Monday, September 8, 2014

Utopia? human behavior.....

So, there is a new series Utopia on TV. It is a human experiment
where 15 people who do not know each other are going to stay
supposedly in an environment where they can form a new society, but
one of those 15 people is a pastor. Already influenced, but don't kid
yourself, we are all heavily influenced by this society. We think we
are original, but we are not. It is really interesting to see how
these ppl just wanted to talk and be heard, forcefully trying to
impose their thoughts of a utopia, all it created was pure hell and so
much fighting. Think about this, observe, how often through the day
do you feel you need to speak, (fight) and be heard? was it worth it?
did you feel vindicated? When I first started to observe this behavior
in myself and become aware of how often my ego decided I needed to be
right or I soon saw where alot of my stress and hopelessness was
coming from. Did I really need to control so much of my surroundings
and have them know my thoughts? Was I empowering or enabling? what I
learned was there is NOTHING worth fighting for, and the only way I
can healthily effect my environment is by living by example,
(practicing what I preach). Take this week and observe how often you
feel the need to speak out and how your ego has convinced you that you
need to, now just consider if it effects your life the way you want it
to, and go from there. You are your expert and you know what you are
ready or wanting to evolve. Enjoy your day :D AuKeeRa

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