Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Stress

Ah yes, it is here again and so is the stress that goes along with it.

Let's go over some ground rules okay?

This holiday is NOT about the presents, we all know this then guilt
the heck out of ourselves for not spending enough. Stop it.

Buy your kids only one present each.
Do you realize kids get so many things they no longer
treasure that one special xmas gift?

Set a gift budget and stick to it. Why?
January comes and do you still want to be paying for
everyone's gifts?
Those you love, speak to, set a budget with them too
those who love you, just want you and I am sure you don't
expect or want anything in the way of gifts from them either.
Food and hugs always best.

The xmas party..... oh my

Hosting ~ you as the host must come first (yes, I know, I stress too)
so make it easy on you. Drink in hand, prepare a meal that DOES NOT
STRESS YOU!!! remember xmas is for the visiting and if you
are stressed, trust me, you will not have fun.

Use paper plates, if anyone is there to judge, let them.

Let family and friends bring for the meal. You make the main dish and
let them bring something to add. But they are flying in? then enlist
their help. yes, I mean it. And yes, I know it is hard, I get it
but if you get stuck doing everything, you will just want it all to be
over, what kind of xmas is that?

Difficult family
There is only one rule here. Treat them with the kindness
of strangers. Trust me, I get it, I hear you and I understand Christmas
family stress, more than you will ever know. However, it
is one day, or one week, we can do this, after all, deep down we love
them regardless of what has gone on.
So for this time, just be your kind self, allow things to go easy, trust me, ppl know exactly
what is going on, we don't have to point it out.

With all that said, please enjoy your holiday, know the memories are
worth it when the memories don't include your memories of stress.

xoxo AuKeeRa

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