Monday, October 1, 2012

Life Survival Guide

Life Survival Guide


1)    You are "getting it" already.  There is no big piece of knowledge going to fall out of the sky, hit you on the head making you go ah ha!  No, the truth is you are already perfect; you need to see that truth. 

2)   You have always done the best you can.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Sure you can say "I could have done better" but the truth is you did the best you could with what you knew at the time.  Give credit where credit is due, to you!  Then thank whatever you believe in for the lesson.

3)   You will always be learning.  Some people say, "Didn't I do that once already?  When will I get it?"  However if you look at the situations, there will always be differences.  We are always perfect and we are always learning.  What worked for us (theories, beliefs, eating habits, exercise habits, the way we dress, hairstyles, religions, even friends and mates) at one time may not be working for us now.  Learn the lessons and move on.

4)   There is no right and wrong.  Just because you are adding new perceptions and ideas into your world does not mean that your past was wrong.  You are who you are and you will always be changing.  Change is the one consistent thing in our world. 

5)   Change is nothing to fear.  We cannot keep things in our world the same nor should we try.  This is life.  It is messy, stressful, packed full of emotions and lessons.  This is the gift of being human and being alive!

6)   Life is not being happy all the time. Life is to be able to be content while experiencing the full range of human emotions and experiences. 

7)   Life is realizing that you already have it all.  To strive for a goal is to operate on the fear of failure.  Sure, strive towards where you wish to be but be prepared for all the twists and turn along the way that is life.  So if you need to set a goal – do not attach yourself to the outcome.

8)   Your ego is a part of you even if its babble in your brain drives you crazy.  The voice that judges and is cruel, overbearing, whining, throwing fits, and it is a part of you.  Positive thought does not work, as its purpose is to rid you of your ego.  The ego will always be present however does not have to be argued with, or listened to, let alone left to lead your life.  Choose to accept its presence.

9)   Add another dialogue do not silence the ego's dialogue (because you cannot – it is you.)  If your ego says something harsh to you, you can choose not to react to the bullying and you can choose to think of something different, easiest is to just say thank you.

10) Gratitude changes everything.  Being grateful for every moment in your life will allow you to see the gifts that your ego does not want you to see.

11)  You alone manifest nothing.  It is widely believed that through thinking something is possible you will manifest or create the experience or physical happening in your life.  However, the truth is that opening your mind with manifestation is a good thing to enable expansion of your perception of your reality but you will still get only what you need not what you want.

12) Blind faith is a necessity.  Find what you believe in, in your way.  Therefore you will be able to trust that your needs are always met and that those painful experiences are for your highest good.  You will not feel alone and you will have a force to be grateful too.

13) Realize everyone is just like you.  We all are like ducks and paddling like hell under the water.  Your ego may wish you to believe there are victims among us, there are not.  We all have our lessons to learn, our gifts to receive and our lives to live.  What you experience in our life is between yourselves and the higher force you believe in, not the rest of the world.

14) There are no victims here. There are only perfect, unique human beings doing the best we can.  Even rapists and murders are doing what they think is right even though we do not understand or condone their choices.  We all do what we think is right according to the reality we perceive.

15) We create our reality.  Your thoughts decide whether your day is good or bad.  Your thoughts decide whether you are in heaven or hell.  Your thoughts.

16) Your reality is what you think it is.  Stick with ego and you will never have contentment in your reality.  Allow ego to exist and do not be tied to it's voice as your truth and you will learn to see the reality of here and now as in each moment of life.  You will choose not to live in a past that no longer exists or a future that is only imagined.

17) You decide what to think. Knowing your ego will always exist, know that the spirit in your always exists also.  Both are always present and always will be.  Most of us only hear our ego as our spirit speaks in a quiet feeling of knowing.  The spirit does not argue.  It acts in silent, peaceful knowing.  If you are second guessing yourself or an action, this is your ego, not your higher self.

18) You are guided by spirit all the time.  People who live in spirit look no different than you do!  They do not have angle wings nor do they float above the ground.  They look like you and me, why? Because it is being human as well that allows us to live in spirit.

19) Living in spirit is accepting all of yourself and your life as it is in each moment.  To live life in a state of acceptance allows you to be able to see your perfection as you move through your emotions and life experiences.

20)Emotions are part of the human experience.  Do not decide joy is the only emotion you wish to experience.  Accept the gifts presented in feeling the range of human experiences.  No, emotions do not need to control you, but to experience them is truly a gift of being human.

21)  You are enough already and you already have it all.  What are you chasing?  When will it be enough?  What if you believed you already had it all?

22)Fear stops us dead in our tracks.  Fear is the one thing that is not needed in our life, and yet we all seem to have it.  We are long past the flight or fight experience, so what purpose does fear have?

23)What is the worst thing that can happen?  Others will judge you?  Others thoughts and judgments do not create your reality.  You may get hurt?  Emotional and physical pain happens in life, we all survive, learn and go on.  This forms our life experiences.  Death is the worst thing that can happen, and death is not bad, death is a gift, however make sure you are ready for it.

24) You are not defined by your experiences.  You are you, not your experiences.  You are not an abuse victim, a rape victim, nor just a mother, or a wife. Sure all of these are a part of you but with out any of those experiences you would not be you.  So all experiences, no matter how wrong they may seem, were in fact a gift to form who you are today.  They do no define you unless you allow them too.

25)You are not defined by your job or by what you own.  Our society defines success as what we own.  How many people do you know who own everything, actually own it out right.  How many of those people live a content balanced life? 

26)Can you manifest success?  Your perception of your reality decides whether you are a success.  Is success the money, the house, the car or the family, and the kids?  Have you considered the fact that you already are a success?

27)The secret is you have the ability to see that everything you have ever wanted already exists.



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