Thursday, November 8, 2012

trying not to lose faith in the human race

We hear of scams, people taking advantage of others, watch people on
tv treat themselves or others with no respect at all and then turn
around and find that same behavior in our own home or even being acted
out by us. How do we keep faith in the human race?

First we don't get to tell others how to act or what to do, that is
just not our job. Even with our friends, spouses, gfs or bfs, and
even with our adult children, it is not our job. Think again before
you do it as I know the majority of you reading this would never want
anybody to tell you what to do, so we can't have double standards.

Next we must realize not to preach but practice.

We gifted or donated to someone we didn't know (like that whole trend
of buying the car after you coffee, giving money or things to a
charity or stranger or being a part of a charity). Don't look for
accolades and praise as random acts are meant for the person/people we
gifted and not for the satisfaction of our ego or to think it makes us
look like a better people. You are the only one who needs to know
what you do and have done for others, otherwise it is only done out of
guilt or ego.
To give with true intent we must be able to receive as well. Taking
help when we need it and saying thank you (not taking over after we
have accepted the hlep or chastising those who have come to help,
rather be grateful).
Allow yourself to understand those who love you want to help you and
allow them to do so, even if it is your way or perfect for you, allow
it to be enough.

And take a compliment. Say thank you, looking like you don't deserve
it makes you look egotistical, not humble. Even if you think you
don't deserve it, don't hurt the giver by verbally slapping them down,
this is hurtful and it is your ego reacting to the praise.

As you can see, in order not to lose faith in the human race you have
to chose not to lose faith in you (that's a shocker eh?)

Yes, once again, it all comes back to what you do and how you think.
If you would not hurt anyone, then decide others intentions are not to
hurt you.
Our egos yell "but I have proof! People hurt me all the time." if you
look at how you have been hurt you will see in order to be hurt you
must first have attracted the person who hurt you (yes, of course i
mean subconsciously). So examine this. If you don't, you will
continue to attract people who hurt you. "but I trusted that person
then I find out they are talking behind my back and being me" okay so
you trusted them, and they are now being rude, solution is simple,
don't talk to them anymore and cut them out of your life. It's your
choice. It seems we always are attracted to the pain of drama
though. What do you owe to someone who hurts you? You owe them your
tears or anger? Most of us get mad at others because they are not
acting the way we want them to, or think they should.

Refer again to the first point I made. What other people do or say,
even to us or behind our backs is not for us to change, how we react
and if we keep them in our life is our next choice.

We lose faith in the human race when we lose faith in ourselves. And
all of us go through these periods. We sometimes wake up one day
thinking "I suck" then backing it with all the reasons we can muster.
This is all conducted by our ego. Our ego is a nasty piece of work and
it is always going to be negative and judgmental of us and those
around us, so let it natter. We have spent YEARS teaching ourselves
to hate and judge ourselves and others but we did not start out this
way, we had to learn to believe what others said about us and then
take it on as our own truth, so it is time to add in the other side.
The positive supportive side. Yes, ADD. Do not decide you are not
going to be or think negatively anymore, that is not possible, you are
human, you have an ego and you cannot cut something out to make
yourself whole.

You know how to like things, so like you. Think of all the things you
are proud of, all the things you would say to a best friend. How you
would talk to a best friend and begin to think and treat yourself that
way. Sure the ego will still try and knock you down but you will have
your support of yourself and because you do support yourself, you will
now allow others so support you too.

See how this works?

The others you attract will treat you how you treat yourself.
Others will be as mean to you as you are to yourself and because you
expect others to disrespect you, it will happen,
or you will chose to see it in others rather than kindness. How you
see you is how you will expect others to see you. Simple fact.
How you think of you, is what the thoughts you will expect from
others, and if you don't believe it then what others say behind your
back might piss you off but you will not in anyway agree with their
ignorance or self reflection

You will have as much faith in others as you have in yourself. You
will allow others to help you as much as you help yourself.

Once you treat yourself in a way you want others to, you will not
allow a person of any less than that to partner you. With friends,
you will learn to quickly dispose of those who treat you less than you
treat yourself and keep them at arms length if they decide to treat
themselves with a multitude of self disrespect. You will be there for
others in a way you are there for yourself. And happily when you are
about to lose faith in the world you will realize you have faith in
yourself and if all people are your equal, you can have faith in them

AuKeeRa Rayne

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