Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the cup

I will also do a utube video on the copywrited story of mine....

The Cup

Imagine looking at a cup, a coffee cup. Any color you wish, holding a
bit of liquid inside.

As you look at the one view of your cup, imagine if it was the only
cup you ever saw.

You may never know there is liquid in the cup, nor that the cup has a

Your view may be only of the top or bottom, thus your view would not
even look like a cup.

Now see this cup as God or the univeral force that links us all (or
any other issue on this earth)

Everyone has a point of view, a set point of view and we can argue to
the death about who is right or
fight trying to show another our view is more right and clear than

My cup has a handle, my cup has liquid, my cup doesn't so how can
yours, what are you talking about?
What cup? mine has depth with liquid? You're messed up! Mine is
flat.... totally flat!

This is why acceptance is required on this earth.

We are not supposed to have the same points of view, those points are

We are not supposed to follow the same paths, for we are our own

Fight as we might we will never make another see our view so how about
for no matter what your point of view or how hard you fight
~ it is still the same cup.

AuKeeRa Rayne

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So how do I say "I love you" to me?

Yes it is hard to look in the mirror and say "I love you." We have
spent our lives until now being so hard on ourselves it will take
practice and a 'fake it til you make it' attitude to add this new idea
into our lives.

Sure I can just say "Tell yourself you love you." but I know it is not
that easy. I know the ego will say "No, you don't deserve love, you
are unlovable, I don't like you." along with any other cruel comment
it can muster up. But I tell you and I promise, if you say it to you
while looking in the mirror, first thing in the morning and before you
go to bed, there will come a day when it is automatic, then another
day when you actually mean it.

Remember, this practice is NOT to stop negative thought. Ego will
always have something cruel to say but this voice does not need to be
the only voice in your head nor the only one you listen to. You are
able to add in other thoughts, other warm thoughts, not to wipe out
but to balance the harsh comments of the ego.

Talk to you with love and others will to.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I ponder.... one little thought

This weekend a video came across my facebook newsfeed about a man who
had tortured a puppy to death. I signed the petition to find him.
Then I began to ponder. I believe everything happens for a reason. I
believe the animal agreed to the experience this lifetime and so did
the man who did it but I still felt heartsick. I look at the world
and I wonder, with all this anger and insecurity, do we really have a

Remember I do believe EVERYTHING is good and happens for a reason. I
firmly believe all is simply to be an experience, I also believe
everything is exactly as it should be. I really find it interesting
though how one little though, just one, allows me to feel this way.

What do I mean?

My one little thought is "I love me"

You see for if I love me, I love you. If I love you, I believe you
are my equal. Thus I believe all mankind is my equal, and furthermore
I believe we are all linked. Therefore I trust all mankind is as
capable, as perfect, as whole and complete as I am.

Just with the thought of "I love me" I no longer fight with me, hurt
myself in my thoughts, nor think I am horrible, I do not attack my
self esteem nor bully me. Because I of this self love I no longer
fight with you, hurt you (or anyone else) think you are horrible,
attack your self esteem nor bully you.

Because I love me, I have compassion to allow myself to be weak
knowing I am capable and not needing to be controlled, ' managed' or
parented, therefore I also know because you are my equal, I know you
can be weak but do not need me to save you, control you, manage you
nor parent you, for I know you are capable.

Because I love me, I accept me. I am enough. My life is enough. I
am content. Thus I do not live in fear resulting in the need to
control others or my surroundings. Because I love me, I can let you
be you, I do not need to take advantage of anyone, I do not need to
harm small creatures, I do respect my body, my surroundings and am
grateful for what I have.

Because I love me I will not go to war, argue any point nor be an
activist, it will only increase my faith. Because I love me, I love
you, I believe in this world and I know we are exactly where we are
meant to be and I know it is perfect.

One little thought will allow this world to appear as a more content
place for you to be.... I love me.

So even though I signed a petition for the puppy and I had to ponder
this world and it's confusion, it still came back to this ~ Do I love
me enough to love everyone as my equal, and my answer is yes, I love
me enough, so I ask, can you just love you too?

After thoughts....comments through out our time
"Judge not lest thee be judged"
"Take care of your own back yard before you look in another's"
AuKeeRa Rayne's thoughts ~Allow me to accept me; make my back yard a
beautiful place to be so I can see yours is beautiful too (no matter
how it looks)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mind control? power of thought? Power of suggestion? Law of Attraction?

How powerful are our thoughts exactly?

What we think produces what we see ~ We believe we are effected by our
external reality, however what we think about that is actually what
creates it. Not it's actual being as persay but whether we believe it
is good, bad or even acknowledge it's presence. It is what we think
creating what we believe we see and how we feel about it. Think for a
second, if you are having a bad day the setting has not changed nor
are the little things going wrong, they just seem bigger, on a good
day, when we 'feel' content, the same day and problems can occur and
we 'feel' able to handle it. So the setting may stay the same but
what we think (and feel about it won't)

Our feelings vs our thoughts. Feelings and ego are in cahoots.
Feelings do not rule our thoughts. Really they don't. You can feel
extreme emotion and still allow yourself to think and function. It is
our thoughts enabling us to feel our emotions and NOT be taken over by
them. Remember this, the way we feel and how far we push the victim
mentality (that this feeling is being done TO us) is our choice. You
want to feel, feelings are a gift, once you believe the emotions of
life are a gift you will see your thoughts can be there for you
guiding you through just allowing each emotion felt to be there and
NOT fight it. Accept it.

Hypnosis ~ Anyone can suggest anything, some always give unsolicited
advice, this is also a suggestion. Hypnosis is administered when one
in a 'vulnerable' state but we are truly never vulnerable. Even
though we feel we are being controlled by all sorts of forces it is
impossible, influenced maybe but that final choice of action is ours
and no one else's. Another is not God, and we are not victims. We
are all strong of mind, and only you (and I) control our own thoughts,
this is our free will and it is no one else's.

External influence such as society and peer pressure ~ It is true we
are very influenced by our culture and it's visual clues thus realize
it is your thoughts bringing you to your conclusions. Taking
responsibility for your choices is the first to realizing only you
control the thoughts you have. If you are making a choice to dress
and look the way you do in order to send out the visual clues you wish
to then it is up to the other person thoughts to see through your
actions who you truly are. Our thoughts are ours, known by no one,
even if someone knows what you are thinking, who cares, the thought is
still yours and yours alone.

Counselors, coaches, religious leaders and psychics ~ It is true these
people are in a position to influence another's decisions, this is
you must (and will) make the final choice of what you think, not what
you do, what you think. I mean regardless of your action, if you are
accepting of your choice, it is what is meant to be done at this
time. No one can influence you enough to change an outcome, ever.
Regardless of what you have been told, your thoughts determine if you
can see the situation as a gift or a burden, and this is ONLY in your
thoughts, NOT your action, and it is your choice.

Law of Attraction.~ the belief is if you think it, believe it, it will
come ~ the reality is, if you think it, and believe it, you will see
it is already there and if it never comes you won't think you have
failed for you will already know in your thoughts you didn't need or
want what you think you did. We are served better by allowing our
thoughts to project (like law of attraction) as just thinking effects
our body physiologically allowing us to see we could handle receiving
our dream job, man/woman or life. This thought allows us to move away
from our fears toward understanding how capable we are. It is your
thoughts doing this, allowing you to see you are truly wonderful,
deserving and already are exactly where you are meant to be and always
moving further into the experience of your life. Thus be wary of
trying to say, just because I think it, it is. Too many go down a
road stating, I visualized so I made it happen.... Realize
visualization only aids you to be able to accept it if and when it is
mean to be.

God and the devil ~ no one knows the hearts of man, except God ~ and
no one knows how you think of yourself and your life. The new song by
PINK (perfect) is so true on so many levels. We choose what we think
about ourselves.

So what do your thoughts say to you? Do you think it is maybe time to
add in some kind words to yourself? What truths and realities are in
your thoughts?