Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Thoughts from me to you.

There are no leaders or followers, teachers nor students, we are all
equal and all knowledge is relative to the life we have chosen to

Money is important to live in this culture we have chosen but why
choose debt for 'wants' rather than gratitude for what we can afford? AR

You create how you feel each day, moment by moment you can change it,
this is your choice, what will you choose? Balance is the key. AR

You are not who I thought you were ~ No, I'm not who you assumed or
decided I should be. See and believe what others present, don't
assume. AR

Love is an emotion and sometimes not enough, trust someone with your
innerself and you will have contentment for life. AR

To purge one's life of physical clutter is a great thing to do, it
allows us to see all the things we had and have to be grateful for. AR

Contentment is what we seek. Happiness is fleeting and feeling all our
emotions is a gift of being human. AR

Self love and self respect is putting oneself first and not
narcissistic nor egotistical for it allows us to respect and love
others too. AR

A life time is a life time no matter the length, it was still a life
time. AR

Genes don't determine the title of Father, the bond and respect formed
through out the life of a child does. AR

Family is who we decide to trust in our lives with our most vulnerable
self. AR

Why is our mortality such a fantasy for us? We are going to die, this
is a simple fact and a reason to be grateful for the moment now. AR

Unsolicited advice is never appreciated, so why do we often think we
have another's answers when we don't seem to have our own? Lead u
first AR

Freedom is found within your perception of the reality you are
actually in. What will you choose to perceive and be grateful today? AR

Grief is something which needs to be acknowledged, respected and felt.
Feeling bring strength within an overwhelming mixture of emotions. AR

Letting go,expression overused, accept it is a part of you, it
happened, it does not define you. Feel yes, and know, you are not
broken. AR

Your gratitude determines your reality. Be grateful with what today
brought, inspite of your emotions and you will always find
contentment. AR

There is no wrong, only life in the moment. AR

The way we think of and see ourselves is not what other people around
us think or see ~ at least others give us the benefit of the doubt. AR

Learn more about teaching yourself about your reality perception via
"From above with love" Chapter one ~by AuKeeRa, info on AR

Reality Perception Theory~ your external world does not create what
you think you see, what you feel about what you see created that.
(Copyrighted AR)

Assumptions and expectations upon others can make the world seem an
unkind place to be, shadowing all the caring and love already present.AR

Age defined by our culture means a multitude of things, to me it shows
the blessing I have had knowing there are better ones to come.AR

I love birthdays, they give one a reminder of just how far they've
come, along with the experiences they've had. Gratitude for sure!AR

Can life really get any better in the split second you are actually
present in? In that moment, all is perfect.AR

The most beautiful, amazing thing you see each day is you, whether you
like it or not, it is.AR

Not sure why it still surprised me why the world is so full of
intolerance. I will tolerate your view, can you tolerate mine? AR

Assumptions are dangerous as they are seen through the narrow view and
small mindedness of the ego.AR

This morning I awoke, that in itself is the greatest gift.AR

My purpose is to see the world and it's population as perfect, whole
and complete, while living with acceptance and gratitude.AR

People who want to be right are deaf, dumb and blind to the emotions
of others.AR

It's astounding ego convinces us we know more than others. How is this
possible when we are equal and our knowledge relative to our life?AR

I go to sleep at night not blind to the suffering in the world but
content in knowing what I have faith in has it all under control.AR

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