Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Strange Sounds ~ Trumpets of destructions ~ Possible theory

A friend of mine had this to say ~ Erin Faye writes
  • I do have a very scientific theory.
    Pulling out my major in physics/minor in astronomy lessons from when I was a nerd.
    As soon as my girlfriend told me about these strange sounds I said "interesting, my friend LOrraine just said she saw some beautiful northern lights the other day and she lives in Vermillion.. that aint very north".
    Northern Lights emit a certain sound that kind of can sound like a whistling or a pulsing metallic shrill. If we were at the arctic right now the sky would be singing and very very loud. Natives used to whistle back to the Northern Lights saying they would dance nicer if you did.
    So I looked at the videos. Shit my pants, phoned my mom.
    Then I started researching it since she calmed me down.
    Lots of cosmic activity is happening right now. A few weeks ago we had a seriously huge meteor shower.
    5 or so days ago we had an extremely huge solar flare come out of our sun. Solar flares emit MEGA x-rays into the universe. These rays usually would take about 3 days to get to us. They were travelling at 15 million miles per second. Thats faster than the speed of light. So this was a huge motherfuckin solar flare. It only took 34 HOURS to get to Earth.
    Any astronomer who happened to be hanging outside of our protective ozone layer will now have a third nipple on his nose and will most likely die of cancer within the year.
    The rays are so severe that they fucked up our electromagnetic field. Forcing aircrafts to re-route their trips and/or fly at a lower altitude because of the rays.
    This interferes with GPS, satellite anything, and computers. (which explains why my sirius sattelite radio conked out on me)

    So I went to NASA's home page because I remembered when Voyager flew to Jupiter and took audio. Jupiter is nothing but electromagnetism at its craziest. The audio from Jupiter sounds exactly like the sounds. Therefore it is not a real "sound" it is electromagnetic waves bouncing off of things.

    Imagine x-rays coming in to earth. They slow down after going through the ozone layer and then they bounce around off of metal objects and eventually slow down enough that they are just bouncing around between the earth and the ozone layer. Meanwhile it is fucking up our own radio waves, gama, gabba, x and all of our other rays too which is off setting them and then charging up our ions in the atmosphere making northern lights all around the world. Which also HUM.

    That is exactly what a professor of physics at the u of s said but in like 2 sentences. lol. I explain things with great detail....

    I answered ~ I thought it was noise sounds too.... as if the populations sounds were like waves and now the tub was full so the sounds were sloshing back and forth. Your theory is of course provable to me and totally makes sense.

    Do not fear the sounds we hear.  Trust yourself, your daily changes rather than fearing what is not yet upon us and may never come.  AR

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