Thursday, July 7, 2011

death ~ we are born dying

The one fact we all forget is we are born dying. Death still seems
like such a shock to us even though death is inevitable.

How do we live knowing and believing we will die one day?

This may seem like an odd question but I ask you, "How would you live
your life if you knew you were dying?" It seems we all change when we
know death is impending but it is that way for all of us. We don't
know when it will hit always but it is still coming. This is not a
pessimistic view unless you wish it to be.

You hear all the cliche sayings but do we really ever think about it?
Most of us don't. We live like tomorrow will always be here while
other's live with disregard stating, "well we're all gonna die one
day!" so where is the balance?

The balance is found in acceptance and gratitude. What? How?

Accept the fact you are going to die, thus live without regrets. This
is why you must put yourself first. Not in a cruel manner but in a
self loving manner. This means right now take a moment and think. Do
you have regrets? If so, list them. Now realize there is nothing you
can do about your past. Those past regrets are something you must
realize do not define you, allow yourself to accept the occurrence and
all the emotions surrounding it. Acknowledging how we feel about
something allows us to accept and move on. This can be one tall order
for many past experiences or actions, but doing this allows the
experience to take it's place among the multitude of experiences
you'll have yet in your gift of life.

After you have dealt with regrets (note this not include seeking
anyones forgiveness nor asking anyone to say sorry to you, this is all
about you understanding your past is what it is and it is a part of
you, not the definition of you) It is time to look at your day to day
living in your life.

When you wake up are you grateful to be alive? We often awake already
complaining. Those who have an impending death (that they are aware
of, remember, death is impending for all of us) often realize
complaining is futile and just not worth the energy. Sure you can
complain but are you willing to live the possible last day of your
life being a victim of what you perceive? You are alive, is that not
enough to be grateful for?

If after reading this your ego has gone into overload justifying why
you get to feel bad, take this to heart, you can feel bad and good at
the same time. Yes, you can think more than one thing if you chose to
and have more than one point of view within yourself even if they are
opposing. What do I mean? You awake complaining, allow your ego to
complain while another part of you smiles and is just content to have
awoken this morning.

Make sense?

Yes, life is all about balance. It is not about the bucket list it is
about actually enjoying the mundane of the life you have been given.
During the horrid time and the happy, balance in acceptance, gratitude
and thought is the key.

Try this week to think everyday "I am dying" no this thought will not
enact the law of attraction to kill you, that is not how the law of
attraction works. Plus whether we like it or not, each second we are
closer to our demise. Our egos sure hate this subject eh? :)

As you ponder this thought (don't let it dominate your life as it has
not until this point) and you see yourself pouting or deciding life is
not good enough, remind yourself, "You know you are dying right?" your
mind will reset itself, so chose your next thought. Are you going to
walk away from the argument in your head, or the other person or are
you going to continue the feeling of discontent by choice? There is
not right and wrong here, do as you wish but then don't complain to
the rest of us about your choices and don't decide you get to regret

Our lives create a gorgeous mosaic or painting, completed the day we
leave this earth. The good and the bad experiences blend to create
our unique work of art with no one experience defining us nor our
lives but all experiences coming together to make our life what it is
and will be.

Please never forget how fleeting life is. Take a moment to sit with
yourself and realize your mortality. We will not know when death is
coming so why fear it? By that same statement don't take life for
granted. If you know you can die tomorrow with no regrets then you
are truly living, if you have regrets write them down and acknowledge
them. Acknowledgement can aid us in so many ways and allow us to see
solutions and sometime what is our responsibility and what isn't.

Life may not be easy, but it should never be taken for granted. For
once this life has ended, it has ended. Find peace for you, in your
definition, don't worry about your success simply find a contentment
in this life that suits you and you will not worry if you are going to
die tomorrow so you can indeed appreciate today.

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