Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another's fear and drama doesn't need to be ours

Do not succumb to another's fears who chooses to attempt to create
fear or a need to defend or fight with in you. It is their insecurity
and their fear, not yours. Stand strong within yourself, respect their
right and choice to be fearful, don't see the fault they're trying to
create and allow yourself to mentally relieve the situation back to
them. Another's drama and fears are never ours unless we choose to
accept them into our own reality.

Now I get this is easier said than done sometimes and often this poke
from another takes us off guard as it comes with so much force
(bullies suck) but if you give yourself a moment to mentally react
without speaking the words you are thinking, then a bit more time to
respond... If you choose to respond at all, you will allow yourself
time to not engage or become fearful (angry) with them.

Most, if not all drama is created by imagined fear. This means our ego
makes a situation appear to be a threat through our assumptions or
past experiences. Then due to our perceived fears ppl then either try
to get others involved in this fear or, because of feeling horrible
and off kilter, try to create fear in others through bullying or
threatening behavior, simply because the ego now believes we are a
victim of our own life.

If you look at the history of creating fear, you will see creating
fear has always been a way to control the masses to maintain power.
So it is no surprise we have made it a seemingly natural part of the
way we interact.

Yes... I know this is a new way to look at things but ponder this
idea. Step back and notice how angry or drama filled ppl are filled
with imagined fear and aid yourself to not take this fear on either by
joining their drama or fighting. Your peace is worth it. #AuKeeRa

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