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Chapter 6, stones and crystals

All things are made from the same universal energy. This energy flows through us and created us.  Stones as well as many other things can enhance or shift the Universal Energy for different focus or purpose.  Stones have an energy that varies from stone to stone.   Stones alone cannot give us what we do not have.  Stones only enhance what is already there.  You do not need to go out and spend lots of money, rather buy what attracts you. 

            Simply picking up or purchasing a stone you find appealing will give you what you need at that time.  Because stones are of the earth they aid in grounding, physical healing, emotional and physical balancing as well as directing and enhancing our energies.  Therefore stones can aid us in calming, balancing as well as evolving ourselves mentally, physically and psychically.  The colors of stones also work in conjunction with the chakras therefore a red stone will aid in balancing the red chakra's physical and emotional attributes.  When using a stone for this purpose the stone should be worn as close to the chakra as possible or used during meditation.

            During meditation you may place a stone on each chakra corresponding with the color of that chakra.  Red stone on the area of the red chakra, an orange stone on the area of the orange chakra and so on.  For the seventh chakra place a stone just above your head.  Hold a quartz crystal or a Boji stone in each of your hands.  In the case of Boji stones the female stone or smooth stone, is to be held in the left hand, while the jutted stone or male stone should be held in your right hand.  Close your eyes and meditate as you normally would.  The stones will enhance your meditation and while aiding the physical healing and emotional balancing in what you are working on. Stones can also correspond to the attributes of colors.  Refer to the template at the back of the book for quick reference.

Choosing a stone - There is no magic in it or right or wrong stone to choose.

-  If you want to purchase a stone one will seem to 'jump out' or just feel right.

- Look at the stones, run your hand over them, feel if one is 'stronger' to you than the others.

- If you 'feel' nothing but think a stone is "yours" then purchase that one anyway.

- Look at a bowl of stones; one stone will seem more beautiful and perfect than the others.  Choose it.

            This theory works for most things.  If it feels right, it is.  You may need the stone for a short time then you might loose it.  If a stone is lost do not rush out to replace it. Treasure the fact you have succeeded in what you accomplished while using the stone.

            Yes, you may buy a stone for another person as a gift.  Do not decide what they need rather think of the person and see which stones looks beautiful to your eyes while thinking of the person.  Never think another person needs your help but trust they will find their own way through life knowing they are as perfect and loved by the Universe as you are.

            You do not need to know what type of stone it is or what it does when you choose it.  You will naturally be attracted to the qualities and the stone you need.  Feel free to read up on the stone after you have chosen it and you will say, "Ah, I see."  And then most-likely laugh a bit knowing it is the perfect stone for you right now.        

            If a stone is brought to you by the Universe (as series of seemly strange events or 'coincidence') feel honored.  Do not run around telling others.  Yes, they may think you are strange but that is not why.  If the Universe gifts you with something beautiful, be humble and grateful.  Know it is yours, learn what it is for and then use it.  To run to others is to not notice the work at hand and to overlook the fact Universal gifts happen often, not sporadically.

            When using stones in your everyday life do not worry what others think but also do not use them to make you different from others.  Treat the stones as you treat yourself, this earth and others, with respect.  Remember we are all created by and of the same Universal Energy.

Red Stones

            Red stones aid the red chakra physically and emotionally.  The red stones most readily available and cost efficient are Red Jasper, Red Agate, Bloodstone and Garnet.

            Red Jasper or Red Agate aid in physical balancing the red, base, first or root chakra, and the stones gently calm and balance the physical body.  These stones also gently ground and balance the red chakra's energy. 

            Bloodstone is phenomenal.  When meditating try placing a bloodstone on the base chakra, the area just above the pubic bone.  Jasper and agate help to keep the base chakra balanced in males where bloodstone is extremely useful when the physical side of the female base chakra is really out of balance, in the case of abnormal cells of the cervix, cancer of the red chakra area, extreme periods, and either heavy or scanty, and PMS. 

            Bloodstone is red and green in color, it calms and balances the emotion of anger aiding to balance the base chakra where the emotional imbalance has resulted in unresolved anger, abusive nature, anger towards the self and others. Keep a blood stone in your pocket, use when you meditate and understand the way you communicate with yourself and others.

            Stones are aids but you must do the work.  Carrying a stone and not reinforcing your belief through actions, learning and understanding, is like wearing a cross but still condemning and judging those around you who are different than you.

            Garnets are for strength, passion and the "clairvoyant" energy flow.  Garnets bring about the balance of general energy in the ethereal or energy body. Garnets you can simply wear anywhere on the body either on a necklace, on a pin or in a medicine pouch.

            For women I recommend a round shaped agate, jasper or bloodstone.  Round is a yin or female shape.  This will aid better in balancing female problems.  Carry the stone in your pocket. 

            For jewelry it is best to wear the red stones on your ankle, wrist or a ring.  This will keep the stones closer to the base chakra.  On anklets add onyx for grounding and/or Hematite for balancing, but not white or yellow stones, as they will not ground you.  In a bracelet you may add any orange or yellow stone to the red ones.  As all of these chakras are near the wrist when your arms are down.  When making or buying a bracelet, match stones to similar stones for the best effect.  You may want to place physically healing stones by other healing stones, balancing with balancing and so on, this will enhance the strength of the anklet or bracelet.  Be creative, if the jewelry feels good on your body, you can rest assured it is working regardless of any rules or recommendations.

Red Jasper or Agate – physically healing and grounding, use when you feel in need of strength      and      direction; good for the male base chakra when anger is not present; strength, grounding

Bloodstone – physically healing and emotionally balancing, very useful for women at all times;     useful when pregnant or PMS to aid in balancing one's emotions and physical state as well   as when dealing with physical imbalances with the organs in the base chakra and    disturbances in the uterus, ovaries and period; physical strength and balance, mental focus

Garnet - psychic balancing, physical and emotional balancing, aids one to evolve through              past emotional experiences held in the base chakra; use when in need of strength in direction and the "balls" to get there; excellent for healing physical     imbalances in the male's base or         root chakra; mental strength and insight

Ruby - psychic enhancement, physically and emotionally clearing, thought to bring wealth, use to             gain focus, direction and strength in areas passionate to you; strength, focus, and intuition

Orange Stones

            My personal favorites are Carnelian, Amber and Gold stone.  In all the books I have studied, carnelian seems to be the most versatile of the orange stones.  Along with aiding and balancing the orange chakra, orange stones also bring luck.  Gold stone is also thought to bring one financial wealth.

            I have found carnelian or orange agates aid the balancing and grounding of the physical body.  Carry these stones in your pant pocket.  Carnelian is my choice for a stone meditation.  Due to its versatility, orange Carnelian aids physical, emotional and spiritual balancing during meditation. Place the stone around the belly button area.

            For courage and warmth wear deep orange amber. Amber calms fear, bringing warmth and contentment into ones life. I wear amber earrings or carry it in my pocket, while others wear pendants, pins, rings or bracelets.  Be sure to purchase high quality amber, it's worth it.

            Gold stone is used to balance and ground energy in the second chakra. This balancing occurs on the spiritual level and somewhat includes the physical and emotional side as well.

            Orange stones may be complemented with red stones and/or onyx for an anklet [especially in the case of Carnelian], and yellow stones for a bracelet.  

Carnelian or Agate - Physical healing and balancing, emotional balancing, overcoming fear; use      when you lack courage to follow a life path you wish to travel, overcoming fear

Amber - psychic or energy balancing; physically healing, emotionally balancing; chakra      cleansing; Use when you want to feel safe and warm, a gentle bringer of courage to   overcome all things you have put in your way; encouraging

Gold stone - energy balancing; psychically healing, emotional and physical balancing; brings          wealth, wear when you are feeling grounded and full of courage to bring you to where you     are going with your courage intact; affirming

Yellow Stones

            Tiger's Eye, Citrine and Yellow Amber and the most commonly used yellow stones. The Citrine sparkles.  Its brilliant yellow and white aids the third chakra in physical balancing and healing. Citrine brings laughter, balance and health to the chakra that reigns over the inner child.  Choose Citrine when working with childhood issues, memories, fears, ego and physical ailments in the third chakra, inner child, and solar plexus region. Citrine also brings balance to the energy of waking and clairvoyant minds. Choose Citrine for meditation, placed upon your solar plexus.

            Tiger's eye is physically balancing and grounding. I use this stone for business and money.  The stone is very yang or male, therefore it brings the inner child strength.  Tiger's eye enables the inner child to over come their fears.  The colors of the tiger's eye dance, mesmerizing and calming the small ones inside us all.  The tiger's eye brings out creativity along with Citrine.  Amber aids the courage to create what you dream.

            Yellow Amber ranges into this area along with Yellow Topaz.  These stones appeal to many and both stones bring physical healing and emotional balancing to all of the attributes of the third chakra however these stones do not seem to affect the imbalances of childhood issues.  Yellow Amber is useful in calming adult fears as it aids in balancing the emotional side of the third chakra. This aids the adult to evolve past emotional trauma thus aiding your inner child (the child you once were as well as your ego).

            Wear yellow stones near the solar plexus on a long chain or broach.  Tiger's eye is the only stone in the yellow that I will carry in my pocket.

            For jewelry you may create a bracelet using yellow stones, along with orange stones.    It is best not to wear yellow stones on an anklet however it is true the body will take whatever it needs, from wherever the source may be on the body.  I have found when using stones specifically for physical healing to keep the stone in close proximity to the chakra. This is not the case when working with your emotion state.

Yellow Fluorite - balancing emotion and calms the fears of inner child

Sunstone - overcoming childhood fears, reminds you to laugh and see joy; aids creativity

Citrine - healing and balancing on all levels; stimulates creativity, wear when you are scared Tiger's eye - physical grounding and balancing, creativity of the child, strength, wear it when you       need the courage of the tiger and the creativity of the child

Yellow topaz - physical balancing and healing, for strength and courage to overcome your   childhood fears and get to where you wish to be

Yellow amber - emotional balancing, feeling safe, creativity, wear when you are moving into the    state where you feel calm, safe and peaceful.  Green amber also brings breath with it, like a          sigh of relief and joy.

Green Stones

            Green stones are very versatile when it comes to life.  Green covers the fourth chakra, the area of the heart, lungs and thymus.  Yet pink stones are said to aid the emotional heart.  This is where pink and green stones such as Watermelon Tourmaline or green and pink agate are wonderful to use.

            For stone meditation use a green and pink agate or a watermelon tourmaline.  My favorite green stones for healing are jade and moss agate, (along with a Rose Quartz) For balancing, I have found Peridot very helpful.  For grounding, physical healing and psychic balancing a deep green emerald is nice, if one can afford one, otherwise I prefer green tourmaline or malachite.

            Malachite is a wonderful grounder for one's energy, wear it when you can't seem to get your heart and head straight, also malachite is said to attract money.  Jade attracts good health and good fortune while aiding a broken heart to understand everything will be okay.

            Wear green stones over the heart on a long chain or in a broach, as it is best to use these stones in a necklace if you are using the stones for physical healing.   When using stones for good fortune or money, you may wear them anywhere you choose.  For meditation place it on over the heart area.

            You may wish to use throat stones around the sides of the necklace and 6th chakra stones around the back of the necklace.  Also you may wish to add Hematite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz.

            For money or good fortune you may wish to add Tiger's eye and Goldstone to your Malachite necklace.

            For the emotional side of the heart chakra use the color pink.  Hence when working with the emotional side you may also choose to use Rose Quartz as the stone, Watermelon tourmaline, or any other pink and green mixed stone. 

Jade - physical healing for lungs and heart; emotionally balancing; good fortune, where when         you feel good fortune all around you; aiding a broken heart to know everything will be okay

Agate - physical healing for breath and physically and emotionally balancing; wear when you        feel out of balance and a little lost

Watermelon tourmaline - physical healing (breast, heart and lungs) and       emotionally balancing             (patience and understanding); clairvoyant enhancing, wear when you feel the need to 'get it      together'

Peridot - physical (lungs) and energy balancing, wear when you wish to feel alive in your life        once again

Emerald - energy balancing, a protective stone for the heart emotionally, balances 3rd chakra         physically and emotionally, wear when you have strength and the knowing of where you are      going to aid the heart to feel strong

Malachite - grounding on all levels; brings money; use to remind you of your wealth

Fuchsite - aids one in dealing with highly stressful situations, protects the emotional          heart; aids        the physical heart; use when in high stress situations or job settings to keep your job and          emotions separate

Green Onyx - grounding; physically healing; very physically balancing, protective during aiding    the emotional heart.  Use when your heart needs protecting while you work through the          situation and learn to once again breathe

Aventurine - excellent for balancing the third chakra emotionally and physically, reminds leaders   to keep a gentle heart and their ego in check

Chrysoprase- makes one feel safe and at home anywhere they are and brings a calm energy to       the wearer and the space it is placed in, reminds you to hear and follow the voice of the          knowing self and that love is unconditional.  Use in everyday life to feel at peace wherever            you are.

Green Fluorite – balancing and healing to the physical and emotional side of the 3rd            chakra,             brings one a sense of peace and well-being, wear when you feel off or in need of self-   guidance.

Green tourmaline – aid a clairvoyant to see with their heart, brings strength of heart sight and a    feeling of protection to the wearer, wear when you need to keep your integrity intact

Moldavite is a unique stone green in color.  It is a stone from meteorites and therefore is a phenomenal stone for human beings who are always learning and shifting within their life          experience.  I find this stone so wonderful on so many levels.  It will aid in personal sight and knowledge within your personal truth while you learn to live in this world.  It is a great       stone for those who feel detached from this planet or their life and are learning their place    within it. This stone will bring you a sense of knowing you have never felt within yourself           before. Moldavite is self-cleansing.

Light Blue Stones

            Blue stones can affect more than one chakra.  In the case of turquoise, it directly affects the fifth or throat chakra as does blue topaz, where as Lapis Lazuli effects the sixth chakra or third eye because it is a darker blue and closer to the vibration of indigo.

            For the fifth chakra I have found that Blue Fluorite balances the physical and emotional energies. Turquoise (not reconstituted) and Chrysocolla is very physically healing and grounding.  Turquoise is excellent for those who teach, lecture or sing.  I highly recommend wearing turquoise on a choker, or earrings.  As for Blue fluorite, I used to carry one or wear one when I had to speak or share with an unfamiliar group.

            Blue Herkimer diamonds are fabulous!  Wear them as earrings, they cleanse the aura and balance the body's energies.  The Herkimer is found to be calming and healing for one physically as well as psychically balancing.

            Blue lace agate is gentle in balancing the energies of the blue chakra.  This stone seems to affect the emotional aspect of the blue chakra more so than the physical.  Therefore this stone is extremely calming and balancing.       

            Blue Topaz is a wonderful stone for the fifth chakra.  The stone is both physically healing and emotionally balancing.  I have found that this stone can be worn as a ring and still give a very balancing effect especially to one's emotional state.

            When making jewelry for the 5th chakra, turquoise is the best choice for the physical voice.  Adding in Hematite, Rainbow Moonstone, possibly even quartz and amethyst will make a lovely combination.

Turquoise (real only, often it is dyed howlite) -5th chakra; physical healing and balancing

Blue lace agate-5th chakra; emotional and energy balancing, wear speaking and require the ability to see the flow of the world

Blue fluorite-5th chakra; balancing on all levels: physically, emotionally and psychically, wear or   carry when speaking to unfamiliar groups

Blue Topaz-5th chakra; same effects as blue fluorite, wear or carry when you need to look at          what is beyond and communicate those thoughts

Blue Herkimer Diamond- clairvoyant enhancement, helps with headaches and eye pain, wear to   keep your mind open

Celestite – A wonderful stone to carry on your person to aid in the connection to the         universe,          helps the wearer to see and hear things they may be missing, great for    a babies room, fills      with Universal love

Angelite- Gentle and calming, this stone brings peace to the wearer; A wonderful stone during       hard emotional times or grief

Larimar Stone- (pectolite) the stone of truth, allows the wearer to bring clarity to what he/she      feels and sees and wishes to say.  This is a good stone to aid the heart and mind in working       together.

Chrysocolla – a green/blue stone – the best stone for learning how to speak without anger, blame or intense emotion.  Carry in your pocket or wear around your    neck, place in rooms where     you have meetings, speak or teach.

Aquamarine – this stone brings courage, compassion and allows one to feel closer to          those who       may no longer be with them physically or geographically, aids one in speaking how they           really feel to friends, loved ones, children or family.

Blue Calcite – a gentle stone when one is finding their own voice, similar to fluorite and larimar     in feeling, good for those who are learning to see the other side of things and other people's        views

Indigo Stones

            Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone.  This stone can have a unique effect on people due to this stone's nature.  If Lapis appeals to you, you may use it for enhancing your "second sight".  If Lapis does not appeal to you do not use it at all.  Personally I use Lapis, Sodalite or Iolite during my stone meditation but I cannot have Lapis near me on a regular basis.  Lapis tends to sometimes interfere with my dreams and perception of them rather than enhance the dream state.  These stones can aid in eliminating headaches and confusion.  The indigo stones aid all psychic endeavors as well as in trusting one's own opinion, inner voice and sight.

            I love sapphires.  Sapphires can affect both the fifth and sixth chakras as Herkimer diamonds do.  The Sapphire is physically healing and emotionally balancing for those who are attracted to it.  Wear this stone as earrings or on a very short necklace.

            Sodalite is a very deep blue stone.  This stone is gently balancing in the way of one's general energy.  This stone can have a very relaxing effect on the wearer.

            Iolite is one stone that is pretty well the most ideal for the 6th chakra/third eye.  The stone's gently energy can permeate one's sole to calm and cleanse the wearer's energy.  This stone is indigo and opaque thus having a unique splendor of it's own.  Sailors used to hold an iolite up on a cloudy day to find the sun.  Iolite has always been a seer stone.

            Azurite is physically healing and also aids one in seeing beyond them self.  This stone is often found blended with Malachite and then can affect the body as well as your surroundings in a very positive manner for money and receiving knowledge.

            These stones may be worn anywhere on the body but are best worn on the neck or as earrings.  You may choose to add Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Hematite, or any of the light blue stones to your jewelry.

Sapphire- enhances health of eyes, ears and thought, helps with headaches, earaches, sore eyes,    the refusal to see or hear another's opinion, physically as well as clairvoyant senses

Lapis Lazuli - can aid in clairvoyant enhancement, helps one to gain an understanding in the          others around them and how those people think; opens the mind to other worlds

Sodalite- balancing and calming, helps to understand ideas one may have felt close-minded to        before.  Brings a sense of belonging.

Iolite- the ideal stone for the area of the third eye; mentally balancing; mind and energy      cleansing; clairvoyant enhancement- placed on the third eye, it will enhance any         meditation,      worn in the ears or around the neck will bring more clarity to the answers within the          situations at hand.  This stone is useful during reading tarot, runes or prayer, and automatic writing in hopes of receiving guidance.  Brings a sense of oneness to you and your             surroundings along with understanding, acceptance hence abolishing feelings of judgment or           resentment.

Azurite – aids the sight within by making the guidance more clearly understood by the wearer for spiritual guidance is clairaudient or felt or channeled through automatic writing or divination. Helps to see through the lies you have told yourself to keep you in check.        Allows you to see how perfect you are and how everyone is equal and perfect too.

Kyanite is a blue or black stone that can be splintered apart.  This stone can realign and clear all     the chakra at once.  This is a stone everyone should own when physically healing and   emotionally balancing the self during the day or meditations and relaxation.  This stone can           only be carried in small pieces or worn in jewelry or placed on the body during meditation.             This stone is a wonderful balancer.  It is a master balancer as it will balance all of your    chakras and bring a deep sense of well-being and good health.  An excellent stone for those            who are doing the work that will teach them to be content in life.

Azure Malachite is a deep blue stone containing light aqua green flecks and has a very special        place in my heart.  Azurite affects the fourth, fifth, and sixth chakras. The stone is      physically, emotionally, and psychically balancing along with being clairvoyantly enhancing.

Purple Stones

            My favorite purple stone is Amethyst.  Yes, it is a stone we all love!  Light or dark in color, amethyst will dazzle the senses.  Amethyst seems to balance both the sixth and seventh chakras.  The sixth chakra being the third eye and the seventh being the ethereal body or the energy surrounding your body.  Find which chakra this stone affects for you.  Amethyst can be used on either chakra or simply worn or carried.  Amethyst balances one physically and emotionally as well as enhancing one psychically.  Amethyst also aids sleep.  Place one under your pillow along with a cotton ball covered in Lavender essential oil.

            For my seventh chakra I wore a wonderful amethyst with clear bands within the stone.  Thus the amethyst will also give the properties of clear quartz.

            For the sixth chakra I also use Alexandrite. I wear them very high in my ears as earrings.  Alexandrite is physically, emotionally and psychically balancing. Thus it allows the wearer to always look beyond and keep an open mind.  As the blue stones bring patience the purple stones bring insight and understanding.

            Purple fluorite can also be used on the sixth chakra or seventh for gentle emotional balancing and grounding.  Either Amethyst or Fluorite can be used on your sixth or seventh chakra during stone meditation.  Place the stone on the center of your forehead for the sixth chakra and just above your head for the seventh.  If you are feeling emotionally off one day, wear amethyst.  It will bring a sense of composure.  If anger is added into this state use a garnet to ground along with a hematite to balance your emotions, besides the amethyst.  Use purple stones whenever you are unsure and need clarity in your life.  Add in an indigo or blue stone as well if you feel the need.  Add in Hematite if you are not feeling grounded or sure of your thoughts.

            For daily wear try to wear these stones as high on your ears as earring as possible.  You may also choose to carry these stones in a medicine pouch.  A medicine pouch is a pouch you deem as sacred.

Purple Fluorite – physically healing and emotionally grounding; allows you to gently begin to       see beyond yourself and the set life you have been living.  Removes the fear to keep walking      physically and mentally in the direction you wish to go.

Alexandrite - Aids in knowing you are doing the right thing for you.

Tanzanite – Brings a sense of knowing you are right for you and allows you to move past             the       judgments of others.  Keeps you close to yourself, your perception of truth and your own         spirituality without worrying about what others are thinking or doing.

Amethyst - brings a sense of knowing ones self without fear and learning to trust the universe and the direction you are traveling in your life adventure.  Aids you to stay in your mind but not          get caught up in your ego's thoughts and dialogue.

Lepidolite –aids one in self-change and changing within their environment as you learn to work      with intent and faith.  Will bring you further to where you want to be as it enhances the trust     for yourself within yourself.

Sugilite – brings a sense of protection to the self, aids in loosing prejudice and fear to the outside world while compassion and the true reality of the world begins to          appear within.

Clear and White Stones

            For the seventh chakra/ethereal body, I personally use the amethyst, opal, rainbow moonstone (spectrolite), snow quartz, moonstone, quartz crystals and/ or diamonds.  Quartz crystals are wonderful for balancing and grounding our ethereal energies and for holding in the hands during stone meditation.     

            Diamonds and/or clear Herkimer diamonds are used for enhancing and balancing emotional as well as spiritual energies.  Wear Diamonds and Amethysts as high on your ears as possible.  Worn anywhere else on your body these stones will still clear and balance the energy of your ethereal body.

            I find that Rainbow moonstone and opal seem to have a positive and strengthening effect the voice, eyes and ears as well as the ethereal body.  These beautiful stones can shine a gorgeous blue when touched by light.  When worn around the neck can be helpful in clearing headaches.  If you are attracted to a Rainbow Moonstone, wear it in good health.

            Moonstone is a wonderful stone for feeling connected to all that is and female energies.  Excellent for second sight and feeling comfortable within knowing of what is to be true for you.

            Choose these stones to use when you are feeling good and focused.  Wear them if you are having headaches or confusion about life itself.  Rainbow Moonstone seems to bring clarity when it comes to the matter of relationships no matter the form.  Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone and Spectrolite are the stones I recommend if one is engaged in a battle of cancer.  They are the stones I prefer and have found to bring peace to the wearer.  On that note I also like a simple black and white stone pendant as well, like a yin/yang type setting.  The stones seem to bring a sense of balance and peace, especially when physical healing is unlikely however when healing the physical body is possible use Ulexite to draw out the physical imbalance. This stone can aid the wearer in drawing out their physical ailments.  It will work for some but not for everyone.  You will know if it is right for you.

            Opals increase energy and healing energies.  The opal can affect more than one chakra depending on the color of the opal itself.  Yet because the opal contains water, physical healing properties will always be present.  Opals bring gentle healing to one who may be afraid to heal physically or let go of past ideas or things they use to define themselves.  An opal will remind you of the beauty you hold by being yourself.  Do not define yourself through your experience or the lives of others.  Experiences are like pieces in a beautiful puzzle which is you.

            White stones such as Moonstone, Quartz along with any white stone you may simply pick up off of the road will increase your energy.  The color white is Yang, or male.  The properties of Yang are carried in white stones.  Do not keep white stones in a room where you would like to relax.  Carry white stones in your pocket; keep them on your desk at work.  White stones are also generally balancing to one's energy and spirit bringing them closer to what they believe in their Universe and the self.

Clear Quartz crystals - 7th chakra, balancing and grounding, will clear your mind and your path    as you continue walking physically, mentally and emotionally bring you to where you are         going.

Diamonds and Clear Herkimer Diamonds - enhances clairvoyance; balances emotionally and      spiritually; Keeps a certain clarity to aid you in hearing what you know           spiritually and being   able to translate that into daily living.

Rainbow Moonstone-physically healing to the eyes, ears and voice; emotionally balancing;            clairvoyant and clairaudient enhancing; aids in better understanding and knowing the true   leader in your life – the knowing you and thus aid in differentiating the voice of the knowing         self and the ego.

Snow Quartz – Aid as you learn lessons and aids to assimilate those ideas into daily living.

Opal – physically healing for the eyes, ears, voice and mind; aids you to remember you can          move past emotional pain for you are always in a state of evolving and change simply    because you are living.

Moonstone - excellent when developing second sight and your own personal beliefs

Danaburite – aids in speaking and seeing truth, a stone of true honesty and faith

Black Stones

Onyx - wear for protection, grounding along with a sense of physical and emotional calming

Obsidian - wear when in need of protection or to be physically grounded to stay calm

Apache Tears-protection and grounding especially in the case of emotional stress and grief;           calming

Jet – a gentle protector, aids one to feel safe when things just do not feel safe or like they are         working out.

Black tourmaline – aid in grounding one psychically and therefore keeps one focused and keeps    fear, self doubt and the thought of psychic attack at bay; remember as long as you believe         you can be attacked, you will be.

Smokey quartz – a great healer and balancer emotionally and physically, blended with citrine it is a phenomenal healer and balancer for all aspects of fear, writer's block, physical ailments        and fear of outside forces.

Other Stones

Rose Quartz is worn over the heart to aid settling emotional matters of the heart.  This stone can be worn or carried to balance these fourth chakra (love, relationship, parenting) emotional      imbalances.  Excellent for those who are learning they are not victims or survivors of sexual           physical or mental abuse rather the receiver of a lesson that brought them to where they are     now.

Pink Calcite – also comes in many other colors. This stone is a phenomenal and gentle balancer     when it comes to emotions affecting various chakras.  Aids in forgiving the self and therefore being able to let go of painful situations from the past to see the gifts you have in           your life now.

Pink Kunzite is a light pink stone that looks like it is in sheets.  It is transparent, more transparent            than rose quartz.  It also comes in green.  It is good for when the heart needs to see more             clearly and you need to breath in your life or your relationship.

Hematite is also used for balancing the body's energy.  Those who are attracted to the Hematite    will find the stone balances the body's physical, emotional and spiritual energies.  This stone      will also act as a grounder and a healer.  Best of all Hematite is one of the most phenomenal          clairvoyant enhancing stones in the           stone world.  If you are attracted to this stone it is often      a sure sign that you are a "seer" (as all humans are, it is when we feel ready to see that   varies) Hematite helps you wrap your head around all the things in this world you may    not       understand.  This stone helps you to see all that matters is you and the respect you      give yourself.  Once you open your mind to understanding and accepting yourself, you will          in turn be able to accept others even when you do not understand them or their choices.

Pyrite is the best stone for today as it has the ability to protect us from our computers.  Simply   place a piece of pyrite on or by your computer (use double sided foam tape if you wish).             This stone is the ultimate in protection physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically.  It       enables you to see what is beyond facades and hear more than what is being said.  Carry one     on your person especially at work.  It brings protection from all energies of everyday   life         and energizes the wearer as well.

Smokey Quartz blended with Citrine provides a stone combination that is a master healer and if     you      find one and are attracted to it buy it.  Hold the stone pointed towards the area you feel         is in need of balancing on your body or simply lay it on yourself.  You will feel     this      combinations energy.  Smokey quartz is a gentle protector and grounder and therefore is very useful in a stressful business or home life.  It will ground you as you learn to accept and   move through the lessons you are learning. 

Boji stones have been on this earth for thousands of years.  No one is quite sure when, or how     these stones were formed.  Boji stones are used for balancing.  During a stone meditation             Boji stones can be held in ones hands.  There is a female or smooth Boji stone and a rougher          Boji stone that is the male Boji.  When you first hold a Boji Stone it may feel as if it has a      heart beat.  It is pretty cool.  There are some Boji stones that are both male and female.          These stones are         wonderful for wearing around the neck for balancing the body's energy.       The stones bring balance to a life that may seem out of control.  The stones help you to         realize nothing is as big as it seems and it will pass and you are able to live through it.

Holed stones are stones that naturally have a hole through them.  There stones are believed to aid             fertility and pregnancy.  I also have found that these stones are very grounding, generally     physically healing and emotionally balancing.  Many people believe these stones are magic           and a representation of the Mother Earth herself.  I simply know they are special. If the             Universe gives you a holed stone realize you have received a very special gift. These stones        are far and few between.  A true holed stone has had the hole bored through it by nature    and not by man.         

Shells, fossils, bone, ammonite, petrified wood and pearls

Clear your shell's energy in water; fossils, bone, ammonite and petrified wood in the earth.

Shells are of the ocean and therefore have the healing energies of the water.  Coral, abalone and      all other shells aid us.  Shells bring creativity and protection along with the energies of fertility for the body and the mind.  Fertility and protection wear shell. When you are       working on being creative you may wish to wear shells as well as when you are looking to      be "fertile". 

Fossils aid one to shift their perception of reality.  Thus ammonite does this also as it is a             fossil   as well.  They also aid in higher forms of communication and therefore aid in business and       psychic perception.  For protection and strength in business wear ammonite or fossil.

Bone and teeth are from something that used to be alive.  Some believe they will have the   strength of the animal where the bone or tooth came from.  That said ivory also carries the       strength of the animal it is from and passes it onto the wearer. 

Petrified wood is wonderful for feeling grounded and connected to all that is.  This is a       wonderful stone to calm and gently heal one as they are moving and growing within their         life.  Excellent when in need of grounding to physically heal and emotionally calm

Pearl is a female stone bringing healing, growth and fertility to the wearer.  It is a beautiful stone often worn by those who are sincere in nature.  The pearl itself is a clear channel for those         wishing to communicate with their guides and the Universe.  It is the stone of innocence and         integrity.  The pearl is, as it looks, beautiful and pure.  Wear pearl when you know all is            good and true and meant to be.


Gold by nature affects the third eye and inner sight.  It is therefore a wonderful physical healer     and emotional balancer adding its energy to any stone it is combined with. When you need         physical healing, balancing or grounding wear gold.

Silver is the best metal for the throat chakra and speech.  It brings peace of mind and a sense of    belonging no matter where you are.  You will always feel connected, therefore always feel         safe and at home.  Therefore you will be able to calm your mind, focus your thoughts and             speak with direction and confidence.  When you need to speak wear silver (or white gold)

Platinum is a metal for those who require balance in their life.  It brings sight into the self and        the universe while traveling the life journey.  For those of you who are confused in life and        need direction, wear platinum.

Cleansing your Stones - Most stones must be cleared and recharged regularly.  These are the most common form of cleansing your stones.

Sea Salt and Water Cleanse - You may also use a bowl of just water or just dry salt.

1)    Place your stone or stones in a bowl of water. 

2)    Sprinkle approximately one teaspoon of sea salt into the water and over the stone.

3)    Place the bowl where sunlight and moonlight will be able to shine upon the bowl. 

4)    Leave your stone or stones in that place for the duration of three days and three nights.

5)    Remove the stones and dry them.

Earth Cleanse

1)    Take your stones and wrap them in silk, leather, or cotton if you wish.                        

2)    Bury your stones in dirt either in a dish inside, a potted plant or outside in your garden.

3)    Place the dish or plant where it can feel the sun and moonlight.

4)    Leave the stone or stones in the soil for three days and three nights.

5)    Remove the stones and wash them if need be.

Clearing and charging your stones using Meditation

1)    Hold the stone in your hands between your palms.

2)    Sit and relax.

3)    Surround yourself in white light.

4)    Feel the light flowing through your palms and through the stones you are holding.

5)    Envision the white light flowing through the stones for seconds or minutes.

6)    Once you are done thank that which you believe in and your stones will be clear.

Other Uses For Stones

            A Stone Altar  - All green, white or black stones represent the North.  Therefore if you have an alter or a special table you use in prayer you may place one of these stones in the North direction on your alter.  All yellow stones represent the East and therefore any yellow stone may be placed in that direction on your table.  A red stone may be used to represent the South and a blue stone for the west.  For female representation a black, smooth stone may be used or a green smooth stone or egg shaped stone on the left side of your table or altars.  For male representation (the right side) a white stone which is angular, long or a crystal point.

            Circle of stones for charging and cleansing inanimate objects - Using cleansed white stones; place the stones in a circle around the object chosen.  A ring, necklace, or anything you feel needs the special attention.  Leave the object in the circle of stones undisturbed for three days and three nights.  After thank whatever you believe in, remove your object and clear the white stones you used.  This "spell" is used to remove stagnant or erratic energy from an object and replace it with a higher more positive energy.

            Black stones are used for protection, grounding and calming.  Onyx, Obsidian, and Apache Tears [translucent obsidian] are readily available black stones.  Like white stones, any black stone picked up off the ground will also serve your purposes.  Black stones have a very slow vibration and therefore these stones have a very relaxing and grounding effect on one's mind, body and soul.

            Place a bowl of black stones in a room where you would like to relax.  Carry a black stone or wear one as jewelry for protection.  Now when I speak of protection I am referring to protection from unwanted energy.  People in bad moods who love to try to get everyone else down also.  Black keeps us calm and our energies balanced and reminds us that we choose our perceptions and feelings thus having no right to blame another for our mood.

            Bowl of black stones; used to aid in clearing a room's energy - Using cleansed black stones; place a handful of black stones into a bowl.  Place the bowl anywhere you choose within the room.  Note black glass marbles will not work, as they are man made and do not carry a strong life force.  The black stones will absorb any loose stagnant, erratic or emotionally imbalanced energy being given off from your family or those who enter the room.  The stones will also give the room a calm cozy effect.  You may leave the stones for up to thirty days in the room before you cleanse them using preferably the salt water cleansing method.  After cleansing you may place the stones back in the room.  A hand made bowl out of natural materials is best.

            Bowl of white stones; Use to increase the energy of a room. - Choose your favorite white stone, cleanse and charge them.  Place them in a glass, metal or wood bowl and in the room of choice.  This is not recommended for rooms where relaxation is the key, for that room use black stones.  White stones are helpful in offices, boardrooms, living rooms and especially basement rooms.

            Bowl or Jar of Blended Stones - Use to give the room a blend of energies.  You may combine white stones and black stones or any other stone you desire.  Choose stones with the properties you have found to work for you.  This is nice as you can keep all your stones together by you so you can choose which one to put in your pocket before you start the day.

            Cleanse the stones and place them in glass, metal or wood bowl.  Remember to clear them regularly whether you are holding them and using them or not.

            Jar of Stones - Use for protection and grounding of the family home or your office - Take a bunch of any stones you choose for this purpose.  Cleanse them using the salt or the earth method.  Place them in a jar, preferably one that appeals to you and place the jar upon one of your windowsills.  You may make more than one jar and place one in each room if you so choose.  I like to have a jar, bowl or stone point in each room of the home.  Because the stones are on the windowsill they feel the warmth and cleansing energies of the sunlight and the moonlight therefore stone jars only need to be cleansed as often as you feel fit.  If you move into a different home cleanse the stones to enable them to absorb any residual unwanted energy.

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