Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Within each moment, each experience, lies a gift.

Most of you know my son's hamster died and I was bit by a dog this
weekend, one may ask why?

Within all situations lies gifts.

The gifts of the hamster dying. To die at home would have been hard
on my son. It may have appeared that smokey's long drawn out demise
delayed our lake departure however instead it gave much needed time
for Aaron to return home from work and pack, make me sit and wait,
allow the phone guy to come to fix the phone lines, then time for my
son to assimilate the loss of his pet. He was so excited to go to the
lake he mentioned he was sad to lose her but was so happy we were off
to the lake. At the lake, the little dying creature gave a man his
first chance to hold something very loved who was leaving this world.
A rare chance for many of us and a gift in itself.

What about the dog bite? How can that be a relief? The dog bite gave
me a chance to release some stress in tears (yes, I cried... twice!),
provided a chance for my friend who drove me in and I a chance to talk
and for me to listen, gave Aaron some time alone with his friends (but
i think all he did was miss me), along with a chance for him to make
me supper, an opportunity for him to know I am okay even when he can't
be there for me the universe will take care of me, a chance for the
people there to see a situation can be handled without yelling and
fighting, an opening provided for a much better relationship with the
security and RCMP which a few of our campers had made difficult the
night before, hopefully an introduction to the dog's family in how the
laws in Saskatchewan work and a safer environment being provided for
the next person to come in contact with the dog, the first time ever I
placed charged (or at least have asked too) against another person for
something which happened to me (and felt it was right!), I spoke up
for myself and followed through without remorse or concern of outcome
for the dog. Although I am a deep animal lover I would not have an
issue if my actions resulted in the dog being put down. That is a
first for sure.

The dog bite also provided a much needed reset button. Sometimes life
just so overwhelming we get stuck in our heads and then WHAM something
out of the blue happens and everything shifts, even if just a tiny
bit, clarity comes and more opportunities are provided.

In every little moment, there is a gift. When roadblocks seem to be
thrown up time and time again, there is a gift. However in order to
receive these gifts, we must first believe they are there. We are not
victims of our lives thus situations are not provided to victimize us,
rather as gifts in disguise of life experience.

When we are late to something, chances are the other person is late to
or the lateness provided a gift to someone later. Never assume things
are bad. When we are early it is a chance for us to relax if we let
it be rather than a feeling someone else is monopolizing our time or
trying to prove we are efficient and good enough.

When we get an injury or illness, it is not caused by something we
have done wrong, it is a gift. A gift of new experience for sure, a
time to put ourselves first (something so many of us are just not good
at), a time to ask for help, a time to be self trusting and reliant,
time to be quiet and relax, and a time to develop faith further,
knowing we are safe, okay and things will work out exactly like they
are suppose to.

Now don't get me wrong, even when we see gifts human emotions will
still be present. We are suppose to have anger, sadness,
disappointment and all other emotions even when we see the gifts in a
situation it may still not always make it feel better at first. Plus
we may not always realize the gifts right away. Retrospect really
does show how much the universe has provided within our human

Pause and look at your life, what gifts have the worst times of your
life provided? Remember, if you are still feeling like a victim, you
are not seeing the gifts given to you. When looking for our gifts it
is where the experience brought you to. You will always be a better
person for it, no matter how bad the experience, how extreme or
painful or how drastically it changed your life. If this words
provoke anger within you then take a look again, for you are still not
seeing it and when we feel something shouldn't have happened to us, we
never accept that it did.

Acceptance never means you have forgive another person, condone their
actions or fix/heal the fact it did happen, you only have to accept it
did. You never have to like that it did, ever.

In our society we seem to always be seen as broken, needing to be
fixed, that life has hurt us, cheated us, taken things from us but I
see we are perfect, whole and complete as each moment is the only
moment we have. That each moment provides a human experience we never
had before. That we do not have to like everything that happens nor
everyone around us rather accept what happened did and accept we don't
have to tell others when we don't like them, don't forgive them, and
never want them around us again.

If you look at your past it is an intricate dance with one situation
providing a platform for the next to occur providing a unique life
experience for each and everyone of us with no single moment exactly
the same. These moments are a second in time and the only reality we
know. Acceptance is the only thing needed to live this life.
Accepting what is happening is actually happening. Knowing the
emotions we are having we are allowed to have. Knowing this moment
will lead into the next moment and accept that is not something to fear.

My favorite thought is when I describe people lives as a mosaic or a
painting. I can see this gorgeous piece of art forming before my
eyes. Each moment is a dot of color or a colored piece of glass or
pottery. There are darker times and lighter times providing depth and
flow to the piece. No two artworks are the same, not one is ugly nor
hard to look at or wrong, each life painting or mosaic, even though
they are never finished, are breathtakingly beautiful.

This life is a gift as is each moment in it thus why I always say
"Life is not meant to be an uphill climb, it's just life" AuKeeRa Rayne

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