Sunday, February 6, 2011

Occult? How about tolerance

I have been thinking alot about religion since the Jehovah Witnesses
came knocking at my door. I am a kind soul who believes we are all
allowed to have a personal belief system. I was shocked by the
magazines handed to me, one containing a warning about the occult.
Last time I checked I am part of the occult and yet I follow the same
source the Jehovah Witnesses say they do. I believe we should not
judge lest we be judged. I believe in unconditional love. I love my
neighbor as myself. I treat others with the simple respect they
deserve. I do not cast the first stone. So I ponder..... How do some
of us out there justify not following the simple ten commandments of
their religion. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" Isn't that simple
enough? I will respect you, I will not tell you my way is the right
way, nor will I tell you your way is wrong. Jesus Christ himself was
humble in his beliefs, he was appalled by the temples trying to make
money. He washed the feet of others, he never placed himself above
anybody. He lead by example not by threat. He was a true human being
walking the face of this earth. A true example of kindness and non
judgement to be follow. So when you feel judged I ask you take a
simple view, others may judge you (and you may judge them) but no one
knows the true hearts of man except for God. We need to remember this
and not decide we know more than this Universal Source connecting us

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