Sunday, February 20, 2011

who do you answer to?

In truth the only person you will ever have to answer to is you. Only
your personal integrity will manage your actions while you manage your

When you die the only thing you will ask is "Did I enjoy this ride?"
and the only thing determining this will be your thoughts.

It won't be what you accomplished, owned or earned, how many children
you had or the loves you had and lost, no, it will be what you thought
of each and every experience.

Life is a string of moments in time, many of them mundane, but your
thoughts of those moments can make them enough to last a lifetime.

Sure the ego complains, while thoughts fly though but there are
thoughts you chose to think, make those thoughts count.

Make what you think of each moment one of acceptance and contentment,
keep them simple, for all solutions are simple if you let them be.

Have though thoughts love and adore you for it is only you that you
live for and by doing this you will be living for the world.

Once our thoughts are ones of self acceptance, care and love, once we
accept we are enough, this world is enough and this moment is enough,
we will never regret one moment or experience in our lives.

Think about it. Who do you answer to and do you respect yourself to
answer solely to your own personal integrity?

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