Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Stress

Ah yes, it is here again and so is the stress that goes along with it.

Let's go over some ground rules okay?

This holiday is NOT about the presents, we all know this then guilt
the heck out of ourselves for not spending enough. Stop it.

Buy your kids only one present each.
Do you realize kids get so many things they no longer
treasure that one special xmas gift?

Set a gift budget and stick to it. Why?
January comes and do you still want to be paying for
everyone's gifts?
Those you love, speak to, set a budget with them too
those who love you, just want you and I am sure you don't
expect or want anything in the way of gifts from them either.
Food and hugs always best.

The xmas party..... oh my

Hosting ~ you as the host must come first (yes, I know, I stress too)
so make it easy on you. Drink in hand, prepare a meal that DOES NOT
STRESS YOU!!! remember xmas is for the visiting and if you
are stressed, trust me, you will not have fun.

Use paper plates, if anyone is there to judge, let them.

Let family and friends bring for the meal. You make the main dish and
let them bring something to add. But they are flying in? then enlist
their help. yes, I mean it. And yes, I know it is hard, I get it
but if you get stuck doing everything, you will just want it all to be
over, what kind of xmas is that?

Difficult family
There is only one rule here. Treat them with the kindness
of strangers. Trust me, I get it, I hear you and I understand Christmas
family stress, more than you will ever know. However, it
is one day, or one week, we can do this, after all, deep down we love
them regardless of what has gone on.
So for this time, just be your kind self, allow things to go easy, trust me, ppl know exactly
what is going on, we don't have to point it out.

With all that said, please enjoy your holiday, know the memories are
worth it when the memories don't include your memories of stress.

xoxo AuKeeRa

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bullying ~ one solution

Parents want to stop bullying. We all do... So when does the open and
honest dialogue begin about how bullying begins? Everyday people
berate and bully themselves in their heads. Not policing their
thoughts one but. Then they all cry out when they hear younger
generations torture others verbally with words.

How are those words different from those we as adults say to ourselves?

When does this society learn that what we think of ourselves we
inadvertently pass onto younger generations?

When will the adults of this world take responsibility for thinking
the way they'd like to see others in the younger generations act?

Your thoughts are the key to end bullying. The thoughts you decide to
give yourself rather than the ones you hear from yourself each and
every moment of each day.

You disagree? Tell me honestly if you like yourself enough to walk
away from a fight of any kind.

You think you have to stand up for yourself or teach someone they are
wrong. Why?

This is what we are teaching out younger generations. Not to be
accepting but to be right and furthermore to win or 'be on top' or 'be
the best'.

Why do we think this will take the world in a direction of
synchronicity? Has it done that for you?

What would your world be like if you accepted yourself. Just the way
you were, are and will be. Would that one thought of acceptance enable
you to accept others rather than trying to save, change or argue with

Would that one thought of self-acceptance not teach other generations
to accept themselves so they too may accept others?

Change does not occur from fighting. Change comes from knowing we are
enough and deserve to have it all, just as all others do, while not
deciding what another's 'having it all' looks like to them.

Change to bullying and all the craziness in this world starts with one
thing and one thing alone. You accepting you and knowing you are
enough a d being brave enough to tell yourself that each day and
choosing to believe it.

Will we as a society understand the change our personal self-
acceptance can make? I don't know.

People prefer to be self-loathing and self-victimizing, while feeling
we cannot all be equal or that makes us less somehow, and we must find
success before anyone else!

Now add in a world that supports our self destructive thinking with
the religions say we are born sinners (unlovable or imperfect yet the
Bible states we are created in God's image) now the latest
spirituality trend decides we all need fixing (we are born sprit then
die returning to spirit, being human does not make us less) and on top
of all that, our society has us believing success requires us to be in
financial debt so we sink ourselves financially to succeed. Our whole
society is based on spend more save more! That makes no sense. We are
taught we NEED things that are only wants. We are also taught now to
live way beyond our means so no one will think we are not successful.
This trend is only twenty years old when we joined America's lead by
spending more than we make and now our seniors have joined this trend.
When we are in debt we feel horrible about ourselves and we feel
victimized and resentful forgetting we chose the things we purchased
due to pressure we believe is real.

So I honestly don't know if people are able to find self-acceptance
for themselves. Everything in this world has made it appear that we
should not accept ourselves with a plethora of reasons why we suck.

This generation comes along and all of a sudden we wonder why people
and kids bully. All the blame gets placed on actions and no one yet
has though where this behavior is started and perpetuated.

As long as we all choose to only bully ourselves each day and not
balance those thoughts with self-acceptance we are not practicing the
change we hope to see. Self-acceptance does not come with accolades or
praise in fact it after comes with frustration of 'always being the
bigger person' or 'how come I'm living in integrity when no one else
seems to be'?! This is why very few choose to accept themselves as

Once we open this door and truly believe it will you suddenly be rich
with everything you've ever wanted? No. Life will still give you
experiences requiring your full range of human emotions, something
that can only happen when you are alive. So why accept myself? It'll
just make me lazy (when we are lazy it's usually because fear
failing). It'll make me narcissistic! (Actually the state human beings
live in now is already narcissistic. When we believe we can save
others or that others 'need us' it's out ego telling us we are better
than them. We are not. Self-acceptance allows us to step back and
empower others... And our children with a loving thought of "I know
you can make it through this. I believe in you.")

No one is saying you have to as remember, self-acceptance really seems
to have no pay off and for your ego it doesn't. So I'm sure most who
read this will simply make excuses why they can't rather than adding a
thought of self acceptance to their daily existence such as "I'm proud
of you", "I love you", "you are enough" as it's just the way we are
raised and aided by the society we are living in.

But I can tell you, each and every moment of each and everyday I will
look in that mirror and tell that girl I love her, how beautiful she
is, how much I accept her and in turn each person I say it to will for
a glimmer see it in themselves as I see this in me. And furthermore my
child will learn why he is enough, how to balance self individuals
with self acceptance, how to walk out in this world amongst all the
bullies, stupidity and cruelty while still being able to see the value
of his human existence and everyone else's as well.

I ask you share this if you believe in it. Do not change my words or
erase my name, for unless you practice though of self-acceptance the
concept is truly not an easy one to explain.

It is my hope that one day you will look in the mirror and see the
perfection and beauty I see in each person I meet and in turn you will
be able, once you accept yourself as enough, begin to see your life
and everyone in it, not as a threat but also as enough. There would be
no more room for bullies in a society, as they would only be fighting
with themselves. This simple yet seemingly difficult concept is truly
the only way to stop bullying in our children, our work places and in
generations to come.

Please share if it feels right, and add in one thought today. Do not
look for outward support as only you can find this love for you. No
one can make you accept you; this journey is yours and yours alone.
You are enough you can do this.

AuKeeRa Rayne

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Society has got this one wrong ~ self focus is NOT selfish

"I do everything for those I love. I love to help"

These words are suppose to make us nice people but what these words
really do is create resentment when we live serving all those around
us while waiting for someone to treat us the way we are treating the.

The huge myth is that nice people, humble people, do nothing for
themselves and everything for others.
If you truly wish to be someone who cares for those around you then
you cannot run double standards treating yourself less than those you
treat around you. If you do this, you will empty your well, become
exhausted, and then often resentful as you watch yourself do nice
things and everything for others while no one does anything for you.

Assertive and self assured people have learned they have to ask
themselves what they need, provide them and keep doing so BEFORE they
provide those things to others.

There are many people in life who do not wish to take care of
themselves mentally (or physically or financially) and there are so
many 'nice people' ready to stand in and 'help'. This is not help and
this action is selfish. When we help others thinking they are unable
to do it for themselves we are being selfish. Somehow we have given
ourselves the belief that the other person 'NEEDS' us, and this feeds
are ego, so there for it is selfish. Yes, this is the exact opposite
as we have been taught.

If you give yourself everything you need (monetary, mentally,
physically) you will have the overflow to give to others, and you will
not need to think "should I?" or "I don't want to but I know I
should?" anymore for you will know, you can give without being
exhausted, resentful or broke. You will realize That just running out
and agreeing the person needs help often becomes enabling and we all
know we would rather be empowered (except for the person used to
everything being done for them....)

Same with the advice we give, all our friends and family is doing what
is best for them. Careful, even when asked what you say... or ask for
that matter. Our opinions should empower our partner, friends or
family to find their own way, their way with just a different view if
asked for by us. Our words should not confuse them nor ever come from
a condescending place. We are all equal.

And because we are all equal is why we do not NEED each other, but it
is so nice to HAVE each other. Having is a choice, needing comes from
a place of ego and fear. All we need is always provided and there for
us, what we need is just in our minds and when another person jumps in
or feels obligated to fulfill that need, that person needs to realize
this is an action of ego, not charity.

Yes, we can give but when we give of our overflow we actually HAVE the
money to give (no personal debt or needing groceries ourselves), time
(we are already giving time needed to ourselves, family, and friends).

Look at you. You gorgeous, incredible, successful human being. Look
in the mirror and see what a great job you have done, yes, you. Do
for you what you do for your friends everyday, you've had enough
practice so I guess you already know how to right? You know all the
wonderful things you say to your friends, kids and family..... how
proud you are of them? I think you should say those words to you, and
feel proud of yourself too. No ore double standards, no treating
others better than you treat yourself... okay?

Take the time to observe your life, just think about it okay? Observe
you running, feeling out of sorts, never feeling you have enough time
or money, along with the thoughts you are thinking while all this is
happening. Are you being mean to you, telling you to hurry up, that
you are stupid, that you do everything wrong? Just observe and take
the time to hear what you are thinking.

Then add one (yes, only one) thought. I am enough or I am proud of
you or everything is right in my life.

Then think that thought over and over and over while your ego tries to
mentally obliterate you and your life seems to want to swallow you up!

Over time, and through observation (remembering it took you years to
get to where you are now) keep showing yourself what is out of balance
and find solutions that will aid you. There are solutions, but you
have to allow yourself to not decide what will do wrong before you
even try them and you will have to realize that fulfilling you does
and will always allow you to help, if need be and realize when to step
back and you will always have what is needed in order to give that
help if and when it is necessary and even better, you will have now
learned who you want in your life, what you want in your life and that
YOU can also ask for help from those you 'trust' with this incredible

We are all equal, we all are enough..... just the way we are, and
things can always only get better :D

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sun shines ~ fears fade

Anxiety is created when we try and control a future we cannot. We
fool ourselves into believe and agreeing with a society which tells us
we can control the moments to come, when infact all we can truly do is
set forth with an idea in mind while willing to change and bend with
the curves of the road ahead. This bobbing and weaving requires
coping skills and underneath that requires self confidence. The
confidence to know we do have our own answers, we will be safe and
everything is fine, working out as it should. But then society jumps
in again. If something 'bad' happens we immediately turn ourselves
into victims, throwing our self confidence and safety out the window
using the situation to show ourselves why our future is scary and
needs us to control it. Do you see the conundrum this puts us in? We
feel we need to control that which we cannot ever truly control. We
won't even take that step forward for fear of something 'bad' happening.

So what is truly bad? Someone in this world has gone through, and
survived the unimaginable in their life. They survived, somehow
someway, they did. So ask yourself when your ego threatens the need
to control "what is the worst that can happen" now don't be all
dramatic, stay realistic. You see, your ego uses the unknown against
you. So once you show yourself you can, infact handle the imagined
worst case scenario, then you will stop fearing when you have not even
been yet!

In order for us to take part in our lives we must be constantly
moving, for life doesn't stop. This does not mean we need to be doing
or becoming anything different than what we are. Mind bend isn't it.
You are here, this is your life, it is enough, it is only you who will
decide it isn't enough, or finally see it is. Once you decide this
life, regardless of what it is right now, is enough, you will become
grateful. Once you become grateful, you will truly see the meaning to
having it all.

When we decide we need to control our futures, gratitude cannot be
present as we are too busy telling what we need rather than being
proud of ourselves, or grateful, in the moment. So to live in a state
of contentment, and gratitude, keep an idea of where you are going in
your head but allow the life you are meant to live (even if you don't
agree with where you are) to become what it is, your life at the
moment, and allow yourself to be grateful in that moment rather than
being a victim of it and turning into a victim of circumstance. As I
have said "If you are the victim of circumstance, you are also the
master of it's solution"

Allow yourself to remember that every second is a new beginning, that
you are always doing the best you can in that second and your actions
and you are enough. No one can decide you or your life is not worth
being grateful for besides you. This is your decision and yours
alone. "You hold all the answers to the questions you are brave
enough to ask yourself" and yes, "all unfortunate events are drops of
enlightenment in disguise" Love n hugs, AuKeeRa

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

brilliant minds, simple answers

"Be the change you want to see in the world" M Gandhi and Albert Einstein "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." and so I say...... I agree, "If one side of reality is hell, then isn't the other side heaven?" and "Take care of you, practice rather than preach and you will naturally care for everything with the care you have taken for yourself."

 And so I just don't get why we all can see what we think should be different in the world ~ then we b@tch, theorize (this is only talk) and yet, we keep treating ourselves like sh*t (the base fact being, you have to be the change you want to see along with take care fo you, practice rather than preach and you will naturally be this change) So I just don't get it. I shakes my head.

I think it is because humans love drama.  We like to talk about stuff we think should change when we are doing nothing in our lives to keep us content.  These to things are not even in the same category and yet we place them there. We need to take care of us.... period.  Only we know what we need.... period and if we don't, ask you, not somebody else.

We DO change the world by living what we believe without telling other how to live their life. They don't need us, they have themselves and what they do is right for them.

We need to keep this simple.  Be a part of the life you have chosen to live.  Be a part of the society you have chosen to live in (by working and keeping up the place you have chosen to live in and by being polite to those you come into contact daily.... simple right?) and treat you as if you actually like you.  Basic and simple, things we all know, so stop making it complicated, or bigger than what it is.  We are NOT broken, we are living.  Life and being human is messy and life will occur, with or without us. Experience the spectrum in the ride of your life, or try to stop it kicking, crying and screaming...... as always, your choice. #AuKeeRa

Friday, June 7, 2013

Butterflies change, so do seasons, so will we...

I saw the movie 42 last night and thus brought on reflection of
ourselves and society, past and present. Most people I have met don't
really like people. Don't get me wrong, they like individual people
but groups, society, ignorance add in drama, and we all admit somedays
people are really hard to be around.

Watching this movie last night reminded me how sometimes we just chose
not to think, while others seem to think to much. Christians have one
simple rule, love your neighbor as yourself, and yet, they can't seem
to follow it. Intellectual people should know personal integrity
should create at the very least respect, and yet it doesn't seem to.
Then they are the people who say they don't care, but they seem to
bitch the most.

Really seems hopeless for our human race somedays. People telling
other what to do, how to live, while not practicing what they preach
and then this movie, I was grateful to see a small piece of society
with people just doing what they wanted, not to stand out but for the
money (business) and by staying within their own integrity changed
things forever.

You see, we don't have to do anything but live our lives, while
silently holding up our personal integrity. Changes and shifts will
always occur. We are truly like the seasons and butterflies. We
change and shift, nothing ever stays the same. We go through cycles
we cannot control and this is the gift of being human.

Stop reading all those self help books, stop deciding what our world
should be, or how others should act, then focus on you and only you,
not your partner, children, friends nor the place you work or the
people around you, only you. The space you control is between your
ears, and this space creates how you see the world around you, so
don't just dismiss your thoughts, aid yourself to see a perfect, ever
changing world. Decide the actions of others are not yours, nor your
responsibility to decide they are wrong and your theories are right.
That is just not our job.

Our purpose here is to live. Can you give yourself the chance to
realize you are the key to the life you have always wanted, your
thoughts will give you this, but first you have to decide you are
enough, it is worth thinking everything is okay, and more so, it is
worth believing everything you already know (for every time I say
things like this, the receiver always said..... I knew that, so I
know, you already know this, so quit complicating things, trying to
control things that just don't matter, and know you and your life will
become exactly what it is meant to be, with our without you, just like
the seasons and the butterfly.)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let's Talk ~ Mental illness

The things we all must remember are
~ we are not alone
~ we can have bad days (and will)
~ we will be sad some days too
~ we can ask for help but....
it is up to us to also help ourselves.

Metal illness is different than the melancholy we all experience and I
will tell you from personal experience, humanbeings are very capable
of learning coping skills to overcome extreme sadness and despair but
we have to chose to.

Many who are in need of aid, tell themselves they are fine while
others ask them to reach out. If this is you and you know you are not
okay, reach out and never stop reaching out. Don't feel you are a
victim rather feel you are going to add a new way of dealing with
things. We all have the ability to cope, we all have days where we
want to give up and more people than you will ever know are where you
are, have been or might be one day. You are not alone.

During a bad day.....
~ do for you what you would do for a good friend. Listen, don't feel
sorry for you but be empathetic, don't push. Bring munchies or flowers
like you would for your friend, with warm blankies and cuddles. Be
nice, not pitying but nice.
~ Know that everyone has bad days so do not decide that everyone
wishes to hear about yours at work. Work is not a place to discuss
problems with coworker or clients. This is where a journal is useful,
just so you can get it out as well as asking for a good friend to
listen, and in some cases, maybe even a counselor.
~ Do not let yourself decide you can stay home from work or not get
out of bed. You wouldn't stand by and let a friend do that so don't
let yourself feel victimized, be gentle but firm. Empowering not
enabling. Make sense? this is a fine line and this is why most of us
just don't know what to do :) we want help but don't know where to

All people suffer some sort of depression. We all have anxiety. We
are human.

If your mentality is pushing others away, making you never leave your
home, causing you NOT to work, and leading you to abuse yourself,
others or substance, reach out.... you need help. Your mental state
is stagnating and hurting your life, there is another way.

There will be times in life when we lose someone close to death, this
is also a time to reach out to a health care professional, and yes, to
be on medication for a time and learn how you are going to move
through your grief.

I find there is some confusion as to when we need help, a good focus
is, work to develop your own coping skills, talk in a journal, reach
out to another on a bad day (not a work person and someone you will be
honest with, honesty is important) and know in most cases the bad days
will pass, and yes, they sometimes last for a few weeks. If you notice
you are pushing your friends away, your self metal talk has been
viciously cruel and you have decided your are worthless, and are
possibly not able to hold down a job, reach out. If you are pushing
people away, get in your corner, put your pride in your pocket and
stand up for you enough to say, hey, I need something right now, yes,
I am feeling stupid and a little crazy but could you help me please.
Trust me, if a friend says you maybe need medication, they are not
being mean, they are saying it because they care, so sometime, listen
to those who love you.

Suicide is more common than I have ever seen it. In most cases those
around the person feel helpless because they isolate. So again, if
you know you are isolating, then be honest, reach out, only you can
help you and only you can decide you are worth it..... we already know
you are :D

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chapter 11 ~ Basic Numerology



            Numerology itself is a very in-depth pseudo science.  This chapter is simply meant as an introduction and by no means a thorough explanation of the vastness of numerological possibilities.

            I am including this chapter to aid in giving further meanings to numbers themselves.  You will find this chapter useful when delving into your own spirituality and developing your own magical daily life.

            Numerology can be used in our daily lives as a way of seeing messages along with choosing names for ourselves, our business and, or our children.

            Numerology is not to be confused with the Cabilarianism, which is a whole separate philosophy using numbers.

            The knowing of what numbers mean also becomes useful when reading the Tarot.  As all of the cards in Tarot decks carry a number, the number can add to the card's meaning in the card layout.





            All the letters of the alphabet are given a number from 1 to 9.  See the chart.

            Spell out the name you would like to know about.  In the case of people's names, I often use the name they go by, rather than their "legal" name.  But it becomes very fascinating to try all of one's name combination.

            Even for businesses, one can add "Ltd." or "Co.", to change the numerological meaning of the businesses' name.

            When doing a person's name, do each of their names separately first.  You may also do their names adding Mrs., Mr., Miss., or Ms. the possibilities in names are endless.

As you look of the exercise on the next page note all of the possibilities.  You may ask yourself "Why?"

            The name you use for daily life may be different than the name or title you use at work.  Your signature may be different from the other two.  Right there are three separate numerological influences on your life.  Some of these influences you may like, others you may wish to change.  Hey, it is your life. 

            Each of us has our own name, and for some of us it is not necessarily the name that our parents gave us or the last name we may get when we marry.  Who said we couldn't make up our own last names.  Believe it or not, I have had a "birth name", a "given" name, a "married" name, a "common law" name, and finally my own name.  Legally I was told I need to have two names, personally I think we all really just need one, our own.








                        1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9


                        A         B         C         D         E          F          G         H         I


                        J          K         L          M         N         O         P         Q         R


                        S         T          U         V         W        X         Y          Z         




*Note: Nines (9) do not change the outcome of the name; there fore they do not have to be added in ever.


            Christine Marie Niemela


            C  h  r  i  s  t  i  n  e

            3  8  9 9 1  2  1 3  5 

                                       ->  3 + 8 + 9 + 9 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 5 = 51 -> 5 + 1= 6

                        [without 9's]       3 + 8 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 5 = 24 -> 2 + 4 = 6


            C  h  r  i  s

            3  8  9 9 1  ->  3 + 8 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 30 -> 3 + 0 = 3

                                or  3 + 8 + 1 = 12 -> 1 + 2 = 3


            M  a  r  i  e

            4   1 9  9  5  ->  4 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 28 ->  2 + 8 = 10 ->  1 + 0 = 1

                                    or  4 + 1 + 5 = 10 -> 1 + 0 = 1


            N  i  e  m  e  l  a

            5  9  5  4  5  3 1  ->  5  + 9 + 5 + 4 + 5 + 3 + 1 = 32 -> 3 + 2 = 5

                                         or  5 + 5 + 4 + 5 + 3 + 1 = 23 -> 2 + 3 = 5


Now we know that;

                        Christine = 6

                                    Chris = 3

                                                Marie = 1

                                                            Niemela = 5


                        Let's try some different combinations!

Christine Niemela -> 6 + 5 = 11 [1 + 1 = 2]  Note: 11 is a very special                                                                                             number all on its own.

Chris Niemela -> 3 + 5 = 8


Christine M. Niemela -> 6 + 4 + 5 = 15 -> 1 + 5 = 6


Chris M. Niemela -> 3 + 4 + 5 = 12 -> 1 + 2 = 3


C. Niemela -> 3 + 5 = 8   Note that the initial "C" and Chris have the                                                                                               same numerological value.


C. M. Niemela -> 3 + 4 + 5 = 12 -> 1 + 2 =3


Now add titles if you wish.

            Miss -> 4 + 1 + 1 = 6  Note "i" is a 9 and may be omitted.

            Mrs. -> 4 + 1 = 5

            Ms is also a 5.

            Dr. -> 4 + 9 = 13  Note that 13 is also a number that may be left                                                       or broken down to 4.

            Ph.D. -> 7 + 8 + 4 = 19 -> 1 + 9 = 10 -> 1 + 0 = 1


            These are things you could refer to for your signature, what is written on your diplomas or how you sign your name.  Also how you wish to be referred to at work or at play, or as a Mom.

Mom -> 4 + 6 + 4 = 14 -> 1 + 4 = 5

Mommy -> 4 + 6 + 4 + 4 + 7 = 25 -> 2 + 5 = 7

Mommie -> 4 + 6 + 4 + 4 + [9] + 5 = 23 -> 2 + 3 = 5

Dad -> 4 + 1 + 4 = 9

Daddy -> 4 + 1 + 4 + 4 + 7 = 20 -> 2 + 5 =7

Daddie -> 4 + 1 + 4 + 4 + [9] + 5 = 18 -> 1 + 8 = 9


            Play and find the combinations of your own name and look up the meanings of the numbers on the following pages.

1 -> One, the number of new beginnings. 

            He who carries a "one" name is often a loner and willing to try anything once.  "Ones" rarely want to settle and would rather stay on the move.  One's often change or add to their names as they begin to age or feel the need to settle down.

            For business a "one" name shows a new beginning, a fresh idea.  Again, often as the business grows the name [or address] will change, or the name itself will be added to.


2 -> Two, the number of togetherness and doing things again . . .

            Although the number of togetherness a "2" in a name will be one who does thing over, often because they do not learn from their "mistakes" or situations the first time.  Since the "2" is often also an "11", as the two grows and matures, they will take on the qualities of an eleven rather than a two.

            A two acquired from a twenty often may en up learning their lessons over and over as they repeat their lessons, [or mistakes] without ever learning from them.  This is usually more difficult for those living with this person more than the two people, as they do not see that learning from their life might be a useful thing for them to do.

            A twenty "two" may also end up adding to or changing his name as he also grows within himself.

            Two is not a number that is highly recommended for businesses.  This is mainly due to the number's repetitive nature, but you may feel different.

            In Tarot, two is also felt to be a number of unions, but is usually representative of only the beginning stages of the relationship with the self or another.


3 -> Three, the number of communication.

            Three's can have the gift of the gab.  Yet the three can listen as well as speak.  Within the self the three can have a deep understanding of the union within the mind, body and soul of self.  Three's are often easygoing people with an understanding of self and a willingness to understand what is around them.

            For business, a three is good if the business is based on communication, Psychologists, Beauty Salons, Lawyer's Firms, and even Counselors.


4 -> Four, the number of foundation.

            Four is a strong number for those building either a family, or a business.  Names with four show promise of success in the business world and are often a strong foundation for another.  Although fours may not always be overly emotional or spiritual by nature, this quality like any other may also change and grow.

            Four is a good number for smaller retail businesses, and those dealing more directly with money rather than communication.  For larger sales, or retail businesses an eight is preferred.


5 -> Five, the number of spiritual communication within the self.

            Five's are often seekers.  Strong by nature, they seek the truth.  In business the five is often in search of new or better ways to do things.  Fives often like to travel as they can set their "foundation" or home anywhere.

            Five is not my personal choice for a business name, due to the number's searching nature.  Unless your business revolves around research choose a more grounded number.




6 -> Six, the number of the family.

            I often see this number in the names of those who are Mothering by nature.  Those who are well versed in life and good at listening to the problems of others, as well as being able to give good advice or counseling.

Six is a good number for a family home address.  The male six often carries the gift of the gab and a gentle nature.  Along with a good listening ear and a soft shoulder to cry on.

            Six is a good business number for those who wish to family oriented.


7 -> Seven, the number of spirituality.

            Spirituality not just of the self, but also of all that is around them, family included.  The seven is more grounded and less seeking than the five.  But a seven is often philosophical.  The seven can be very family oriented, or be the exact opposite.

            A seven reaches for the stars and often wishes to have a family rather than being a loner, where as a five prefers to seek alone.

            I find fives and sevens very similar, yet in so many ways different.  Spirituality seems to be the ultimate goal, in other words, the search for the true self.

            Seven is a good name for a scholar, or student, but is not the best choice for a business.


 8 -> Eight, the balance of family and business.

            An eight will succeed in either world and is able to fine balance in both.  They truly need both worlds.  Eight is not a real spiritual number, but is a family or a fantastic business number.

            Eight is my choice for those who with to succeed in both the business world and have a family oriented lifestyle also.  Choose this number for the name of the person, their signature, their business or the business's address.

            Eights are often grounded while striving for success.  They do not have the searching urge for the spiritual side of life.  They simply would like to succeed.

            Again, eight is my person choice for those in business. 


9 ->  Nine, the number of completion.

            Nine is also the number of man.  Nines, I have found to be stable and sure of themselves.  They travel and ground themselves easily.  Encompassing communication and emotion, nine brings a stability and calmness into one's life.

            A name with the number nine strives for completion.  Not necessarily only in the materialistic world, but more so in the completion of the self.

            Nine is a versatile number for the name of a person.  The path of life may take many twists and turns, but the nine shall strive to complete his task.

            Depending on the business, nine can be a good business number especially in a business with mankind's welfare in mind.

NOTE - Interesting thought that 666 adds up to 18, which adds up to 9.  Is this possibly saying that we are our own "beasts"?


0 -> The number of an end and a new beginning.

            Zero holds nothing and everything within its emptiness, a vast void waiting to be filled.  The only place in which zero is commonly used is the tarot deck.  Otherwise no name shall ever add up to zero.

            Think of zero as the circle it is, never-ending, always empty, always full.



11 -> The number of a teacher

            Someone who teaches also makes a good student.  Often while leaning the eleven begins their life as a two.  Through maturity and experience the two learns to listen and sees that he may not know it all.  A good teacher learns from all he teaches.

            Eleven is a good number for a spiritually based or communication based business.

            Eleven is a good name number for those in a spiritual, teaching or healing [nurses, masseuses, etc.] profession.


There is enough time in a lifetime to fulfill all your dreams once you have chosen to live.


13 -> The number of God

            Jesus and his twelve disciples; equals the number thirteen. Thirteen broken down is four.

            The ones who carry a thirteen are often balanced in their spirituality or their own base philosophies.  Thirteen is an excellent number for business, due to the fact that thirteen carries all the qualities of four also.

            Thirteen encompasses spirituality.  Not so much the teaching of spirituality, but the developing of a much deeper understanding of one's own philosophy.


22 -> The number of the ultimate teacher; one who has truly learned the power of silence

            A twenty-two is much like a thirteen, but has learned to also encompass all the traits of as eleven.  A twenty-two can float effortlessly through all walks of life, if he trusts his universe.

            Twenty-twos are wonderful teachers, parents, students, and friends. Also twenty-two is a great business number, providing the business is not being opened solely for financial gain.  In that case, for financial gain, a four or an eight would be better.  [Note-22 breaks down to 4]


            Learn what numbers are significant to you and why.  Numerology goes much deeper than what is written here.  For daily life, I have found this knowledge more than enough for myself.  As always, you must find what works best for you.



Chapter 9 - guide communication

Chapter 9 – Guide Communication
                        To channel you need no special guidance or direction, it's simple, the purer your channels are, the more pure the information will be.  In order to reach your ultimate channeling capacity you must stay as pure as you feel fit.  Thus you will channel the energy or information you so desire.  Pure means knowing the difference between the ego and the voice of your higher self.
            The ultimate goal is to reach your purest channel or highest "guide" or overseer and eventually establish a direct link within you to what you believe in.  In order to do this one must not consume or acknowledge any negativity or negative energy whatsoever.  This means you learn to understand there is really no evil or 'negative' here.  There is only the ego and the ego is a part of you and therefore it is also perfect – you just have to learn not to have it guide your life.  The journey to your highest channeling capability will be wonderful, remember although there is no right or wrong here always call for your purest highest guide when you wish to channel.  If you feel you are ready to channel, then you are ready.
            If you hear a voice that seems to be lying remember it could be a lower level guide still learning, a wayward spirit looking for someone to chat with or your own ego vying for attention. In what I have learned it could also be a past life memory of this planet to bring some knowledge you may require at this time so you may wish to take a trip to the Akashuik Records.  It takes time to differentiate the voices and feelings but you will.  It really is practice, practice, and practice with a whole lot of honesty.
            The guide best for channeling is your overseer.  Their purpose has always been what it is, to be a translator for the Universal Energy until you are able to bypass them and be a direct link yourself.  Through these guides we can hear the voice of our perception of "God".   Your guides can teach you to feel, see and hear the voice of your highest source more clearly.  Since these guides and us are of the same energy, they are our connection to the Universal Energy.   Always call for your highest guide.  They will always come for they are always with you.
            You are a channel and not the source.  Without the information of the Universal energy nothing is possible.  Simply put, you alone do nothing.  Therefore taking credit and putting yourself above others simply because you have learned to be a servant of the Universe by channeling energy, light or information will no longer be an act of the universe but your ego.     If you take credit for people who have healed themselves and evolved while using you as a channel, you are again using your ego and not universal energy.  Thus your own energy will deplete and you shall become sick or confused.  If you decide others must come to you for information rather than knowing they can learn to do it on their own, you will become stagnant within your ego and although you may make a lot of money or even become famous, you will have quit evolving.   Stay humble and give credit to the Universal Energy who brings your knowledge and insight.  To be a clear channel you become a servant of the Universe and not of your ego.
            Automatic writing is very useful at all stages of channeling.  This is where you write a question and write the first answer that comes to mind.  The easiest way to begin this process is to write a list of yes/no questions and then quickly answer them.  When you are journaling, you may also ask questions and jot down the answers and information that comes to mind.
            This is where it is really important to learn to distinguish between the voice of your ego and the voice of your higher self and guides.
            Honesty and self-integrity is the only way to stay clear while learning in this life.  Remember, this life is a life long learning experience.  You don't just get it one day and then your learning is done.  Even when we die our learning continues.
            Most psychics do not have to channel their information as they can see what they need to in the forum they choose to use, be it Tarot cards, Palms or astrology.   People who channel information are usually called clairvoyant, mediums or spiritualists and this does not mean they are equally gifted or know any more than you may already know for yourself.  You can get really good guidance and information from Tarot cards, Pendulum, Runes and I Ching.  (As well as prayer which is a form a channeling).  You do not need to be a clairvoyant to read tarot cards, use a pendulum, read runes, I Ching, Numerology, someone's Astrology or Palms.  These are all very accurate when done right and are a whole science within themselves.  They may not require clairvoyance but do require deep dedication and practice to be able to do it well for others.
            To learn to channel information is practice, practice, and more practice.  Not all of us are meant to be "seers" for another.  As we all of us are not meant to be plumbers, we all do not have the same gift.  Some can see spirits, some auras; some can see the past and futures of others, while some can see all of this and more.  Remember though, your goal here is to become content in your own life.  Practice and listen to yourself.  You will learn slowly what you need to know at this time.  Our learning never stops.
            Using meditation, forms of divination such as tarot cards, practicing tai chi, yoga, will all enhance your own insight.  The hardest thing about channeling is to learn to trust the energy and what you are shown.   Once again, all of us are able to channel because we are all made of this energy.  We all get "gut feelings" and we all know right from wrong.  Fine-tuning our gifts takes time, trust and dedication. 
            As you get better at meditation and learn not to control the meditation you will learn to see in an alert state.  Simply open your mind, staring in an unfocused gaze and let the images come.  While you are reading right now imagine an elephant.  The elephant you see is how 'waking images' will look. Trust what you see, the images and sights may begin to come regularly.
            Practicing visualization and relaxation techniques prepare you to let go and see whatever comes to you, along with preparing you so that you may accept the images and learn from the knowledge they bring.
            When meditating with your eyes open, relax not seeing, or hearing anything in particular, just simply being.  You will learn to deal with things in all walks of life through acceptance and simply being. 
            One day you may channel information for others. Through channeling you may access all sorts of information.  Body ailments, emotional imbalance, and present situations, past lives and the list does go on.  Your possibilities as always are endless. 
Know and remember-
Unsolicited advice is never welcome.
Spirit never speaks down to another person.
Spirit is not used to "teach" someone or help others "get it".
Spirit knows they already have it thus always speaks with respect.
            We all have the answers we need therefore always be humble and treat others with respect.  If you feel the need to tell someone some information, you first must be able to differentiate ego from the higher self.  Not all channeled information is to be told.  Most information is meant only for the receiver and not for the rest of the world.  Do not let your ego convince you that you are better or the answer to other person's problems. 
            So often we hear people state things they think others need to hear when no one has asked their advice or opinion.  We all listen politely and know their advice is meant for only themselves.  Our egos need attention, confirmation, someone to notice we are different or special.  Always remind yourself you are unique, special and perfect (along with everyone else) before you speak. 
            Yes, I realize as you learn new things that work for you, you wish to share these good feelings and newly found knowledge to the world.  You must understand everyone is on a similar path and they will find their own way without any unsolicited advice, including yours.  Even though you may "mean" well, you are in fact underestimating others and therefore underestimating your own potential as well.  To think any person needs to be rescued, healed or saved is to decide they are incapable of what you just achieved.  That view is pure ego and not higher self. Practice and listen to yourself.  You will learn what you need to know at this time.  Our learning never stops.  Remember, your goal is to live your life, not save or change others.  We all are equal.  Stay mindful of your ego, it will always talk and that is fine but it does not need to control your daily thought process.  Also be aware of the need or addiction to reading yourself too often.  What is meant to occur is a process where blind faith takes over due to proof of what you have seen.  As you see your answers shown you will learn how to act within your world.  You will need to ask your guides or use divinatory tools less often and trust your inner self more.  You will know through prayer and 'knowing' how live to the best of your ability.
             Journaling will become your form of personal channeling and you will find your answer always lies within being honest with yourself, for within you lies your personal link to the Universal flows of light energy and information.
Automatic Writing
 Part 1
1.     Write down 10 yes/no questions you wish to know the answer to.

2.     Now go back answering them quickly with yes or no without thinking.
3.     Go back and reread your questions and answers.
            This is a great way to begin learning how to channel your answers and to learn the difference        between your ego and guides (also known as your 'gut').  When you pause and start to reason, you are not listening to what you know to be true and are allowing your ego to take          over.  Your ego does not have the answer, but you do.  When you answer quickly, you may       not want to hear it, but you will know the answer is right at this time.
Part 2
            Sit down and write down a question you are pondering and wish an answer to. Then have a written dialogue with yourself. 
            Example of Self-Dialogue 
            Write down your question or statement - I want a new job.
            Then ask yourself - Why?
            Then answer - I do not like the one I am at.
            Then ask again - Why?

Part 3
            List the reasons why and then look at the truth of why you may not like your job.  Ask your responsibility in the situation.
Example of finding Self-Responsibility
            I do not like my boss.
            Then ask yourself "what is my responsibility in the situation?"  This is when honesty is required to find your truth.  You may write about how you are not to react with emotion or how you need to be more humble.  You may not always like the answer you find, as the responsibility will always end up being yours.  You are not responsible for the way another acts nor do you get to blame them for your reaction.  You are not there to fix their part of the situation, only to take responsibility for yours so you may learn and move on from that situation.
Part 4
            When channeling for information you must accept the lessons accompanying the questions.  If you want to know your future be sure you are able to handle your present.  Learn to understand your issues in your here and now so you are able to enjoy what comes next in your life.
            Take time to talk things out with you, learning to find your answers within your higher self thus learning to hear the ego but not listen to it nor follow it.  Learn to treat your ego with love and kindness as you would any unhappy child.  When the child is yelling and complaining trying to get your attention you would not let it take over, you would listen then continue with what you are doing.  The ego just wants to be heard.  Say to your ego "I hear you."  In a kind and loving tone of thought.
            It does take practice to 'call your bluff', not allowing ego to rule your actions and thoughts.  Your actions may stay the same but the thoughts backing them will change.  For example, you may still come across as unhappy or yell at loved ones, but the thoughts will not be "I have a right to act this way!"  They will become "How can I handle this differently next time?" 
            As the realization comes you will see your thoughts as very important learning you are responsible for what you think at all times.  There will always be another lesson thus accept and learn your lessons for this time.  Do not let your ego convince you there is nothing left to learn or you are not capable to teach and find the solution yourself.  The ego always comes from a place of right or wrong.  Always from a need to control you or another person through guilt, blame or fear.  The ego uses emotion as a weapon.  The ego has the need to act righteous, hierarchical while feeling it knows everything.  The ego feels the need to prove it is not weak and has a predetermined idea that higher-self, respectful or accepting behavior is weak.

My question
What is my responsibility in the situation?
What truths do I know about my question, what I want to happen and what actions I need to honestly take to get there?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
            When we take the time to listen to ourselves, we find out we are connected to more knowledge than we could ever imagine.  Talking to you like a good friend will give you the strength and knowledge allowing you to feel loved, not alone, and at peace.  We know our answers.  We are a part of our story.  We are the writers of the way we choose to experience our lives.

Voice of Ego
Does not feel responsible
Feels revenge is fine
Tit for tat
Feels I don't have to if other people aren't
How come I always have to be the bigger person?
They weren't nice to me
I can teach everyone
I know more than they do
I am not good enough
I can't find my own answers
Things are always done to me
I am the one getting hurt!
I didn't do anything to deserve the treatment I am getting
I am alone
I am unworthy
I may not be good enough, but I know I have other people's answers
I know what others need to do
I am right, they are wrong
I have a right to tell people how to treat me.
I have a right to tell people how they are supposed to act when around me
I can tell you how to speak to me.
Nobody likes me.
I always do it wrong.
See my idea is right!

The ego always comes from a place of right or wrong.  Always from a need to control you or another person through guilt, blame or fear.  The ego uses emotion as a weapon.  The ego has the need to act righteous, hierarchical while feeling it knows everything.  The ego feels the need to prove it is not weak and has a predetermined idea that higher-self, respectful or accepting behavior is weak.

The Higher self
Is able to put you into another's shoes and see the situation from their perspective.
Does not blame.
Takes responsibility.
Does not need to fix or save another.
Does not judge.
Take the time to learn the lesson presented.
Does not let emotion cloud the lessons present.
Knows everything happens for a reason to aid in learning.
Does not need saving.
Does not need a leader to follow.
Does not need someone else to make them whole.
Does not need religion.
Knows there is a personal relationship already formed to their perception of God.
Knows it has no one's answers except its own.
Know to live by example rather than speak.
Knows to never give unsolicited advice.
Knows the ego is present and must be loved, accepted but not listened to or acted on.
Knows you are whole at all times and always learning.
Knows life is not work and supports you during perceived hard times.
Knows forgiveness is within self to accept another to let the hurtful situation go.
Knows life experiences do not define you.
Knows everyone has had hard learning experiences also.
Knows we are all equal, learning, and doing the best we can.
Love and accepts all and knows how to say no.
Knows self-sacrifice is ego as you are not here to save the world nor anyone in it.
Knows that being self-centered is not ego based for you must live only your life.
Knows once you love and accept yourself you will accept those around you as they are.