Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the cup

I will also do a utube video on the copywrited story of mine....

The Cup

Imagine looking at a cup, a coffee cup. Any color you wish, holding a
bit of liquid inside.

As you look at the one view of your cup, imagine if it was the only
cup you ever saw.

You may never know there is liquid in the cup, nor that the cup has a

Your view may be only of the top or bottom, thus your view would not
even look like a cup.

Now see this cup as God or the univeral force that links us all (or
any other issue on this earth)

Everyone has a point of view, a set point of view and we can argue to
the death about who is right or
fight trying to show another our view is more right and clear than

My cup has a handle, my cup has liquid, my cup doesn't so how can
yours, what are you talking about?
What cup? mine has depth with liquid? You're messed up! Mine is
flat.... totally flat!

This is why acceptance is required on this earth.

We are not supposed to have the same points of view, those points are

We are not supposed to follow the same paths, for we are our own

Fight as we might we will never make another see our view so how about
for no matter what your point of view or how hard you fight
~ it is still the same cup.

AuKeeRa Rayne

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