Monday, June 2, 2014

It's my bday on June 3rd so I am giving us all a bday present ~ Creating my own reality by AuKeeRa Rayne

Points to remember

            Just because I think it does not make it so ~ Passing thoughts, and judgments do not create reality.  Constant self-deprecating thoughts create sadness within and make our reality appear bleak.  Judgments on others, do not come back on you, they are thoughts.  Ego judges everybody.


            Law of Attraction ~ Ask – Believe – Receive ~ the most important thing you must remember is NOT to be attached to the outcome.  Often with dream boards and other techniques, we are asking for specific items.  When you attach to the outcome, you have decided what you have is not good enough.  You begin not to appreciate the life you are living now by trying to 'attract' what you think is better.


            The theories of dream boards and law of attraction is actually preparation of your brain to show you what you are truly capable of and deserving of.  It is not to produce a specific outcome, rather it is to prepare your brain to be able to accept it if it comes your way.


            "What the Bleep do we Know" has a scene where the natives could not see the ship in the water because it was nowhere in their comprehension.  They watched and soon the ship appeared to them.  This is the theory of dream boarding (along with the exercises in the Artist's way).  The exercises are to open and expand what you are willing to accept in your life, decide what you are worthy of and then allow it to 'appear' in your world.


             We all think that when we change our thoughts we 'attract' better things into our lives.  What I would like to propose is the theory that those things are already there and as we feel worthy, we choose to 'see' them and 'accept' them.


            When we become attached to the outcome of our thoughts we are unable to live in the here and now.  We lack gratitude for what we have and then feel like failures if we don't get what we thought we should have.  This does not make for a productive content life full of gratitude.


            So where does this leave us?


What I would Love to have in my life






Now take a moment and visualize each one being a part of your life.  It is not just writing them down, but actually take the time to think it through.  See the job, the good and the bad, the car, good and bad, house, good and bad, children, good and bad, whatever you think you want in your life think of the whole picture for what you may find is what you thought you wanted (once brought out of dream world and into reality) may not be what you want or what you want right now.


Also take the time to review what you perceive as success and why you do.

I see success as






When you have time, examine each ideal and think of the extra expenses that come with them, if they truly bring more contentment into your life, or actually more stress.  Even job advancements have found to produce less income due to a tax bracket change, so more money, more work but after taxes less money comes in.  Children bring joy but less time.  A bigger house may look great but do you need it.  Same with the vehicle, are you driving what suits your needs?

            Often we live our lives for others and their expectations rather than ourselves because we do not to take the time to figure out what we want, for us.  Take the time and ask the questions.  If I could do anything, what would I do.  Then with gratitude for what you already have, set out to explore your world your way.


Reality perception

            Do you love the world you see?  If not why?  All views have two sides, you can choose to see either one.  One is with constant dismay and the other is with constant contentment.  Emotion runs between both of them.  You wake up in the morning and feel like crap.  You now choose to think your day is going to be great or not so great, you decide.  You can feel yucky and still see all the good things around you (this is done by being grateful).

            Your thoughts actually create the reality you see.   We are taught that if we think positively, life becomes positive.  This is not totally true.  Life is life, BOTH, positive and negative.  Thus our thoughts are both positive and negative too.  Negative is not bad.  Harsh situations, although painful, are not bad.  They are experiences and it is up to us to think of them that way in order to accept them rather than turn them into a focus that throws us off our reality.

            Drama takes up a lot of our thought process and overtakes our reality.  Most people think that our reality is created by the external things in our lives, our jobs, relationships, money, possessions, family, but the truth is our reality is created by the way we THINK.

            We decide what we think but most of us don't seem to care.  The ego thoughts run ramped, judging, complaining and being down right difficult. We have another thought process too, it is the positive, grateful side of us, but this one takes practice because most of us have never focused on adding new thoughts.  Affirmations etc can be added but also allow you to complain.  Our reality becomes balanced as we think both positive and negative, while being grateful.  These are only thoughts but will change your world.

            I just woke up, I feel like crap, I think "thank you" (why I am being grateful? I just woke up, I am alive, warm, I get to eat, I slept on a bed, I am healthy, these are not small truths but ones I take for granted)  while I am thinking this I still feel like crap and that is okay.  I am tired and I am okay with not quite feeling right but I am also very aware of the fabulous life I have.  It is enough.

            Realizing what we have is enough, and who we are is enough begins a journey of beauty.  We do not need goals to live.  Sure set a goal, but do not attach to the outcome ~ ever.  People think this will demotivate them but acceptance creates the opposite.  I am enough I have enough, takes the fear of failure away.  I do what I want because this is my life and I deserve it.

            Remember this is all practice, practice, practice.  Become aware of what you think.  Add in some new thoughts.  Accept the life you have as already perfect.  See you are perfect as well.  This life is already the best life you have ever lived (for it is the only life you have right now)

May you have the best day ever.  All my love and hugs, AuKeeRa

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