Monday, December 12, 2011

The haves and have nots ~ it's a matter of perception

Is there really a good time to decide what you have is not enough? No.

As soon as we think others have more than us or what we have is not
enough gratitude stops.

When we are looking for what we 'need' rather than being proud of and
accepting what we have, living in the moment... stops.

Our society tells us we must set goals to keep our drive up but this
also creates a slippery slope of never realizing we have enough.

When we think our lives are not enough we then look to other things to
fulfill us. We look for our success and acceptance through what we
own, who likes us and then we think we need to prove to others we are
enough leading to us feeling abandoned and alone. This makes our self
esteem even worse and leads us to believe we are not worthy of the
things we think we want to complete us. A vicious cycle complements
of a lack of gratitude and assumption.

Look at your life. Find the simple things to be grateful for and
proud of. It is enough, you are enough. Whether you like it or not
life goes one, you are moving forward, growing and changing regardless
of what you do, this life you cannot stop. You will do what you need
to so jump in.

Being grateful for what you do have creates a fertile ground to keep
on recognizing what you are receiving turing you into to a "have"
rather than a have not.

It is simply a change of though and recognizing you are already where
you are meant to be and will be in each and every moment.

How? You feel yourself begin to pout, your thoughts are having an
issue.... I am so broke. Don't stop the thought rather balance the
thought, I love the place I live (note you have a roof over your head,
then silently say thank you to what you believe in)

Thoughts are about balance. Life is about balance and finding your
middle of the road. Balance each observation you are using against
yourself with another observation which aids you to realize the pride
you have for you and your life. Yes, this does take practice at first
and all you are doing is simply realizing the reality you already
exist in. Thinking this way just gives you more than one perspective.

The process of becoming a person who has everything is only a matter
of thought.


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