Monday, February 14, 2011

the secret to finding a good man (or woman)

Rule number one ~ Know yourself ~ if you don't know you, how do you
expect anyone else too? Know what you like (and don't like) Know what
you are willing to try. Know what your money situation is and where
it is going, same with you job and your future plans (with or without

Rule number two ~ Like you ~ again, if you don't like who you are, how
do you expect anyone else too? If you think you are broken, in need
of fixing, not complete or in 'need' of someone, you will always feel
this way whether you are with someone or alone. You have to be able
to look in the mirror and be proud of who you are, like who you are
and enjoy your own company if you want someone else to also.

Rule number three ~ DO NOT SETTLE! ~ we think we are waiting for
someone just to like us, but you need to realize the shoe is on the
other foot. If you like you, enjoy you and like your life, then you
are looking for someone who is worth of you. You are not a puppy
seeking the attention of anyone who will give it, no, you are a
confident person who is looking for someone worthy of your friendship.

Rule number four ~ Friendship is more important than any 'love/lust'
relationship. Being in love is one thing but trust is another. The
person you choose to have a relationship should be a person you
trust. One you trust to be able to talk about your fears, to turn to
in your time of need, to laugh with, cry with, to trust.
Communication lacks because trust is not there. We fear the
repercussions of what we say, so we don't say it resulting in
expectations, resentment and eventually relationship breakdown.

Rule number five ~ To you they must be the most beautiful person on
this earth. Looks do matter, but good looking is found in the way
someone makes you feel. But remember, you must have this feeling
first, thus the person you choose will enhance your life and you. You
will feel beautiful, they will look beautiful (not matter what age
they are) and there will never be a second thought.

Final thought ~ two adults in an adult relationship can talk about
anything, a fight is never, ever needed. Two adults who trust each
other can conquer (as a team or alone) anything life has to offer.
Two adults can and will develop a friendship that is unbreakable and
timeless, this is how one can stay married (or in a relationship
forever) be an adult, find an adult, then act like adults :) xo

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