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Wicca ~ what is it

Chapter 12 – Spell Casting - Evolve your Spirituality

            The Law of Attraction is theorized in many books and movies.  Basically the theory shows that if you believe it can happen it will because you now enable yourself to attract it.  Hence if you believe you are fat, you will not lose weight but stay what you believe - fat.  If you believe you will never get the job you want you won't.  If you believe you don't have enough money you will never have enough.  The same theory applies to believing you are the perfect weight all the time, you will see yourself in that light even when your weigh fluctuates.  Thus there will be no self-sabotage, self-loathing or feelings of failure.  Even when there may not be a lot of money you will always see there is enough for what you need and therefore never broke.  You will always find work if you believe there is work for you and you will always see a way out if you believe there is one.  If you believe you are living the perfect life for you, you will be, regardless of what others think.  You will feel content and be able to handle life shifts and turns.          

            By now many of you have heard of this theory due to books or movies, so let us discuss the true magic in life.

Ask ~ Believe ~ Receive

Three simple steps to follow to achieve all you have ever dreamed of, so why does it work and sometimes not?  Because the true secret is that you already have everything. What?

            1) First ask for what you want – It doesn't matter what you ask for.

            2) Then you must open your mind to believe that this wish is even possible.  For you must be able to see it as a possibility in your mind before you can wrap your head around receiving it or dealing with it once you do.  Hence the warning "Be careful what you wish for". 

            3) Finally, in order to allow the Universe to work this process you must NOT attach yourself to the outcome.  You must NOT plan for the desired outcome or try to make it happen.  In order for the law of attraction to work YOU MUST LET GO!  To feel the need to force an outcome or to make your wish come true by asking over and over or planning how it will happen is not trusting it will happen and therefore you are no longer backing the desired result but giving all your intent to the fear of it not occurring. Hence it will not occur.

            Intent is the most important part of life and a spell (prayer).  Intent and blind faith enable us to live and accomplish what we need to every day.  Everything we want, need or desire already exists in our lives however we must be able to see it, appreciate it and be thankful for it, in order to believe that it does indeed exist.

            Therefore spell casting is only meant to enhance our sight and belief that our wishes already exist in our reality. A good example is in the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know", which works on the theory of quantum physics.  When ships first arrived in the Americas, the native people could not see them for it was nowhere in their perception.  It would be the same as us being able to see UFOs.  As in my theory of Reality Perception, what we believe and think is what we will perceive to be real in our reality.  Hence remember this when you go to cast a spell. 

            A spell is used not to make something happen but to enhance that belief that it is possible.  True faith knows everything will happen when it is supposed to.  Having faith in the Universe knows you must continue walking forward on your own in order to see all the gifts at hand.  This means you do not wish, pray, ask or spell cast and then stop and wait.  It means you make a wish or spell and then go on with your life in the direction of your wish.  By imagining yourself in the situation or wish you want, you begin to allow it to 'manifest' into your reality.  Just because a wish does not come true does not mean you are not worthy or doing something wrong.  The universe knows what you need; all you have in your life is a gift.  What we want is not always what we need.  We all have exactly what we need at all times, once appreciated, we see we have way more than we could ever have imagined. 


Wish                                                                Work for the self                                            

A new relationship …………...Find out what within you keeps you from having a relationship or picking the partners you do; work on seeing yourself within a relationship. Journey to the self, Chapter 1 Make a list of what you really want and realize what you have been picking does not work, so decide you would like someone more like you, not to save or take care of you.

Being a millionaire………………Look at what you would change in your life if you were a millionaire. What can you change now? What would having all that money improve or change in your life. Do you need the money to do it?  Yes, cast the spell, make the wish, and do the work in your mind.

Not being in debt.………………….Make the wish, cast the spell, and then take a look at            how you are spending.  Amalgamate your debts, cut up your credit cards and learn to appreciate what you have while living within your means.  Find all the fun and riches in your life that do not include money.  Know you will not be in debt one day while you are paying it off and be aware of what you are doing.

Getting the job of your dreams………….After you have your spell cast, wish or asked, go and find out how you can get your   job.  What education do you need?  What does your job entail?  Can you get         grants or loans to support your          education?  The Universe supports those who are actively living, not waiting for life to happen.

Protection……………………………Find out exactly what you fear and why.  What are you telling yourself to enact your fears?  Look at what you fear and work with your faith and your inner child fears to see there is nothing to fear now.

            I will show how to add to your spells and wishes, add in the theory of the law of attraction and the Reality Perception theory (which shows you how you're thought perception creates the reality you are in) and you will see how each moment is full of magic which ends up being simple honest reality.  Life truly is a dream.  Blend the theories in your book with your faith and own theories to enable you to see the magic and synchronicity you are surrounded by right now and in each and every moment.

            The theories speak of Ask, Believe and Receive.  The true secret is all you wish for is already here.  When you make your wish, remember – ONLY ASK ONCE.  To ask over and over is to believe you are not receiving it, thus you will not.  True belief is living as if you already have and are what you wish to have and be.  It may seem complicated but it is the simplest form of contentment. 

Simply stated

You control your thoughts.  Your thoughts control the reality you perceive.

That is the true secret.

So therefore

1) Ask  - prepare yourself to be able to think it and therefore imagine it occurring

2) Believe - imagine that it can happen in your external reality

3) Receive – be able to 'see' and live it as a possibility in your external reality

Which means you must live what you believe in your thoughts

like it is coming into existence in your external reality.

            Remember, this does not mean you spend like you already have the money or eat like you are thin (pig out) it means you take the time to realize what you really want and then live like you already have it or living knowing that one day you will.  Therefore if you were rich would you really buy all the things you do?  Would you still nickel and dime yourself to death on nick knacks you don't need?  Would you buy full price clothes or buy those high-end things at outlets or on sale (like most rich people already do.  Why do you think they are rich?)  If you really weighed what you want to weigh would you eat what you eat now?  Would you eat the chips, doughnuts and chocolate bars on a regular basis?  Do you eat it now because you already feel like you have failed 'so who cares anyway'?  You are not a failure, so choose how you will see yourself – ask, believe and receive by doing the work instead of acting entitled to have the work done for you. 

            You are already an unbelievable success.  Realize that.  When you are asking for what you want know you are capable and worthy to receive what you are asking for.  When you take the time to put intent into prayer, a spell or a simple wish, also take the time to respect yourself enough to head into the direction of receiving your gift.

            Research that job you want, find out what education you need.  Take the journey given that you wished or asked for.  You are worthy.  Choose to live your dream.  Do not attach yourself to the outcome of your wish; attach yourself to the experience of your life.  You already have everything you could ever need.  Treat each new thing as a gift realizing you are already living the dream.  Realize no matter what you wish for, your reality is still be what you think it is.  So be honest about what your thoughts are so you can perceive and receive what you believe.  You may again wish to look at Journey to the Selfã through the Reality Perception Theoryã (Chapter One – Journey to the Self) 

            Spell Casting - The idea of spell casting or magic has been around our world for thousands of years.  Back before the times of the Pharos, Christianity and Catholicism, following the time of the Druids, came Wicca. Wicca is a very personal belief system in my eyes.  It is belief system consisting of a union between the earth and all other energies.  In Wicca we are all equal, the flower, trees, animals and each other.  We are all here to keep this a perfect place to live.  Thou shall harm none is the first and most important rule of Wicca and life in general.  You may be Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist or agnostic but we still are equal.  We still share the same space and the miracles of this life.  We Are All Equal.

            Creating a Personal Sacred Space of worship is very special, simply because it is your special place.  No matter your beliefs and they are yours and no one else's, this space represents that.  Therefore there are many ways to create an altar.  You may simply place special items on a shelf, a chest, or a dresser or where ever you feel appropriate will be the right place.

     Altars are for you, created for you, by you.  The ideas discussed are only options you may choose to incorporate into your own ideas.  Using colors and stones, you can easily create an altar representing the elements - earth, wind, fire and water, heaven (male), earth (female) and the spirit that others may not even notice or recognize as an altar representing your spirituality.

            The purpose of the altar or personal sacred space is to remind you of what you believe in.  No matter your personal belief, only you know how to represent it.  Your sacred space is not for the rest of the world (or your friends, family or acquaintances).  It is not to be judged or criticized by anyone.  If you wish to have someone's input ask him or her.  Let them know you are interested in their views but remember another's views are never entirely right for you so do not change your views to suit theirs nor follow their idea to the letter. There is no reason why a crucifix, rosary, the mother Mary or a bible cannot be on your Wicca altar if you wish it to be there. Society separates religions and spirituality.  You do not have to live by this world's "religious protocol".  Create your belief system out of love and respect for you, those around you, and what you believe in.  Your way will always be right for you.

            Altars can be made up of plants, a candle, a special stone and shells.  You can make it look as insignificant in order not to create fear or apprehension in others, can make it really fancy or out of things you have at home.  For example you can have a potted plant in the north, a vase of flowers in the west, an incense burner in the east and a candle in the south, personal altars can be that simple.  Place things on your altar that bring you joy.  Look around your home and see what things you have for the North.  Maybe a black or white smooth stone, a bowl of salt, a nice green, black or white bowl, a white, black or green candle or white flower or maybe your favorite potted plant, any representation of an animal of this earth (who does not live in the water or fly).

            What about the east?  A yellow flower, or a yellow pointed stone (as east is male), a feather, a statue of a bird, a butterfly or bee.  Anything that can fly represents the air or makes a sound that is carried on the air, like a bell. The simplest representation is an incense holder containing stick incense.  I use this incense to carry my prayers and blessings long after the circle has been closed.  Then the south, what do you have in your home to represent the south?  How about a red flower or a red potted plant?  Any candle will do, as the flame represents the south. 

            Think of water when you think of the west.  A bowl of water or a vase of water with a flower in it will represent the west.  Any water creature such as a fish or dolphin sculpture also will do. How about a shell or coral?  A smooth blue stone as the west is female. 

            To represent the female, yin, goddess use anything that is feminine to you or anything that is a representation of a woman.  You can also use anything smooth, round or flowing in nature.  This is where your prayer beads (mala) or representation of the Virgin Mary, Goddess, fairy, angel or earth mother can go.  To represent the male, yang, god use anything phallic in shape, pointed or jutted, anything that represents masculinity to you.  This is where you would place a cross or Dorji (bell/Dorji represent the female/male in Buddhism) if you were going to use one.  The bell/Dorji pair is a good, subtle representation of heaven and earth, or god and goddess, male/female.  The Dorji is held in both hands at each end to increase your Universal energy, while the bell can be rung to bring the mind to center on prayer.

            The Center of the Altar is where you place the Censer or incense burner - The long incense burner is placed in the yang side, however the censer is the burner using coal and loose incense is placed in the center of the altar.  Use this to enhance your spell by using incense specifically to enhance the prayers, to give as an offering, to carry your prayers.  The possibilities are many when using loose incense are endless.  Find your own ways and experiment.  I recommend Nag Champa blue and black due to the lighter natural scent for daily use and during prayers. You may also place your Pentagram, Crucifix, Cross, Mala, Bible or book of your belief, Tibetan singing bowl or Rosary here as well as your cauldron, spell box containing past spells or specials notes or papers or your spell book.  The center of your altar is for things that are multifunctional, as so to speak.

            The Tibetan singing bowl is a wonderful tool used for prayer.  Hold the bowl up on the finger tips of one hand and with the other hand, begin to run the wooden stick on the outside of the bowl.  Use a firm but gentle pressure and a constant movement around the outside of the bowl.  The bowl will begin to vibrate with the most beautiful sound.  Some prefer to gently tap the bowl to get the sound started.  I prefer to allow the bowl to sing on its own.  You can also use a padded mallet to dong the bowl like a gong.  You can also use these bowls during energy work.  Place the bowl on your client's belly and play it or play the bowl in your room to bring everyone's focus inward.

            The pentagram is a representation of north, south, east, west and spirit, hence the five point.  When surrounded by a circle, it represents protection.  Prayer beads are a string of beads (usually 108 for Mala / Buddhist) used for prayer in many faiths.  The idea is you repeat a prayer for each bead until you come to the counter bead or the bead that is the main joiner of the necklace or bracelet.  Do not go past this bead, rather go back the same way you just came from praying on each bead.  Thus you go back and forth to the main bead and back again, rather than round and round the prayer beads.   The Cauldron had three legs (mind, body, spirit) and is usually made of cast iron.  Today it can be used for burning loose incense or burning small pieces of paper with spells, prayers or wishes written on them.  Be sure to line the bottom of the cauldron with sea salt before placing a charcoal puck on it.  If you do not use salt in the bottom, the puck will smoke and smoke, the salt will enable you to burn your loose incense on the charcoal puck without the unneeded smoke or the paper without heating up the cauldron.

            The whole altar represents the spirit and the Creator, whether it is he/she God, Goddess or Creator; this entity is made up of male and female and the elements that give us life.  Make your altar special, for you.  You may wish to have a bowl or container on your altar to place your written prayers in, offer incense, rice, salt or flowers to whatever you have faith in.  Also remember to never take from nature, whether it is flowers, stones or anything else without leaving an offering of thanks behind.  You can leave tobacco, burn sweet grass in thanks or even leave a part of you.  Remember to respect your earth for she respects you.

            You may keep a record of spells you have done for yourself. This is called a 'Book of Shadows" or your spell book.  Do not cast spells for others, you may send out prayers for them but it is best to have permission to do even that.  Remember others do not need our prayers to learn their lessons, find their answers, to work through difficult situations.  They are connected to the Universe as you are, if you send up prayers for another do it in a way that supports them rather than victimizes them or the situation they are in.  A spell cannot control an outcome, as some believe this to be true, in what I have seen though, it is not.  Demanding anything of the Universe is disrespectful.  The Universe will always provide us with what we need, not necessarily what we want or are asking for.  Be wary of love spells, money spells etc., rather spell cast for self-acceptance and abundance rather than just money, or to help you realize that you are already rich or to remember that everything happens for a reason - even hard financial times.  "Ask, believe, and receive" hinges on your reality perceptions to bring this to you.

Example of an Altar using male/female and directions

North (Left side/female)

Colors - green, black, white

Element - earth

Season - winter

Time - midnight

Gender - female

Representation - round dark rock, bowl of salt, or earth, a green, black or white candle, white round crystal

Used for banishment of bad habits, sickness, various problems and protection

East (Right side/male)

Color - yellow

Element - air

Season - spring

Time - dawn

Gender - male

Representation - a feather, incense, anything yellow, like a candle, flower, masculine shaped yellow stone, a bird

Used for bringing new thoughts, ideas, birthing of ideas and for carrying prayers


Color - blue

Element - water

Season - fall

Time - dusk

Gender - female

Representation - round blue rock,

bowl of water, or a sea shell, a turtle, dolphin, a blue candle

Used for balance emotionally, physically, mentally; prayers for aiding others & Earth


Color - red

Element - fire

Season - summer

Time - high noon

Gender - male

Representation - a red candle, a red masculine shaped stone, a red flower

Used for increasing ones mental strength, increasing one's passion for life, calming anger

Left side place your representation of Yin, Female,  Mother Earth, maybe a goddess type figure, a round stone, a special bowl, prayer beads or a bell.  

On the right side, place your representation of Yang, Male or Father Sky.  It may be a god representation type figure, a pointed crystal, cross, crucifix or Dorji.

Casting a Circle for Prayer

            When do I cast a circle? A circle is cast when you wish to either clear an object, go deep into prayer, charge something i.e. food, jewelry, amulet, or to cast a spell.  A circle is also used for aiding yourself to understand a trying situation, release emotion or for sending prayers for another. 

            What is the purpose of the circle?  The purpose of a circle is to create a space to welcome the creator, directional forces, guides and the white light of love.  Only the purest form of good and love occupy a circle. 

            Casting a circle with the thought of evil, darkness, the wish harm to yourself or another, also known as black magic or black witchcraft, can only be done when the person sees their world and themselves that way.  You may do so if they wish but what goes around does come around, and the belief of Wicca says that what you send out comes back to you three fold along with the fact that true Wicca faith believes 'though shall harm none'.  Thus 'witchcraft' is a misused term for dark wishes and spells. 

        As you enter into the sacred circle you are about to create remember

You are a child of the creator, a creator who is pure unconditional love

Therefore you are already a being of this beauty and love.

Cast your circle with that state of mind.

            My way of casting a circle is not the only way. My way and anyone else's are only suggestions.  Please note, if you wish to practice formal Wicca then do so, otherwise do not refer to yourself as a witch as there is no need and the words 'witch', 'spells', and 'magic' are misunderstood to a great degree in our society thus consider your practice as an extension of your own spirituality and personal belief system.

            You do not have to speak out loud when you cast or pray and sometimes you may wish to cast circle with only you present without your altar, spells to cast or things to do.  Sometimes you may cast a circle using a wand to call upon the directions.  Sometimes feast after when the circle was cast in celebration of the full moon, some other holiday or just because! The choice is yours.  Read more about Wicca if you wish and learn.  Have fun with your newly found knowledge. You do not always need your altar or your tools to pray, wish or cast a spell, all you need is you.

            Spells ~ So when should you cast a spell?  Cast when you feel lost or afraid to ask for direction and peace.  Cast when you forget how beautiful this earth is.  Cast if asked by those who need strength.  Cast because you believe in the magic of the universe and the beauty of your life.  Cast to clear objects or your home, to clarify ideas and to bless the jewelry or things you make.  Cast to celebrate, clear thoughts and release your past or current pain or frustration. Cast on full moon, solstices and all other holidays you wish.  Cast because you are happy and everything is okay.  There are many reasons to cast a spell and only you need know why.

            Casting a Formal Wicca Circle

In the north have a bowl of salt, in the east, a stick of incense, the west a glass of water, the south a candle. Have paper or wood matches and a bowl with sea salt or water to place the matches in rather than blowing them out.  Wicca believes not combining wind and fire magic is best.

1.     Stand or sit down where you would like to cast your circle with all the things that you require (candles, stones, pen, paper, etc.) for your spell.  You should not leave the circle once your prayers have begun.  As you sit or stand, focus on the purest love that you can imagine. 

2.     Allow White Light to flow down through you and envelop you. White Light your home in your mind and then stand and face the north.  This connects you to what you believe in.

3.     Facing north, pick up the bowl of salt from the altar, and ask (or think)  "Sister North I humbly ask you to join me in my circle bringing your qualities of clearing, banishing and    grounding." 

4.     Set the salt down, pick up a match and face the east.  Light the match and then the incense (gently blow out the flame on the incense; place the match the glass dish of salt rather than blowing it out) Speak or think "Brother East I humbly ask you to join me in my circle, bringing your creative energy, joy and awakening so that I may see and hear more clearly." 

5.     Face the south, light a match above your head (thought to bring focus) saying or thinking  "Brother South, I humbly ask that you join me in my circle bringing strength, passion and motivation to my spell/prayers."

6.     Setting the matches down and picking up the cup filled with water, turn to the west. Hold up the cup and speak or think, "Sister West I humbly ask that you join me in my circle bringing your healing, calming and cleansing abilities." Set the water down.

7.      Motioning to the earth say or think "Mother Earth I humbly ask you to join me in my circle bringing your life giving strength. I humbly welcome you."

8.     Motioning to the sky speak, "Father Sky I humbly ask you to join me in my circle bringing with you wisdom, the ability to see beyond my own reality and accept people as individuals."

9.     Centering your energies, focus and say or think "Creator I feel your presence within my circle and thank you for joining me.  I am your child and surrender myself to your care.  I know you are always here. I cast my circle to celebrate my reality and your gift of life."

10.  You may now pray for a while or sit in silent meditation.  The circle once cast, it feels             like a mother's womb - safe, warm, secure.  This same feeling stays with us once we learn          the Creator is around us and within us at all times.

11.  Cast a spell, or charge oils or stones, make sacred items or jewelry, write or simply     meditate or pray.  Be sure to get the extra items you require before you cast your circle.

12.   Closing the Circle ~ Motion to the sky and thank the Father for joining you and bringing his knowledge. "I humbly thank you and release you from this sacred space, knowing you will be with me in my every day life."

1.     Motioning to the earth say, "Thank you Mother for coming to my circle and bringing your life giving abilities."  Thank her mentally and release her.

2.     Face the west and thank your sister water for joining you and humbly release her from your circle, knowing her calming energies will stay with you.

3.     Facing the south, extinguish the candle with a snuffer - never blow out a candle in circle.  Thank your brother fire for joining you and bringing his strength. Humbly release him from your circle and know his strength will stay with you.

4.     Face the east and humbly release the brother wind, thanking him for bringing knowledge and creativity.  Leave your incense burning to carry your prayers to the Universe and to any who wish to benefit from your prayers and spells - you do not need to intend this action or name the people for some of them will be strangers.

5.     Finally face the north and thank her for bringing her energies to your circle.  Release her in love and know she shall always keep you grounded and clear.

6.     Center yourself once again taking the time to focus and acknowledge what has occurred. When you are ready with a slicing hand motion, say or think "And with that my spell is cast and my circle broken.  Blessed Be." (Or  "And so it is", "Amen", or "Ohm".)


Casting a minor circle – this one is easier and quicker for regular use

1.   Have the tools you require.

2.   Focus and surround yourself with white light. Mentally acknowledge the forces of north, east, south, west, mother (earth) and father (sky) and your Creator (God, Goddess, Universe) thus those forces are always a part of your work and you. Cast your spell, make your wish, say your prayers, create sacred objects or write.

3.   Thank your Creator, father, mother, west, south, east, and north.

4.   State verbally backing it with feelings of gratitude and faith, "With my spell is cast and my circle broken" while moving your hand in a downward slicing motion. Then state the words "Blessed be", "And so it is" or even "Amen" as a sign of completion and respect.




The simplest Circle of all ~ the one I use regularly

1.   Have the items you wish to work with.

2.   White light yourself

3.   Acknowledge what you believe (Universe, God, Creator, Goddess)

4.   Do what you wish to do, light a candle, write a note, pray, meditate, create objects or artwork

5.   Thank what you believe in and say your sacred words (Blessed Be, Amen, Ohm or And so it is)

Casting your Spell

1.   Cast your circle as you have done before.  (Be sure to have the items you need as well.)

2.   With candles and incense lit, focus on the task at hand and then cast one or more of the spells below or the spells/prayers you have created. 

3.   Light the candle color to set the tone for the spell. (This is not the one representing the south)

4.   If there is a stone involved you may charge the stones by placing them on the altar during         the course of the spell or by swirling them in the incense three times.

5.   Make your charms or jewelry while in circle, as well as doing any of the writing. 

6.   Stay focused in circle until you feel you are done with your spell.

7.   Close your circle.

8.   Once you have cast your spell, you may carry your stones, and wear your amulet.

9.   Leave your prayers folded and sealed or burn them and scatter their ashes.

Examples and suggestions for simple spells - Remember to cast with intent to enact the Law of Attraction and belief in yourself and the Universe. *All items used should be swirled three times in the incense smoke to bless or clear them.  Use three circle clearing method for the stones, amulet, notes written, or jewelry to be worn. Collect your items needed for the spell, then cast your circle then cast spell/prayer.

Protection amulet

1.   Salt

2.   Dill

3.   Black candle

4.   Black stone

5.   Black cloth

6.   Black string

     Light the black candle. Place the salt, dill and stone in a black cloth, tie it and then swirl it in the incense to clear it and bless it. After your circle is closed you may wear it to ward off the negativity of others or hang it in your home.  Some people also lay salt lines at their doors and windows to aid in keeping negativity from coming in with their guests.  A witch's ball is also a great tool for your home, as well as pentagrams.

Self Love or to balance love

1.   Pink candle

2.   Rose quartz

3.   White rose in a vase

4.   Beautiful paper and a pen

If you feel a lack of love in your life, casting a love spell to entrap another is not the answer.  You are feeling the lack of your own self-love.  Take a rose quartz, light a pink candle, place a white rose on your altar.  Write down the 10 qualities of others that you most admire.  Write down 10 qualities of yourself that you do not like.  Look at the first list and realize that you have these qualities or else you would not be able to see those qualities in others.  Look at that other list and realize you are the only one who sees those things about you.  Choose to see in yourself with the qualities you see and admire in others.  Swirl your stone and prayers within the incense.  Pray to see the beauty of yourself, do the work within your thoughts, and carry the rose quartz as a reminder of the love and acceptance you feel for you.


1.   Blue candle

2.   Blue stone and another stone of your choosing

3.   Amber Resin to burn on charcoal as incense or Lavender essential oil placed on cotton

4.   Pen and paper

Light a blue candle while your blue stone and another stone of your choice sit on your altar.  Swirl your stones in the smoke of the incense to clear them.  Pray for strength to understand why you are sick at this time as well as strength to learn from your illness.  Write a letter to yourself about what is bothering you and solutions for those problems.  Sit in silence for a moment, and inhale the lavender's scent from the cotton ball, then release your thoughts to the Universe.  Seek a homeopath's help when needed.  Cranial-Sacral, acupuncture, or Reiki may be helpful.


1.   Purple, white or silver candle

2.   Quartz stone, diamond or any light colored stone that attracts you

3.   Peace essential oil for scent and/or Frankincense resin to burn

     Light a purple, white or silver candle.  Use quartz, diamond, or any stone that attracts you.  Think of a beautiful place, one that makes you feel content and full of love.  Ask the universe to keep you in that state of mind and allow you to always be true to yourself.  Ask that you are able to see peace in every situation, even the stressful times.  Bless your stone in the incense.  Carry or wear you stone to remind you of your peace within.



1.   A green candle

2.   A penny or representation of prosperity

3.   Dragon's Blood incense will add strength to the spell if you desire.

     Light the green candle and ask to see the riches in your life and for the strength to receive graciously all the money you need.  Remembering that the universe gives us what we need, not what we want.  Bless your prosperity representation in the incense.


1.   White candle

2.   Pen and paper.

     Light a white candle while focusing on the situation you are confused about.  Ask the questions you wish answers to and write down the answers you hear.  Ask only one question at a time.  Be honest about the answer you will hear, even if you do not like it.


1.   Amethyst, quartz, Labradorite, spectrolite (rainbow moonstone) or moonstone

2.   Amount of time to sit and focus, no less than a half an hour.

     Take the time you need to think about what you believe in and what feels good to you.  Speak out loud (if you can) to the higher force that you believe in.  Ask for strength, guidance, and knowledge to follow what you believe in and be humble in sight.  You must have enough faith to see your own enlightenment as not raising you above any other person, but within your own life only.  Take the time to do this regularity, read, and journal.  Carry your stone as your reminder of strength and enlightenment found with in blind faith and your personal belief


1.   Black or white candle

2.   Apache tear stone, Jet, obsidian, or onyx

3.   Pen and paper, when you are ready to do this part

     Light the candle chosen, and focus upon your loved you lost, whether it is a death of a person, animal or even a loss of a relationship.  Talk aloud to the person (or animal) you wish to hear you.  When you are ready, take the time to write them a letter, saying whatever you feel is important to write.  Later you may burn these letters if that feels right and scatter the ashes on a full moon.  Keep the stone with you to remind you, that it is okay to grieve.

     Grief takes time to heal.  You must allow yourself this time while being kind to yourself and not falling victim to your sadness, respect it by honoring it and acknowledging it.  That alone will aid you to feel heard and aid you to move on within your loss.



1.   A picture of, or a small item that belonged to the person that you wish to bind from harming    you or speaking badly about you.

2.   Black string - embroidery thread works best.

3.   A white and a black candle

     Binding is a spell not to be taken lightly.  It can also be done on yourself if you feel your behavior is not okay.  This spell is not done to control or change the person but to allow you to no longer to feel threatened by them or the situation and safer. 

1)   Cast your circle. 

2)   Take the picture, or item and hold it. 

3)   Take the black string and begin wrapping the item or picture winding it like a black cocoon. Speak or think this phrase with love and respect while you are wrapping the item "I bind you from harming yourself or any other."

4)   After you have completed wrapping the item, light the white candle imagining that person wrapped in the purist, most loving form of Universal white light. 

5)  Focus yourself feeling safe and calm while lighting the black candle to ground your energy, clear your mind, and allow you to feel cloaked.

6)   Close your circle.

7)   Place the item where you need to until the time comes that you may dispose of it.

     Items or papers of bad memories that need to be kept due to legalities or other reasons, should be tied with a black string, placed in a beautiful box with a pyrite (balance energies), a black stone (ground the energies), a crystal (to keep the energy flowing in a loving, Universal nature) and a satchel of Lavender for it's healing effects and placed in a beautiful box.

     Spells must always be done with the greatest caring, understanding and love.  You must never cast a spell with the intent to harm anyone!  What goes around comes around, and all you send out (bad or good) will come back three times.  'THOU SHALL HARM NONE.'  Is the main rule of Wicca and remember what you send out comes back to you 3 fold – good or bad.

Wishing Jar

1.   A glass jar that you find attractive filled with water.

2.   Food coloring

3.   Sparkles of your choice of color

4.   Small clean stones, or fish tank gravel

5.   Up to three stones of your choice

     Cast your circle.  Send up your prayers.  Take the jar of water and add the gravel.  Add the food coloring of your choice, just a drop or two will do.  Add in a pinch of sparkles, and finally your stones.  Close the lid tightly on the jar.  Swirl the jar and make a wish.  Watch as the color blends and the sparkles light up in the light.  Know your wish has been heard, and released to the universe.

Prayer Jar, Box, or Pyramid

1.   Choose a container that you love. 

2.   Cast your circle. 

3.   Bless your container. 

4.   Write any wishes, dreams or thoughts down. 

5.   Place them within this container.  

6.   Release your prayers, knowing you are always heard.

7.   Close your circle.

     Enlightenment Stir-fry - Food is thought to have prosperities also.  The following foods bring peace, clarity and aid in psychic enhancement.

Bamboo shoots, celery & mushrooms for psychic enhancement, broccoli & celery for protection (Soya sauce also), carrots for strength (and sex), sugar peas & ginger for love and garlic for health.  Tofu is for psychic enhancement also so add it if you wish. Finally place on a bed of rice for a boost in money, sex, fertility as well as protection; cooking in sesame seed oil will give you the same.

     Lovers Breakfast - Pancakes with bananas and strawberries and of course the whipped cream. Oh and don't forget the chocolate syrup also for love. (Maple syrup is too!)   This breakfast is all for you, your partner and for love.  Remember to eat with intent and focus on your love.


     Magical qualities are found in foods, plants, flowers, colors, and many other things.  Add to your life what seems to suit you; do not overwhelm your life thinking if you do not live within magic you are doing something wrong.  Go back to the fact that you live through your thoughts and perception of what is around you.  Magic, prayers and spell casting are to boost intent, as it has been for thousands of years.  There is really no 'magic' to it, as the universe is synchronistic in form.  What you wish for you will get, be it good, bad or indifferent, it will be yours.  So be clear on what you want at all times, be humble and be focused.  Allow you to be human and accept yourself as human, perfect and not flawed.  You are always doing the best you can and therefore in each second you are perfect.  Casting a spell will not fix anything but knowing all things are possible and not doubting that for a second, will.

            The possibilities of spell casting are endless. Sometimes people may ask to be included in your prayers. If this feels right to you, visualize them, and imagine they are with you in circle and then speak on their behalf, releasing your prayers to the creator so that those people will find what they need to heal themselves.  A practitioner can do treatments in circle however; those practitioners know they only facilitate the process for a person.      Often the treatment includes energy balancing, connecting themselves to the universal energy through channeling or visualization, smudging with herbs, using essential oils, and/or stones, as well as providing that person with a piece of jewelry or/and amulet to aid in keeping this energy and self knowledge flowing.  This practice is similar to the 'healings' done by 'doctors' during Native sweats.  I have had the honor of doctoring in a Cree sweat. . *Never state YOU are healing people for you are not.  The person evolving themselves, no one is broken and no one needs to heal, we are evolving through our life experiences, learning what we need to learn and you are simply and humbly a channel for the universal energy.  Watch your words, for they are very powerful as to stating intent.  We do not need healing unless we have a physical injury or ailment.  Otherwise we are evolving through life situations and not in need of healing but in need of learning and moving through our life as set before us.  We are not victims, survivors or weak in any way.

We, as people do not need to heal we are not broken.

We are evolving and learning every minute of every day.

     Magic does not fix things, it aids us in remembering we can do anything with the help of our universe.  The Universal Energy is in each one of us, "Let Go and Let God."  Once we are able to fully trust what we believe in, we will see the syncretistic ways of this Universe and begin to fully realize we are one people joined by one Universal force that is worshipped in many ways around this world. 

     Use colors, stones, chakras and aromatherapy to aid you in birthing your own ideas for prayers, rituals, spells and/or amulets.  Rune symbols can be drawn on candles to give their strength to the spell as the candle burns through the symbol.  They can also be drawn on pendants or bags (like the bags holding your stones).  Trust your instinct. Ask for help if you need to while knowing you are your own best teacher. Become a student of what you believe in, be it the Universe, God or Goddess, the force in us all that connects everyone and everything.

            Blend spell casting into your life within what you believe.  Although spell casting is believed to be a Wicca tradition, similar forms of rituals are held by many religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, Native Spirituality as well as many other cultures.

            All of the holidays people celebrate such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween along with the first days of spring, summer, winter and fall even Mayday began with Wicca (as there are no written records to prove they came from the Druids although I am sure they were fundamental in the creation of the celebrations). They did NOT start out as Christian or Catholic holidays although the Christians did adapt them to accommodate their religions.  Do not judge what you do not understand nor allow another's judgments to affect your belief.   Pagan used to mean 'of the woods' for those people were supposed to be ignorant to the ways of the Christian Religion rather than recognizing they had a spirituality of their own.  These people were not evil but misjudged as they were not a part of the growing organized religion.  Choose not to condemn others for their beliefs or judge them based on your beliefs.  Practice what is right for you and allow others to practice what is right for them.  Do not preach nor think you need to teach others a "better" way.  Be humble and practice keeping the thoughts of "Though shall harm none."  And "Judge not lest thee be judged."

     Realize knowing your life is filled with magic does not mean you are happy all the time, sometimes you may cry, be angry or out of sorts for days on end.  We are human, and all emotion is human. When this happens, sit in front of your altar, knowing you are being cradled in the arms of love, even though you may not feel loved or may be saddened by a loss.  This is how blind faith forms.  Just because we cannot see it does not mean it is not there.  Always remember, "This too shall pass".  If you allow yourself to be okay with emotion, you will allow it to pass.  Take the time to listen to yourself, ask for guidance from those you trust and know you have everything you need at this time.

     Is any one religion the only one? All religions are pieces in a beautiful puzzle and I urge neither you to profess your ways to be right nor another's way to be wrong.  We are so busy fighting over who is right we have forgotten that we are all referring to and working with the same force. 

Wicca, prayer and spell casting

             Remember to include all the knowledge gained form colors, stones, numbers, rune stones and what you have developed in your personal belief system.  There are just examples, they way you pray and what you do, is right for you.

Casting a minor circle – this one is easier and quicker for regular use

1.     Have the tools you require.

2.     Focus and surround yourself with white light. Mentally acknowledge the forces of north, east, south, west, mother (earth) and father (sky) and your Creator (God, Goddess, Universe) thus those forces are always a part of your work and you.  This enables you life to always feel full of Universal Energy and wonder.

3.     Cast your spell, make your wish, say your prayers or do your creative work.

4.     Thank your Creator, father, mother, west, south, east, and north.

5.     State verbally backing it with feelings of gratitude and faith, "With my spell is cast and my Circle broken" while moving your hand in a downward slicing motion.

6.     State the words "Blessed Be", "And so it is" or even "Amen" as a sign of completion and respect.

The Simplest Circle

1.     Have the items you wish to work with.

2.     White light yourself

3.     Acknowledge what you believe in (Universe, God, Creator, Goddess, use what your term is)

4.     Do the work you wish to do, light a candle, write a note, pray, write, paint or make sacred items

5.     Thank what you believe in. 


Essential Oils

Lavender – healing

Peppermint – awakening the mind

Lemon – joy



Amber resin – healing

Frankincense – second sight

Dragon's blood – strength

Myrrh - grounding


Red – strength, passion, love

Orange – courage, overcoming fears

Yellow – laughter, joy

Green – money, earth connections

Brown – animals, earth

Light Blue – healing, calm, peace

Dark blue – stillness, quiet

Purple – intuition, clarity, imagination

Clear/white – spirituality, knowing

Pink – friendship, love, self-love and acceptance

Black – protection

White– clarity, spirituality



Tiger's Eye – money, strength

Tourmaline – strength (to what area depends on color)

Amethyst – higher learning

Moonstone – developing intuition

Labradorite – developing sight within

Onyx – protection, grounding

Brown Jasper – nature and animal health

Jade – money, good health, good fortune

Lapis Lazuli – deepening dreams and inner sight

Turquoise/cryscolla – improve the use of your voice

Garnet – passion, strength, deep love

Rose quartz – love, friendship

Citrine – joy, healing childhood fears

Carnelian – healing and overcoming adult fears

Blue topaz – healing, bringing peace

Aquamarine – bringing loved ones close, healing

Blue lace agate – learning to flow

Rainbow Moonstone – learning to see beyond what is there

Green onyx – protection and strength during healing

Watermelon tourmaline – Bringing strength to the heart (physically and emotionally)

Clearing and charging your stones using Meditation

  1. Hold the stone in your hands between your palms.
  2. Sit and relax.
  3. Surround yourself in white light.
  4. Feel the light flowing through your palms and through the stones you are holding.
  5. Envision the white light flowing through the stones for seconds or minutes.

6.     Once you are done thank that which you believe in and your stones will be clear.

Celebrations, Full Moons & Spells


Oct 31 - Samhain – Modern Halloween

Spell ~ Write down the old ideas and burn them then write down wishes and either burn them also or place them in a sealed envelope.

                        -  New Year's Eve in Wicca

                       -   Life cycle- this is when the cycle of life, death and reincarnation begins again, god dies and goddess crone mourns for 6 weeks.

     -  Church celebrates eve of All Saints / All Hallow's Eve; one of the holiest days for Catholics

     -  Represents the cycle of the Crone goddess

     - Summer's end (literal translation of Samhain)


     Full Moon – Mourning Moon

   Spell ~ Write old habits on paper, place in a plastic Ziploc baggie, pour water over it and freeze them, so you may work on mentally clearing those habits or old beliefs.

                  ~ Stop bad habits for good or change mind set

                  ~ To gain further focus, clarify inward view


Full Moon - Long Nights Moon

            Spell ~ Focus on things you would like to strengthen, ideas or habits, family or love.  Write          them down, put them in an envelope to allow the new birthed idea to grow and form through    intent.  ~ Allow ideas to form and birth in April  ~ Deepen wisdom and inner power.

Dec 22 – Yule - The Winter Solstice  - Christmas - Marks when the days become longer once again after the longest night of the year.  Before Christianity for the Egyptians and many others it represents the birth of the sun(when the god, who dies in Samhain, is reborn to the virgin goddess)


Yule ~ Christmas

     -  Church celebrates it today as the birth of God's son (for Christians and Catholics.)

     -  Represents the Newborn god/ triple goddess

     -  First day of winter

     -  Wreaths, decorated trees, mistletoe, holly, Yule fire (log),

       Celebration over 12,000 years

            Christmas spell - Celebrate the birth of the sun and know life is returning back to the earth, pay homage to the goddess, working within yourself with peace and silence knowing your strength of intent will continue to grow.  Light a candle, go within and reflect.

            Yule – Winter SolsticeSpell ~ Birth of the sun- the strength of the sun now returns to the earth, your strength will also.  Celebrate this time with the Yule log, the pine tree, the holly and the wreath to symbolize this time.  Remember to be thankful for all this reflective time has brought you.  Take the time to create a wreath or light a red candle and focus on the strengths you have within you.


Full Moon - Cold Moon

            Spell ~ Light a candle and remember what you have intended for yourself and your life.    Hold those thoughts and focus on them, make them real, see them in your reality before you    release them.  Know strength is returning, focus on what seeds you would like to nourish; a          good time to begin exercising; focusing again on the habits you froze in November and allow them to stay at bay so your body and self can continue to gain strength during this      time of early growth.  ~ Inner wisdom (time to reflect and begin growth a time of mind)


Feb 2 - Imbolg

     – The Harvest stores are dwindling – preparations for spring – not a time for extremes 

     -  Groundhog day

     -  God & goddess as children

     -  Great mother goddess Bridget became Catholics – St. Bridget's Day

            Spell ~ Time to keep the self in check and remember to stay humble and quiet.  Stay within and continue to work on the self during this time before outward growth begins to show.

Full Moon - Quickening Moon

     Spell ~ This is a time to reflect in the silence of winter.  Let go of bad habits and allow thoughts to continue to shift as you await the birth of spring.  Light a white candle and allow the time of the quickening to enter your thoughts of intent and bring them to fruition.

     ~ Time of purification, letting go of old habits and beginning anew


Ostara (Easter) - March 2 – spring equinox

     – First day of spring – youthful god and goddess

     -Church - St Patrick's Day - Easter – resurrected god (note youthful god in ancient       traditions

     - Egg-new life; rabbit – fertility

            Ostara – Spring Equinox – Birth, renew, time to allow the changes to solidify and ideas to be born and a time for bunnies and eggs. 

            Easter Spell - Take the time to focus on the things birthing in your life now.  Celebrate the season with eggs and chocolate knowing you and your mind is always fertile.  A yellow candle will aid your spell.

March Full Moon  - Storm Moon

            Spell ~ A time for deep preparation for the birth of ideas and the self now that summer    approaches.  Focus once again on your changes, light a yellow candle and know all will come that you desire. ~ Preparing to birth new ideas and self growth from winter/inward


Full Moon - Wind Moon

            Spell ~ As you sit in prayer tonight, imagine in your mind clearly what you intend for      yourself.  Wish it and it will be.

            ~ Spring is here, new outward growth, birth of inner growth and ideas


Beltane – opposite to Samhain - May 1

      – May day

       Union of god and goddess

     -  Dance around the maypole – fertility dance

     -  May pole made from the Yule tree (branches or lower branches removed)

            Spell ~ Beltane –A time for fertility, union of the idea to action, a time to put new beginnings into action; Plant the seed.

May Full Moon - Flower Moon

            Spell ~ Continue your intent knowing that your blind faith will enable your ideas to bloom. Keep your mind clear and a knowing in your heart clear of doubt or failure.  Use your mind        this time and your mind alone.  Know what your wish is.  Light a pink or yellow candle and         focus on what you know you need and what is coming to you.

~ Allowing the self and new ideas to bloom


Full Moon - Strong Sun Moon

            Spell ~ Light a red candle and know your life is flowing in the direction you intended and             intend for yourself each day.  This is your life, use your strength and know life is good.

            ~ Promote fertility and loving unions

            ~ Adding strength to the ideas given birth to in April

Summer solstice – Midsummer- June 22

     -  Goddess very pregnant (as is the earth)

     -  God's power declines (sun's strength declines after the longest day)

     -  Sun's highest/strongest day

     -  To nourish the pregnant and growing earth; time for renewal

     -  Church - Catholic – St. John's Day

            Spell ~ Summer Solstice – The sun it at its highest strength, the days will begin to shorten. You are strong as the strength of fire is your friend.  Light a red candle feeling the strengths of your universe and your faith (what you know to be true.) Celebrate the pregnant earth and       all the gifts you are receiving.


Full Moon  - Blessing Moon

            Spell ~ See the life around you ripen and ready to be picked.  Remind yourself to be patient, not forceful with your thoughts, ideas or intent as your blind faith must show you the   universe will provide your gifts in its time.  Respect this.  As you light your candle, open  your mind and know you have all you need right now and more is always coming to you, be patient and let it in.

            ~ Patience and peace during a time of growth


     Lughnasadh  ~ August 1 or 2

       Feast of harvest (corn, wheat and barley; potatoes, turnips, summer squash, and oats

     -   Expanding goals and perfecting skills

     -  Goddess still pregnant; god still alive

            Spell ~ Lughnasadh – This symbolizes the first harvest of yourself and the earth.  Know the winter approaches and this is a time to be grateful for all the summer has brought.  Feast, be merry and know there is still more to come, do not become complacent.  Be sure to focus while you pray.

August Full moon  - Corn Moon

            Spell ~ Ask for the strength and keeping humble gratitude as there is lots of work to complete before you move inward again.  Light your candle and know you have the strength to go the distance in what needs to be done at this time.

            ~ Start of harvest  ~ You will be reaping what you have sown in yourself, ideas, and plants, grains and animals as well as the herb harvest


Full Moon – Harvest Moon

            Spell ~ The year cycle is going to begin anew shortly.  Think for a moment and know you are in a place where you can begin to shift and prepare for winter.  Light your candle and focus on the calmness you feel knowing this has been a good year and you are able to move          forward into the shift for winter.

-       Celebrate all you have received this year

-       Time of great focus to once again go inward

Mabon ~ September 22 – autumn equinox

              Day and night same length

            -   Second harvest

            -   Time to prepare for winter

Thanksgiving in USA fourth Thursday in November est. 1863 and in Canada second Monday in Oct. est. 1957

            Spell ~ Autumn Equinox – Mabon – The second harvest a time to prepare to go inward and celebrate all summer has brought.  The food and meat is in need of being prepared for the winter.  Feast with friends and family knowing you will have enough for the winter months          fast approaching.  Ensure your faith is strong.  Celebrate your faith and gratitude.


Full Moon - Blood Moon

            Spell ~ The cycle is beginning anew, reflect and know all that is needed has come this year.  Let go of anything that did not occur and do not dwell, instead stand firm in your faith of what will happen will happen. Light a white candle and clearly focus your intent for what is at hand.

            ~ Focus for winter to come again

            ~ Time to go inward with what you learned about yourself in September

Oct 31 the cycle begins again.

Blue Moon  ~ A second blue moon in a month, an especially powerful moon for all magical requests


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