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Clairvoyants, psychics, faith and religion ~ AuKeeRa Rayne

Recently I had a woman write and ask me "Do you still have a strong faith in God?  How do I come to keep my faith and consider being open to the gifts you have? Is there any reading you may recommend that might assist me as I try to come to some conclusion about looking into your area of contribution? " and often I am challenged by many faiths as to what I do and where the information comes from.  Even I used to challenge myself, thinking sometime, how is this possible?  

This is what I replied.....

One can only do what I do if they have a strong faith.  One can only do what I do if they believe there is one God.  Faith and religion are not one in the same.  Faith goes further.  One with a strong faith never worries their faith might be swayed and I must have one for people who claim to have faith have questioned my beliefs for decades when I have never ever questioned or tested theirs. Jesus Christ himself was stated to be a clairvoyant in book of Paul, yet this seems to be forgotten when it comes to people like me.  

Sure there are psychics who use fear tactics to get one to come back again and again, this is just cruel.  (So if anyone claims you need to come back over and over for a reading or treatment in reference to you needing them to balance or 'fix' you, use caution, you only need you)

Prophets are clairvoyant but in ordered to be recognized by any church you must be a part of a congregation, so there fore religion itself is at war.... so this is a good question you ask as really there is no way I can prove what I do is real nor true, so ones who come to me must also operate of faith, yet all people know in the depth of their soul when they hear truth, and this is my saving grace.

I read for people of many faiths and I believe my information is for you from God (However I use the word 'they' for many people do not like the use of God for it's Christian inference thus people like this prefer other terms) and that is the beauty of what I do.  All people are seen as equal, all are spoken to with respect.  All are seen as the Bible itself states, Created in His image, children of God.  Thus everyone is spoken to in a way they understand, with solutions they can work with and in a way their faith cannot only stay intact but become stronger, for them, their way.

When I speak to those who have crossed over I make it quite clear the knowledge coming through if from their loved one and not always what they should do (in regards to advice:).  I have spoken to many about their last wishes, things occurring, possible solutions, about all types of things, it really is quite the unique experience for all involved (including me)

So I cannot tell you how you would keep your faith when coming to me, another one's faith is between themselves and what they believe in for only God knows the hearts of man.

My faith is stronger than any one I have ever met.  I do not drop my faith when things go wrong, rather I work to see how everything is in perfect order even though I may not understand. I allow myself to be angry, I even allow myself to be angry at God, knowing he loves anyway (and I still always finish with I may be mad, I may not understand, but I love you and trust you).  Thankfully I have suffered many losses in my life.  I was told I would suffer all losses known to man before the age of 40, and I did.  I was told it was to aid me in my compassion and understanding for others, and it has, deeply it has.

I find many people search for faith and answers but do not know where to look, I really recommend it is "you" you seek, not your Bible (for interpretation gets lost and confusing so quickly), not another's faith, for they always believe they are right and everyone else is wrong.  All your answers lie in you.  All I do is act like an interpreter between the energetic language that communicates between ourselves and what we believe in and God.  God speaks to us all the time, the problem is most often we have trouble hearing it.  This is where a person like me or journaling and prayer come in.

Because you have all your answers all you need is you.  It does take time to learn to hear them but if you journal daily (no more than three half pages in a smaller journal) you will begin to see the difference between the voice of God and your ego.  The voice of God never barters, creates fear or speaks meanly in anyway.  Your inner voice (connected to God) may be direct and firm but never threatening.

I aid many in this communication for our egos are brilliant and because that is the only voice in your head you often hear, you must allow yourself patience and practice to learn to feel God's constant presence.

Graciously I meet with the most courageous of people often when their spirits seem broken, or when they are at their lowest in grief and each time I see the most incredible person sitting in front of me.  I am humbled by what I do and believe my job is to tell you from you (and what you believe in) what you cannot not hear for yourself right now.  I believe what I do is something everyone can learn to do for themselves, it just takes practice and time.  I also firmly believe in what I do, who I am connected to and the integrity I carry with it.

Often as I watch a conversation between one who has passed and one that sits before me, I can't help but cry myself, it is beautiful.  I do sometimes wish people could see what I do, it is really something. I have such a deep understanding of faith, death, the strength of spirit, and the love of what created us all, I just feel blessed, it is quite humbling in so many ways.

Just trust yourself.  If you are truly meant to be here at this time, you will be, if not then journal for awhile, pray, seek your innerself and wait to see if it feel right.  Yes, I can contribute in so many ways but you also need to be ready :)

Let me know if you need anything else.  I have lots of good blogs and videos on utube you wish to check out.  has all the links.  Take care and have a fabulous day!

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