Monday, August 12, 2013

Sun shines ~ fears fade

Anxiety is created when we try and control a future we cannot. We
fool ourselves into believe and agreeing with a society which tells us
we can control the moments to come, when infact all we can truly do is
set forth with an idea in mind while willing to change and bend with
the curves of the road ahead. This bobbing and weaving requires
coping skills and underneath that requires self confidence. The
confidence to know we do have our own answers, we will be safe and
everything is fine, working out as it should. But then society jumps
in again. If something 'bad' happens we immediately turn ourselves
into victims, throwing our self confidence and safety out the window
using the situation to show ourselves why our future is scary and
needs us to control it. Do you see the conundrum this puts us in? We
feel we need to control that which we cannot ever truly control. We
won't even take that step forward for fear of something 'bad' happening.

So what is truly bad? Someone in this world has gone through, and
survived the unimaginable in their life. They survived, somehow
someway, they did. So ask yourself when your ego threatens the need
to control "what is the worst that can happen" now don't be all
dramatic, stay realistic. You see, your ego uses the unknown against
you. So once you show yourself you can, infact handle the imagined
worst case scenario, then you will stop fearing when you have not even
been yet!

In order for us to take part in our lives we must be constantly
moving, for life doesn't stop. This does not mean we need to be doing
or becoming anything different than what we are. Mind bend isn't it.
You are here, this is your life, it is enough, it is only you who will
decide it isn't enough, or finally see it is. Once you decide this
life, regardless of what it is right now, is enough, you will become
grateful. Once you become grateful, you will truly see the meaning to
having it all.

When we decide we need to control our futures, gratitude cannot be
present as we are too busy telling what we need rather than being
proud of ourselves, or grateful, in the moment. So to live in a state
of contentment, and gratitude, keep an idea of where you are going in
your head but allow the life you are meant to live (even if you don't
agree with where you are) to become what it is, your life at the
moment, and allow yourself to be grateful in that moment rather than
being a victim of it and turning into a victim of circumstance. As I
have said "If you are the victim of circumstance, you are also the
master of it's solution"

Allow yourself to remember that every second is a new beginning, that
you are always doing the best you can in that second and your actions
and you are enough. No one can decide you or your life is not worth
being grateful for besides you. This is your decision and yours
alone. "You hold all the answers to the questions you are brave
enough to ask yourself" and yes, "all unfortunate events are drops of
enlightenment in disguise" Love n hugs, AuKeeRa

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