Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the awakening/2012/human or life purpose ~ misconception

There seems to be a misconception, in my opinion and theory, of many
things right now regarding spirituality, healing, 2012, the shift and
many other things.

Right now, exactly the way we are, we are perfect whole and complete.
With nothing to heal, nothing to 'get' and nothing to learn. Yes,
nothing to learn. We do NOT have a divine higher purpose. Our
chakras are not anyway except the way they should be, for if they are
'imbalanced' then what is what to be at that moment.

You see what everyone seems to be missing is this ~
Before we are born we are spirit, perfect, whole and complete. We are
born, in a body but yet perfect whole and complete. When we die we
return to spirit, perfect, whole and complete.

Our life purpose was to experience life. We die in the same state we
are born ~ spirit ~ perfect whole and complete. We have nothing to
heal, nothing to learn, nothing to prove, no karma from life to life
to fix, no, all we are to do is experience the life of being human.

And yet, we think we are to learn to meditate, control our emotions
and stop our ego, trust me, this happens when we are dead. So why are
we not looking to accept the humanness of ourselves.

All I am seeing currently is people telling other people they are
broken, they need to heal, they are doing it wrong, to follow someone
else's way or theory. Last time I checked we are all human, we are
all equal, we all 'get it' in the way that we should, and we all have
valid theories that will work for us, we just have to ask ourselves.

Yes, there is suppose to be a shift of consciousness in 2012 and I
believe that shift is to finally see you are enough just the way you
are. Remember the basis of EVERYTHING is when I accept myself I can
finally accept all others. This is not a spiritual nor religious
thing. This is purely accepting you are enough (in my words, perfect,
whole and complete)

It is by this simple, I repeat, simple, single thought a universal
shift is caused. It is only through self acceptance we effect and
become a part of universal consciousness.

Human experience means we accept and experience everything, the good,
the bad and the ugly. It means we accept our ego and add positive
thoughts to balance it. Sure we can meditate but not to stay in this
state nor to think we 'need' it, and the same goes for anything else
you might think you need to fix you. Always bring yourself back to "I
am perfect, whole and complete" understanding that anyone/thing/
religion/ or theory who tells you different, just has not been able to
say/think this to themselves yet. AuKeeRa

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