Sunday, February 20, 2011

who do you answer to?

In truth the only person you will ever have to answer to is you. Only
your personal integrity will manage your actions while you manage your

When you die the only thing you will ask is "Did I enjoy this ride?"
and the only thing determining this will be your thoughts.

It won't be what you accomplished, owned or earned, how many children
you had or the loves you had and lost, no, it will be what you thought
of each and every experience.

Life is a string of moments in time, many of them mundane, but your
thoughts of those moments can make them enough to last a lifetime.

Sure the ego complains, while thoughts fly though but there are
thoughts you chose to think, make those thoughts count.

Make what you think of each moment one of acceptance and contentment,
keep them simple, for all solutions are simple if you let them be.

Have though thoughts love and adore you for it is only you that you
live for and by doing this you will be living for the world.

Once our thoughts are ones of self acceptance, care and love, once we
accept we are enough, this world is enough and this moment is enough,
we will never regret one moment or experience in our lives.

Think about it. Who do you answer to and do you respect yourself to
answer solely to your own personal integrity?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my mission statement ~ to show this world we do not have to be ruled by or live in fear

Everything in our society today is governed by producing fear.

Religion is fear based. If you don't do what you are suppose to do,
you will be condemned to hell and damnation. Further more, you are
never good enough simply because you are human.
~ Solution, learn to teach yourself the 'one god' no matter what you
believe, is unconditionally loving. You are born of spirit, you will
die and be spirit, you live in a split second moment where you are
always doing your best thus you are always perfect. However, you must
believe this your way, and thus follow only you and allow the others
the respect of following their belief's therefore proving once again
we are all equal ~ perfect, whole and complete

Our theory of success produces fear ~ we believe what we owns shows
our society our success. Thus we willingly put ourselves in debt
rather than living within our means for our belief us success.
Comments of why rent when you can own, or that we must own what is new
and fresh, keep us a slave to our own belief of success enacting the
fear of not having enough. Take a moment. Do we really need to own a
home? The reality of today is our home will never earn us back what
we spend on interest. Our investments are taxed along with what we
earn on them. The new car never increases in value, it loses value as
soon as we drive it off the lot. What if all of us chose to live
within what we earned and REFUSED to incur debt? What if all of us
chose to live within our means? Do you not think we would end up with
more success financially than failure? What if you admitted to
yourself what you make is enough? You are enough, your life is enough
and you are PROUD of what you actually can buy and truly own. What if
you admitted to yourself you ARE a success financially and what you
have now is enough, knowing you will always be able to earn more?
Solution ~ Show yourself another theory of success separate of
societies and make it your own. Not in a way to rebel but in a way to
be proud and project that if you know you are a financial and society
success, so is everyone around you.

Power is fear based ~ Power is achieved through the manipulation and
control of the masses. What do you fear? Why do you fear it? Do you
live to perpetuate your own fears? Why? Do you not believe you are
truly the best leader in your life? Do you honestly think another can
lead you or teach you the answers you already have? Do you blindly
believe and follow everything you are told due to fear? Rebellion is
not needed to combat fear, personal truth and faith is. Once you live
in a world, your world of beliefs, where fear does not exist, you will
not feel the need to control anything, change anyone or save the
world, let alone fight. You will calmly understand others are allowed
to believe what they wish, you will KNOW you are safe no matter what
the media and society threatens and you will not feel bullied by pier
or society pressure. How do I do this? You must ask yourself what
you fear. You must journal on why. You must be willing to not feel
like a victim. You must be willing to accept you are enough, your
life is enough and you are grateful for what you already have. The
only thing you need to add to change everything is the simple thought
of acceptance (this is different then the victim mentality of "well
what can I do... I just give up") back by gratitude (this does not
mean you always have to 'like' what your life brings but you must be
grateful for the experience, thus you will find unshakable faith that
will supersede all society based and perpetuated fears.

What do I do with this information?

Take the time to realize you are enough, you have an ego and your ego
will always be negative and have fear. Take the time to personally
challenge your own faith then make it come full circle for you. Your
faith is allowed to evolve and change just as your perceptions of life
will but your beliefs must be yours and be whole, not placed there by
another then followed because you fear what might happen if you don't
believe them ~ this takes us away from God, not back to our source of
life and energy.

You must take the time to think about what you feel makes you a
success then challenge it. Ask yourself the hard questions, do your
own personal research, be the one who makes you accountable, then
teach you to live within your means, your way.

Living without fear is possible, sure it will always be present in the
ego but it does not have to block our own personal truth. When we
learn to accept ourselves we will accept our world. Once we accept our
world we will stop trying to find it's faults and celebrate in the
successes already present. We will rise to a universal consciousness
that knows this world is perfect, a creation of unconditional love
perpetuating only that. This world, it's societies and all of us in
them are infact ~ perfect, whole and complete.

Email your fears and questions you have ~ I will happily blog about
them :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

the secret to finding a good man (or woman)

Rule number one ~ Know yourself ~ if you don't know you, how do you
expect anyone else too? Know what you like (and don't like) Know what
you are willing to try. Know what your money situation is and where
it is going, same with you job and your future plans (with or without

Rule number two ~ Like you ~ again, if you don't like who you are, how
do you expect anyone else too? If you think you are broken, in need
of fixing, not complete or in 'need' of someone, you will always feel
this way whether you are with someone or alone. You have to be able
to look in the mirror and be proud of who you are, like who you are
and enjoy your own company if you want someone else to also.

Rule number three ~ DO NOT SETTLE! ~ we think we are waiting for
someone just to like us, but you need to realize the shoe is on the
other foot. If you like you, enjoy you and like your life, then you
are looking for someone who is worth of you. You are not a puppy
seeking the attention of anyone who will give it, no, you are a
confident person who is looking for someone worthy of your friendship.

Rule number four ~ Friendship is more important than any 'love/lust'
relationship. Being in love is one thing but trust is another. The
person you choose to have a relationship should be a person you
trust. One you trust to be able to talk about your fears, to turn to
in your time of need, to laugh with, cry with, to trust.
Communication lacks because trust is not there. We fear the
repercussions of what we say, so we don't say it resulting in
expectations, resentment and eventually relationship breakdown.

Rule number five ~ To you they must be the most beautiful person on
this earth. Looks do matter, but good looking is found in the way
someone makes you feel. But remember, you must have this feeling
first, thus the person you choose will enhance your life and you. You
will feel beautiful, they will look beautiful (not matter what age
they are) and there will never be a second thought.

Final thought ~ two adults in an adult relationship can talk about
anything, a fight is never, ever needed. Two adults who trust each
other can conquer (as a team or alone) anything life has to offer.
Two adults can and will develop a friendship that is unbreakable and
timeless, this is how one can stay married (or in a relationship
forever) be an adult, find an adult, then act like adults :) xo

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day ~ oh my :)

Okay, take a deep breath. Why oh why does one single day hold so much
expectation? For those who are in a relationship are often holding
their breath wondering if their partner will come through, wishing
flowers would appear more than one day a year, while the single feel
rebellious or left out. Either way, single or taken, on Valentine's
Day we tend to take the pulse of our situation or relationship and we
should not.

It is February. Winter has dragged on and on here in the north, with
no sun to be found. Sure Vday is an excuse to buy something for
someone you like and maybe don't really know, a great icebreaker. But
for those of us in relationships, tried by Christmas shopping,
sometimes family, finance, kids, life and work, stress seems to hit
the roof in February as we await some reprieve from the weather. It
is a time where so many things are under stress so do not use one day
to make it seem all okay nor to use as a make or break. Those
situations are better handled with an adult conversation. Scary yes,
but we are adults and can actually have a conversation.

Be aware flowers can be bought at Safeway all year round for a very
respectable price! A dozen roses are only $14.99 (except for vday
where the price rises $10). So buy your girl or guy flowers once a
month. You think it doesn't matter? You are wrong :) During winter
there is no green, there are no flowers, thus cut flowers really do
make a difference in our homes. On a further point, maybe don't wait
for someone else to buy you flowers, buy them yourself. What? Yes,
seriously, buy them for you from you for no reason at all. Trust me
it makes a world of different. Also think of buying some for your
guy. Yes, really. Most men have never received flower, and no, he
will not think it is stupid (even if he acts like it, he is tickled
you thought of him) This tiny gesture does translate to "you took
time to think of me... thank you."

But what about the dreaded impending vday? Take away your
expectation. If you know your relationship is tense then do your best
to make yourself comfortable that day. Maybe make supper rather than
go out, don't feel pressured to purchase something you don't want to.
Furthermore, if you are in a place where things are uncomfortable then
the one thing you should focus on is just being kind. Kindness seems
to be the first thing that leaves when we feel frustrated with life.

Thus in your mind, think, "I love you" "you are doing great" and while
your ego rambles "you're alone" "nothing is going good" "he isn't
going to get you anything" "you better buy her the world or she'll be
mad" you stay focused on you, trust you and just do your best.

Everyday should have a kiss and a hug, well a hug for sure, and many
if you can. We all end up expecting visual clues of love in this
society, so try and make yours a hug and a smile from the one you adore.

I know you may want to impress him or her, but don't use one day to do
it. Use one day (then the next and the next) to actually see and
realize what you have and how much it is worth keeping. Use one day
to maybe show you what you are capable of and not what you should
expect from the other person. Be real. Don't go in debt. Set a pace
you can keep up without stressing yourself or your budget. Most of
us, remember, no matter how bad a hand written card may sound, when
someone loves you, those words will be perfect.

So don't just take time for you, the one you love or friends on vday.
Remember this is a year round thing, your love can be showered on
others with no excuse needed and I guarantee, other's will love it!
(just don't forget to shower the love on you too)

Happy Vday to all of you, a holiday set in 'fact' but now carried into
the market of expectation and great expense ~ do it your way, do it
everyday, and you will do it best :)

AuKeeRa Rayne

ps ~ for all you single gals this is what i used to do, why? cause I
loved it ~ I would go to a fancy chocolate place and buy one or two
plus one flower. This started a habit of feeling I did deserve really
good chocolate and having flowers in my home. Trust me, it is worth
it, YOU are worth it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Is love and marriage illusions?

Love, the illusive true love. We are raised with the idea we grow up,
fall in love, get married have a family and grow old together. And
yet, I see so few examples of this. Today I see marriages between two
people who hope to change the other. Both thinking little or no
effort needs to be put in. I see the names wife and husband being
permission to treat the other with such disrespect. Where is the
love? Where is the respect? Where is the friendship?
Way back when, such as the 50's women and men had very defined rolls,
both respecting the other. Sure there was still abuse and many other
problems but people made it work, really because they had no other
choice. The reality was each needed the other to live. Alone they
could not make it work. Many got married out of convenience but still
were able to develop a relationship, if only a friendship, inspite of
the presence of love.
But what is love? Love should be unconditional, right? Can you think
of one single person you love just the way they are? Just one... all
I need is one, one person you wouldn't change at all. Not easy to
find one is it? However, look at the way you see your friends. Notice
how we are able to accept our friends? We take our time finding a
friend who will be a best friend. Not just anyone gets this privilege
and we hold our standards high. So what if we did the same for our
boyfriends/girlfriends who we hope to have as our husbands/wives?
What if friendship trumped love? What if we found our very very best
friend? What if we looked for someone we laughed with, trusted, cried
with, could talk to and just hang out and do nothing with? Would that
be enough for you? Would it be okay not to have drama? Would it be
okay not to have crazy fireworks that fizzled out? Would it be okay
to have a feeling lasting decades rather than months?
So here we are, year 2011 as we still live thinking we are in the
50's. So let's try and drop the rolls, and look for our best
friends. It is true we don't need a partner to live nor raise
children in today's society. Marriage is something to be respected if
you are going to choose to enter it. This is a bound agreement and if
you are not religious, why do it?
We still get married in this society because this society (in the US
and Canada) is still a Christian based culture whether we like it or
not. If our relationship is common law many people in this society,
and our families do not respect the union. We could have trouble
seeing our partners if they are injured in the hospital as we won't be
respected as family. It is truly sad you know, so many conform to
give society the visual clues to show the other person is the one I
respect and love.
Now in the other corner, we still have many many women and men who
want their big day. Thousands of dollars spent on a day between two
people who often don't have the tools, let alone the friendship to
sustain a life long contract of marriage. Now I am not saying to not
have a wedding day, but remember what it is for. It is two people
saying I am going to do my best to be there for you (and me) for the
rest of our lives. Do we really get that? Trust me people, I have
been married three times, everytime ready to give it my all but I will
tell you, marriage is not easy when only one is wanting to give it all
and the other thinks it will just all work itself out.
Friendship is the key. You must be honest about what you are looking
for. Really honest. Pheromones don't translate into a lifetime.
There is nothing to fight about if you have two adults in the
relationship. No problem is to huge if you have two adults in the
relationship. Kids throw down and fight to be right, trying to prove
the other wrong. We are not in the playground, we are trying to form
life long relationships.
I honestly believe love is not enough, unconditional love would be but
we human beings seem to place conditions on the love we give. I loved
my ex's and I still do but this love did not stop their behavior nor
did it bring solutions to keep the marriage alive. However, the love
I had for me aided me to learn how to CHOOSE another.
I feel more time should be spent on loving you and then in choosing
the one you are going to spend life with. Don't choose someone out of
the fear of ending up alone. Choose someone you love to be around,
who brings out the best in you. Looks are fleeting and one day they
will be gone. However, the feeling the other person gives you will
never leave.
As I have told so many people, men and women, make your list. Take
your time and think about how you would like to have your person make
you feel. Each day when you wake up, happy to see their face, excited
to see them every night, knowing they are feeling the same about you.
Feel yourself having no doubts, questions or fears. If you cannot do
this, then ask yourself and explain to yourself you are not ready for
a long term relationship and allow yourself to understand what you are
ready for. Then be honest with yourself and the others you choose to
Be honest about what you hear from the other person as well. IF they
tell you they are not ready, don't force it, they are not ready, and
if you push, you will lose them for you are pushing out of fear. I
will write more about relationships, and utube about them too. If you
have a topic you would like me to blog or utube about email me at
Take care and til soon, AuKeeRa

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Occult? How about tolerance

I have been thinking alot about religion since the Jehovah Witnesses
came knocking at my door. I am a kind soul who believes we are all
allowed to have a personal belief system. I was shocked by the
magazines handed to me, one containing a warning about the occult.
Last time I checked I am part of the occult and yet I follow the same
source the Jehovah Witnesses say they do. I believe we should not
judge lest we be judged. I believe in unconditional love. I love my
neighbor as myself. I treat others with the simple respect they
deserve. I do not cast the first stone. So I ponder..... How do some
of us out there justify not following the simple ten commandments of
their religion. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" Isn't that simple
enough? I will respect you, I will not tell you my way is the right
way, nor will I tell you your way is wrong. Jesus Christ himself was
humble in his beliefs, he was appalled by the temples trying to make
money. He washed the feet of others, he never placed himself above
anybody. He lead by example not by threat. He was a true human being
walking the face of this earth. A true example of kindness and non
judgement to be follow. So when you feel judged I ask you take a
simple view, others may judge you (and you may judge them) but no one
knows the true hearts of man except for God. We need to remember this
and not decide we know more than this Universal Source connecting us

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