Thursday, December 15, 2011

What does an attitude with gratitude really look like?

Good question as I find many who say they live in gratitude don't.

WHAT?! yes, really.

Gratitude all begins with appreciating what you have already, that
pretty well wipes out the whole population of Canada and the US for
having an attitude of gratitude. What do I mean?

To be grateful at all times you must see the body you have is a gift,
yes, every dimple and roll, wrinkle and gray hear, ache and pain along
with every emotion you have, it is a gift. The mundane life you lead,
the job you have, all gifts, ones to be grateful for.

I don't get it....

Okay, let's say someone gave you a blue car and you said "thank so
much! but I want the red one" that is the same as saying, Thanks so
much for this body but I wanted something skinnier..... Make sense?

This is also the danger of goals. When we set goals sure move towards
them but do not lose the gratitude along the way!

I am enough I have enough. Believe this and you will see what you
have is more already than you could have ever imagined but it is your
perception that creates the attitude.

If you appreciate what you have, know you have enough, are so thankful
for what you have, KNOWING you will always have what you need at that
time (even if it is not always what you want) then you will be able to
live in gratitude.

Gratitude is not just saying thank you, it is really being grateful
and humbled by the life you have been given to experience this
lifetime, body, burdens, job, family, life experiences and all.

Yes, easier said than done. We don't exactly life in a society
grateful for what it has, no, everyday we deal with the need for
immediate gratification (even though we have enough) and the drive to
get more, more of everything without even noticing (and in some cases
loosing what we already have because we took that for granted).

Saying thank you so everyone else thinks you are grateful doesn't cut
it either, for if you still think you don't have enough then you are
not living with an attitude of gratitude. No faking this one.

I love my life. I am enough I have enough. Everything I need is and
always will be there for me. I love my body. Thank you for my work.
I adore my life.

The ego will always badger you will ill will and lack of gratitude but
it does not need to be the only thought in your head. Add in the
other thoughts that create balance, the thoughts that allow you to see
the beauty of your life and you.

Find this and you will find you do have everything and when you are in
pain, you can still be grateful even if it is through gritted teeth
and you can only be grateful for the anger you feel. This is enough,
you are enough and to me, you are beautiful (I don't care if I sound
lame you are.... you are my equal and for me, that is enough to make
you one of the most incredible people I know)

You can do this, we all can, it is just adding in another thought to
balance and create a different perception. Do not change any of you,
decide you need fixing or run to someone to tell you how to do this.
Rather find thoughts that make you feel warm and fuzzy then think them
along with your other thoughts. Simple. Make it simple, keep it
simple for it is simple and better yet, it is your life.


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