Wednesday, June 19, 2013

brilliant minds, simple answers

"Be the change you want to see in the world" M Gandhi and Albert Einstein "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." and so I say...... I agree, "If one side of reality is hell, then isn't the other side heaven?" and "Take care of you, practice rather than preach and you will naturally care for everything with the care you have taken for yourself."

 And so I just don't get why we all can see what we think should be different in the world ~ then we b@tch, theorize (this is only talk) and yet, we keep treating ourselves like sh*t (the base fact being, you have to be the change you want to see along with take care fo you, practice rather than preach and you will naturally be this change) So I just don't get it. I shakes my head.

I think it is because humans love drama.  We like to talk about stuff we think should change when we are doing nothing in our lives to keep us content.  These to things are not even in the same category and yet we place them there. We need to take care of us.... period.  Only we know what we need.... period and if we don't, ask you, not somebody else.

We DO change the world by living what we believe without telling other how to live their life. They don't need us, they have themselves and what they do is right for them.

We need to keep this simple.  Be a part of the life you have chosen to live.  Be a part of the society you have chosen to live in (by working and keeping up the place you have chosen to live in and by being polite to those you come into contact daily.... simple right?) and treat you as if you actually like you.  Basic and simple, things we all know, so stop making it complicated, or bigger than what it is.  We are NOT broken, we are living.  Life and being human is messy and life will occur, with or without us. Experience the spectrum in the ride of your life, or try to stop it kicking, crying and screaming...... as always, your choice. #AuKeeRa

Friday, June 7, 2013

Butterflies change, so do seasons, so will we...

I saw the movie 42 last night and thus brought on reflection of
ourselves and society, past and present. Most people I have met don't
really like people. Don't get me wrong, they like individual people
but groups, society, ignorance add in drama, and we all admit somedays
people are really hard to be around.

Watching this movie last night reminded me how sometimes we just chose
not to think, while others seem to think to much. Christians have one
simple rule, love your neighbor as yourself, and yet, they can't seem
to follow it. Intellectual people should know personal integrity
should create at the very least respect, and yet it doesn't seem to.
Then they are the people who say they don't care, but they seem to
bitch the most.

Really seems hopeless for our human race somedays. People telling
other what to do, how to live, while not practicing what they preach
and then this movie, I was grateful to see a small piece of society
with people just doing what they wanted, not to stand out but for the
money (business) and by staying within their own integrity changed
things forever.

You see, we don't have to do anything but live our lives, while
silently holding up our personal integrity. Changes and shifts will
always occur. We are truly like the seasons and butterflies. We
change and shift, nothing ever stays the same. We go through cycles
we cannot control and this is the gift of being human.

Stop reading all those self help books, stop deciding what our world
should be, or how others should act, then focus on you and only you,
not your partner, children, friends nor the place you work or the
people around you, only you. The space you control is between your
ears, and this space creates how you see the world around you, so
don't just dismiss your thoughts, aid yourself to see a perfect, ever
changing world. Decide the actions of others are not yours, nor your
responsibility to decide they are wrong and your theories are right.
That is just not our job.

Our purpose here is to live. Can you give yourself the chance to
realize you are the key to the life you have always wanted, your
thoughts will give you this, but first you have to decide you are
enough, it is worth thinking everything is okay, and more so, it is
worth believing everything you already know (for every time I say
things like this, the receiver always said..... I knew that, so I
know, you already know this, so quit complicating things, trying to
control things that just don't matter, and know you and your life will
become exactly what it is meant to be, with our without you, just like
the seasons and the butterfly.)