Tuesday, May 24, 2011

when listening to yourself

Clairvoyance is not an elite gift, nor is being empathic nor
intuitive, it a human trait.

We all have gut instincts. Each and everyone of us. That instinct
come with alot of information which you may or may not pay attention
to. Most of us assume we are not able to 'read' other people when in
reality we do it everyday.

For some reason we know who we can trust and who we shouldn't. Yes,
sometime we talk ourselves into another feeling even though we knew
what the original 'feeling' was.

Sometimes people get to far into trying to listen to what they
'should' do rather than just doing. Life is living, not waiting to
make sure your decision is right. There is no true right or wrong,
there just is and you will always do your best. Don't let fear or
self threats (or opinions of others) bring fear and thus indecision on
something you feel is right for you. Indecision makes for a very
unsafe feeling this life. One person you must trust is you.

It is true we are guided everyday, by what force depends on your
belief system, however regardless of this force you are responsible
for the actions you choose. When you decide your guides, what you
listen too, the universe or internal voices 'told you to do something'
and you felt you had no choice, you must sound your own alarm bells.

You are the leader of this life. Your ego may tell you to do certain
things, along with what you think might be a guide but you must remind
yourself you are in the driver seat. You have a choice. A higher
source will never ask you to harm yourself (even by spending all your
money, eating foods that make you sick, drinking too much, gambling
with promise of winning big money or changing your body to make life
better) these are action of something inside of you which does not
accept you just the way you are. I am not stating you are not allowed
to do any of these, I am speaking in the terms of excessive behavior

No other person can make you do anything either. No one. Hypnosis
cannot even manipulate you to do anything to harm you. Those who
envoke fear can make a pretty strong case to manipulate one's behavior
but this again is when we must ask ourselves what works for us. We
hold these answers, we have the gifts for us and we have our
connection to what we believe in.

There is no external force able to make us ever do anything to harm
ourselves or another.

Still it begins with you. Listen to you and you will not require
another to hear you. Take care of you and you will not try to save
the world rather you will be present in life daily.

Becoming one who listens to themselves will hear what they need, life
just becomes fuller, yes, it still includes ups and downs, all your
emotions along with good days and bad, but it now includes a
confidence that you are not alone, have what you need and are
everything you need to be.

Keep it simple and you will know what you need to, each and everyday.


4everamber said...

Yes Aukeera, to love yourself it truly is in accord with the voice within. The true voice and not the egoic mind. xoxo

Teri Hofford said...

So true, AuKeeRa, so true :D