Monday, June 6, 2011

You are not forgotten

Don't ever think for one moment you are forgotten.

Sometimes those around you may seem to have forgotten you but trust me
they have not. Lives get busy, things get thrown out of perspective
and priorities shift but those who love you have not forgotten.

Somedays actions or words of kindness and support may go undone or
unspoken but trust me, the love for you is still there.

Yes, somedays we feel sad, lost or forgotten and in those times turn
to you but do not turn away, for love surrounds you.

This life is not always an easy one, it is not meant to be but it is
one filled with love even on the days we don't feel loved.

Fine solace in your emotions, even in your sadness for within your
feelings you know you are alive.

This life is a gift, along with all those who chose to share a moment
with you, so know, you are not forgotten and surrounded now and always
with love.

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