Monday, July 11, 2011

Be the driver in your vehicle of life.

You are either the driver or you are an unwilling passenger in an
unmanned vehicle feeling like a victim being dragged along.

There will be twists and turns, barricades seeming to stop you dead in
your tracks, detours, highs and lows, good weather and bad, this is
your trip and it will be the experience of a lifetime.

None of us are born knowing how to drive this vehicle, even if we have
had thousands of past lifetimes ~ no human experience will be as great
or be like the one you are having now. It is impossible to recreate a
single second exactly let alone a whole life time.

Some believe our path is preordained some believe we make up the road
as we go. Regardless how gifted you are with the second sight, you
will never see all experiences coming and even if you do, the
experience will always be a first, even if it appears to mimic the last.

Therefore we will always feel like we don't know where we are going
although we can see where we have been. As our road/life goes along
the road we have travelled will fade into memories and we will use our
experiences to think we know what is coming next, but we still will
never know.

We will use our time to decorate (as so to speak) our vehicle to
hopefully make it more comfortable, but often we decide our vehicle is
not good enough and begin to resent the fact we were given this
vehicle wishing we could trade it in for another forgetting the fact
we have this vehicle to live our lives in the first place. How about
a dose of gratitude and the realization your vehicle is what allows
you to be here in this world a all?

Then there is the fear. We know this road/life doesn't end til we die
but yet we often spend our moments wishing it would end sooner, be
different or decided the trip is just not good enough. We begin to
fear our trip and it's experiences, stating the road we have just
traveled (the experiences of our past) or the unknown of the road
(life) infront of us as the reason for the fear. However the road
(our life) continues, the vehicle still moving no matter how scared we
get we can't stop life.

Sure you can feel fear and while you are feeling it realize it is a
man made emotion. Fear used to be a flight or fight response. The
fear we experience everyday is unwarranted. It serves no purpose at
all. This fear we have created does not keep us safe, nor alive.
This fear does not make us feel content nor bring enjoyment to our
trip/experience of life. No, this fear tortures us, makes us feel
like failures, and creates more fear. Fear of more failure, fear of
being alone, fear of being judged, fear of being just not good enough
for anything or anyone. This fear serves no purpose what so ever.
This fear does not make us stronger, no we use it for the exact
opposite, to keep us thinking we are weak and not capable of driving
our vehicles of life.

This vehicle keeps on going, the road (experiences) keep coming and
like I said, you either experience those experiences or you go through
them kicking and screaming feeling they are being 'done to you' and
you are a victim of your own life experience. The choice is yours,
yes yours.

Oh my gosh AuKeeRa, seriously? Really? but life isn't always fun and
I am just not able to handle everything handed to me, am I?

Another thing we often forget is all of us are going through the same

We all are born unprepared, with no manual on a road we can't see what
is coming ~ no matter how gifted you are, you will never know how to
handle a situation you saw coming until you are already in it ~ this
is where trust in self is needed, not fear.

Life is happening, every second. No single second repeats itself even
though we think it does, we are not on a repeating track we are on a
'road' that is always presenting new life experiences. Our ego begs
to differ as we decide we can no longer learn, we have been there,
done that, and then we become complacent. We think we don't need to
be an active participant in our lives, they will happen anyway, so
whatever, it's not what I wanted anyway, I wanted more, so I'll just
wait for the next experience.

What is handle it mean anyway? We do our best, we drive the best
through adverse life conditions, sometimes we hit the ditch, get
stuck, use a few choice words but we don't just abandon our vehicle
and walk away never to return. Life can be messy, our road, this life
trip/experiences offer all the ingredients to the perfect life

Great weather, bad weather, horrible storms, awesome hills to gorgeous
highs, and deep valleys which can be calming or feel like horrible
lows. There are cars all around us, seeming to get in our way, slow
us down, almost cause accidents and just plain pissing us off,
however, those people are in their vehicles and thus do not effect the
mood in our car, unless we allow it. Even if they smash into us,
hurting us, our vehicle keeps running, our life keeps going and we
decide if we can love and accept what we may perceive as a damaged
vehicle or we may chose to see it as an experience and move onto the

If you use the image of the vehicle using this image to represent only
your body and mind, nothing external at all, you will see it is always
up to you to appreciate you first, your experience next (even if you
don't like it or are finding it stressful, it is still your life, you
don't like it but you are going to experience it weather you like it
or not, so what you think is the key)

While you have been reading this your ego has been trying to distract
you and explain why you can't just experience your life. You must
worry, plan, fear, trying to explain to you why what you are doing is
just not good enough. You must be present, watch your thoughts and be
more that what you are, because to just be is just not enough!!!

The truth is regardless of what you chose to think or believe, your
life (road) goes on. You can use your thoughts to enhance your life
experience, or make it pure hell. Our thoughts create the perception
of what we are experiencing.

Stop thinking about all the self help books you have read and bring it
to the second you are alive in. Your goal is to live and experience
each second. Once each second is gone it is followed by the next.
Being present as the books tell us is not possible for by trying to be
present we are now not present, silly eh?

More or less you want to observe and allow the experiences to unfold,
trying to to guess, fear or control what you assume is happening.
This combined with loving the vehicle you've been given is the simple
explanation to enjoy this road/trip/life you are experiencing now.

When you feel you are overwhelmed, roll down your windows, say hi to a
passer by and just breath.

You cannot drive the wrong way, no barrier will ever kill nor destroy
you (even though some of them feel pretty hard, your life continues on
and those moments become the road you have now already traveled, you
decide how much thought you give it in your present moment)

Somedays you are going to want to just stop, but ask yourself, are you
ready to die? I doubt it, so change your scenery, literally, walk
outside, go for a coffee, sit and read a good book, if you need a
break, take one.

WE make this very very complicated when really it is not. You are
alive in this second. You are present whether you like it or not.
Accept you are doing the best you can in this split second. Accept
the fact you are already enough. Accept the fact this IS your life
and it is a gift. Accept your past is a road you have already
travelled and not the road you are on. Accept you don't control your
future and you WILL do the best you can when it comes as well. Accept
the fact we are all equal, on different roads, in our own cars, not
agreeing with how we see others driving and not responsible for
another's road or vehicle condition.

I use you all as my guides as to what I should write about next.
After you have read this, message me on what you would like to know
next, I will do my best to deliver. ~

Have the most incredible day as you continue along your road of
life :) AuKeeRa

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