sing? Because it doesn't know it is caged" there are
people in this world who have everything they could ever ask for and
they still feel suppressed, then there are those who are held by law,
who are in a situation where they cannot fight back and these people
rise time and time again to become beautiful individuals who love
themselves and do not blame or hate anyone. They move past their
situation and allow themselves to live, not stay stuck in hate, or the

What is our responsibility in a first world country? Again, you will
know if you feel called and where you need to be. Should we defend
the weak? Remember no one is truly weak and if you KNOW you are to
intervene (not save) you will do what is right for you at that time.
Should we rescue? No one needs rescuing but sometimes we all need a
little help, again trust yourself and you will know how to help and
when as long as you ask yourself, examine your beliefs and are sure
you are doing it because it feels right for you and not out of
obligation or guild. Should we go and give aid? Again, trust
yourself, your beliefs, allow those beliefs to grow and change as you
do. Be your own leader, don't be a passivist in your own mind, work
to balance your thoughts. Take the time to ask you, examine your
beliefs, standing up for ourselves means being strong enough to do
what is right for ourselves not through harming others purposefully,
fighting, bullying or getting others to follow or walk with it. We
don't have to fight to be who we are, we just need to accept
ourselves, listen to ourselves and live our life via our actions and
not our voice. (walk the walk, not just talk the talk:)

AuKeeRa Rayne