Monday, March 7, 2011

I ponder.... one little thought

This weekend a video came across my facebook newsfeed about a man who
had tortured a puppy to death. I signed the petition to find him.
Then I began to ponder. I believe everything happens for a reason. I
believe the animal agreed to the experience this lifetime and so did
the man who did it but I still felt heartsick. I look at the world
and I wonder, with all this anger and insecurity, do we really have a

Remember I do believe EVERYTHING is good and happens for a reason. I
firmly believe all is simply to be an experience, I also believe
everything is exactly as it should be. I really find it interesting
though how one little though, just one, allows me to feel this way.

What do I mean?

My one little thought is "I love me"

You see for if I love me, I love you. If I love you, I believe you
are my equal. Thus I believe all mankind is my equal, and furthermore
I believe we are all linked. Therefore I trust all mankind is as
capable, as perfect, as whole and complete as I am.

Just with the thought of "I love me" I no longer fight with me, hurt
myself in my thoughts, nor think I am horrible, I do not attack my
self esteem nor bully me. Because I of this self love I no longer
fight with you, hurt you (or anyone else) think you are horrible,
attack your self esteem nor bully you.

Because I love me, I have compassion to allow myself to be weak
knowing I am capable and not needing to be controlled, ' managed' or
parented, therefore I also know because you are my equal, I know you
can be weak but do not need me to save you, control you, manage you
nor parent you, for I know you are capable.

Because I love me, I accept me. I am enough. My life is enough. I
am content. Thus I do not live in fear resulting in the need to
control others or my surroundings. Because I love me, I can let you
be you, I do not need to take advantage of anyone, I do not need to
harm small creatures, I do respect my body, my surroundings and am
grateful for what I have.

Because I love me I will not go to war, argue any point nor be an
activist, it will only increase my faith. Because I love me, I love
you, I believe in this world and I know we are exactly where we are
meant to be and I know it is perfect.

One little thought will allow this world to appear as a more content
place for you to be.... I love me.

So even though I signed a petition for the puppy and I had to ponder
this world and it's confusion, it still came back to this ~ Do I love
me enough to love everyone as my equal, and my answer is yes, I love
me enough, so I ask, can you just love you too?

After thoughts....comments through out our time
"Judge not lest thee be judged"
"Take care of your own back yard before you look in another's"
AuKeeRa Rayne's thoughts ~Allow me to accept me; make my back yard a
beautiful place to be so I can see yours is beautiful too (no matter
how it looks)


Unknown said...

It is tough to remember that we've agreed to this life. People wonder why there is all these negative events in life... maybe just because this is the only place we can experience these things and learn from them. I often think that on the other side, everything must be perfect... kinda makes it hard to grow then. Maybe thats why we come here to the physical world.

Adrienne said...

I leave this comment with love and respect for you and your beliefs:

If everything is as it should be and everyone agrees to their life does this make things like racism, misogyny and child molestation ok? Is it ok to treat someone you believe to be subordinate to you badly because this is the way it is meant to be? The way the universe intended it to be? This seems like a problematic idea; I'm sure there are lessons in treating someone poorly or being treated as such but it seems like an excuse for some people to do so. I don't think others deserve to suffer just because of the idea that that's the way things are supposed to be - doesn't that seem like an excuse to be socially unjust?

Perhaps I misunderstood your post.

AuKeeRa Rayne said...

Andrienne, I am not condoning another person's choices nor believes as all I have control over is how I chose to act and what I chose to believe in this life time.

I am saying we treat others as we treat ourselves. If we are cruel to ourselves, then we will be cruel to another, however if we love and respect ourselves we will love and respect others.

Yes, I am working tackling a very hard subject, unconditional love. It is a tough one when we live in a society that would rather have us look at all the harm and bad in our world and lives then focus on the gifts each experience brings, no matter how painful that experience my have been, it is still now a part of the beautiful persons we are.

Thank you so much for your comment.