Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Strange Sounds ~ Trumpets of destructions ~ Possible theory

A friend of mine had this to say ~ Erin Faye writes
  • I do have a very scientific theory.
    Pulling out my major in physics/minor in astronomy lessons from when I was a nerd.
    As soon as my girlfriend told me about these strange sounds I said "interesting, my friend LOrraine just said she saw some beautiful northern lights the other day and she lives in Vermillion.. that aint very north".
    Northern Lights emit a certain sound that kind of can sound like a whistling or a pulsing metallic shrill. If we were at the arctic right now the sky would be singing and very very loud. Natives used to whistle back to the Northern Lights saying they would dance nicer if you did.
    So I looked at the videos. Shit my pants, phoned my mom.
    Then I started researching it since she calmed me down.
    Lots of cosmic activity is happening right now. A few weeks ago we had a seriously huge meteor shower.
    5 or so days ago we had an extremely huge solar flare come out of our sun. Solar flares emit MEGA x-rays into the universe. These rays usually would take about 3 days to get to us. They were travelling at 15 million miles per second. Thats faster than the speed of light. So this was a huge motherfuckin solar flare. It only took 34 HOURS to get to Earth.
    Any astronomer who happened to be hanging outside of our protective ozone layer will now have a third nipple on his nose and will most likely die of cancer within the year.
    The rays are so severe that they fucked up our electromagnetic field. Forcing aircrafts to re-route their trips and/or fly at a lower altitude because of the rays.
    This interferes with GPS, satellite anything, and computers. (which explains why my sirius sattelite radio conked out on me)

    So I went to NASA's home page because I remembered when Voyager flew to Jupiter and took audio. Jupiter is nothing but electromagnetism at its craziest. The audio from Jupiter sounds exactly like the sounds. Therefore it is not a real "sound" it is electromagnetic waves bouncing off of things.

    Imagine x-rays coming in to earth. They slow down after going through the ozone layer and then they bounce around off of metal objects and eventually slow down enough that they are just bouncing around between the earth and the ozone layer. Meanwhile it is fucking up our own radio waves, gama, gabba, x and all of our other rays too which is off setting them and then charging up our ions in the atmosphere making northern lights all around the world. Which also HUM.

    That is exactly what a professor of physics at the u of s said but in like 2 sentences. lol. I explain things with great detail....

    I answered ~ I thought it was noise sounds too.... as if the populations sounds were like waves and now the tub was full so the sounds were sloshing back and forth. Your theory is of course provable to me and totally makes sense.

    Do not fear the sounds we hear.  Trust yourself, your daily changes rather than fearing what is not yet upon us and may never come.  AR

Monday, January 16, 2012

How many ideas, perceptions and habits are actually your own? Social conditioning has us believing......

Can you pinch and inch proclaims Kelloggs and the weighloss race is on
with the introduction of microthin model twiggy. People she was called
Twiggy for a reason and yet, her frame became the norm and our society
began to decide thin was in.

Coke is who created the Santa Clause image we consider normal.

Cardio only became popular as an exercise AFTER the 90's before then,
there were NO treadmills in most gym. The first lady's gym didn't
even have weights heavy enough for me to do my proper work out. Go

As women we are taught we need to shave our legs, did you know the
razor company needed to expand their market so movies started showing
actresses with shaved legs to viola! Women decided it is our 'normal'.

Observe of how many things you do just because you 'think' it is normal.

This rabbit hole goes on and on, into the thought of having children,
most people are conditioned to believe your life is not complete with
out them. And yet it is easier to have a child than it is to adopt a
pet than it is to bring a child into this world...... I think our
society is missing the point. Most of us have kids out of social
obligation to our families or personal belief systems and we don't
even ask ourselves if they really wanted them because we are taught it
is 'selfish' to not want children. What if it is actually now selfish
TO want them in this day and age of a tired, over populated world?
You do get to chose what is right for you in all parts of your life,
after all it is your life.

Relationships and how we treat each other. Disrespect has become the
norm there for some reason. Marriage has turned into a social joke
for the most part, based on one day rather than a lifetime containing
tones of voice we should not use on our worst enemy. I personally
totally believe in partnership, but do not agree with how society
disrespects a life long friendship that is meant to endure.

Rolls of men and women in society. People, men can clean and do it
quite well! Men can parent really well to and yet society tells them
different and most decide to follow blindly allowing themselves to
look like bad husbands, fathers even friends rather than being 'less
than men' Yeesh!

And us women? oh boy!! We dress for each other, judge our bodies
harshly, decide we MUST have a full time job, kids, take care of our
man and put ourselves last. (we accuse stay home moms of being
lazy... i lived this one as I was a stay home mom) And we wonder why
we feel crazy or exhausted sometimes!!! We are busy even attacking
other women while we attack ourselves mentally.

We are so darn hard on ourselves. Why? Do we really really need to
live our lives this way? Who taught us this? Maybe, just maybe we
can add in some other ways and ideas, thoughts and habits.

So I am going to ask you.... why do you do what you do, how did you
decide what normal is for you and have you ever taken to ask yourself
what you want?

I am not asking you to rebel, go shave your head or get a tattoo. Nor
am I asking you to leave your marriage nor your job. Don't decide you
can rebel or change your ways by dressing odd or rebellion, you don't
want to change you, you want to add to you.

Take some time and observe your life. Observe your 'normal' and find
if it is still the normal working for you.

Do your best to overcome social conditioning no longer suiting the
life you are living by allowing yourself to add in new and different
things. Sure some may feel like trial and error but you will find
your way. You have to lead you, we don't make good followers, this
causes resentment, blame then we turn on ourself.

Accept who you are now as enough and observe what you should add.
Look at what you feel is missing, not what you are told you are
missing but what would YOU like to add?

Our social training and conditioning can only be brought into the
light by asking ourselves if we are content and if we are not adding
in what may aid us to feel more content in the life we are living now.
Others don't hold these answers, you do.

This year will be a 'hot' year if we let social conditioning take
over, so chose not to. So keep your eyes wide open and think "Have you
ever asked yourself what you want?" Ask..... then just listen first.

If you could do anything, what would you do.....