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Chapter 4 ~ Chakras

Chapter 4 ~ Chakras

            Working with our chakras is a wonderful and easy task.  Chakras are a part of us and therefore worth learning about.  Due to the fact that white light separates to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, white light split becomes the colors of our chakras. 

            Red is the color of the base chakra, which covers the pubic area to about five centimeters below the belly button, thus governing all reproductive organs and the bladder.  Red may be used to aid any problems with hormones, fertility, impotence, pregnancy, menstrual pain, low sex drive, etc.  A red stone carried in the pocket aids some problems with this chakra.  Red is the color of passion and anger.  To calm your anger, wear green.  To aid passion, wear red!  It is also the color of strength and power.  So when you're going to your job interview, wear red!

            Note the orange and red chakra begins to enact in children around 10 years and up.  This is when you will often see the appetite increase and receive a bit of personality shift in your child but before the acne, hormones and a full-blown attitude appears.  Once those symptoms are present, along with the period in females, the red chakra is now enacted along with the teenage hormones being in full swing, thus when working on young children you may also avoid the orange and red chakras until they are about 10 or so.  Yes, it does vary in age but you know your child and you will know by the description of symptoms if the red or orange chakra could use some attention.

            Childhood sexual abuse will show up in the yellow chakra in adults and not the red or orange.  Children who experience sexual abuse are not sexual beings yet and therefore if handled knowing that can keep their base chakra and sexuality intact.  Explained further means childhood fears will occur, not an adverse attitude towards sex.  Thus when working on you or with a child who has been sexually violated remember to see it from a child's point of view and not the adults.  Children do not see sexual acts as we do so do not expect them to or explain it to them at this time.  Allow them to work through the situation as a child.

            However, teens raped or abused sexually will have a base imbalance and will have to make the choice to evolve themselves through that experience working within the red chakra and themselves.  Deciding they are a victim will not help them, knowing the rape happened for a reason, not good or bad, will allow you to stay objective as you go through the emotions associated with this type of violation.  You are you, you are not a victim and rape does not define a woman once it has happened to her.  It is up to you to talk to what you believe in and continue to see the beauty in yourself and the world around you.  You were not left alone, nor are you forgotten.  Things happen for a reason and only blind faith can aid you to understand the gift that has been presented in the situations of rape, child abuse or abuse as an adult.

            Orange governs the second chakra, therefore includes the area around and just below the navel.  The organs covered are the lower intestine, adrenal glands and kidney, aiding the balancing of problems in those areas.  Carry orange stone in your pocket to help.  Orange aids with warmth towards yourself and others, intimacy, feelings, energy, appetite and immunity.  Orange is not a good color when depressed.  If going out for dinner with a special person, orange is a great choice!  Orange gives strength in overcoming fears, aiding in authority, attraction to others and luck.

            Yellow governs the third chakra.  The solar plexus area, stomach, gall bladder, pancreas and liver are the organs of the yellow chakra.  Yellow aids clear thinking, learning, confidence and self-empowerment.  Yellow an excellent choice for kitchen walls or kitchen accents, a child's playroom and work clothes.  Children do not have the red or orange chakras fully working until much later in their life.  We enter the top of our bodies at birth then developing our sight, then speech, lungs, and digestive system.  We spend the first years of our lives developing these top five chakras yellow, green, blue, violet and white.  All fears of childhood as well as child like innocence remain in the 'base chakra of childhood', which is the yellow chakra.

            Green is the color of the forth chakra.  Green governs the heart, lungs, chest area, and the thymus gland.  Green aids in growth, (self and physical), balance, love, and empathy.  Green also helps in times of mourning or loss.  Pink also cover the emotional side of green.  Green is the color of luck and money.  To create a calming atmosphere, try adding plants or green accents to your home.  Going out for a relaxing visit with a special or a good friend?  Wear green.

            Blue is the color of the fifth chakra.  This chakra's center is the throat and up to the eyebrows.  Blue is for communication, song, speeches and writing.  Blue aids problems with the nose, ears, mouth, throat, and the thyroid gland.  Blue is a calming and physically healing color.  For relaxation try a blue bath or lighting, a blue comforter or blue clothes and rest easy.

            Indigo or purple is the color of the sixth chakra.  The third eye, pituitary and thalamus glands lay here.  In this chakra you may release old habits, transcending to communicate with your higher self and gain your second sight.  This color also may aid eyes, ears, headaches and hair growth.  This color is excellent aid in combating deadly disease.  Use purple in your place of meditation or spiritual practice.   You may wear purple, light with it or accent the room with it.  Anything that makes you feels centered, and comfortable.


Violet or white are the colors of the seventh chakra.  The seventh chakra crowns your head and surrounds your body.  This chakra is the psychic center and within your ethereal body.  With the colors of white or violet, you may balance your self emotionally and grow spiritually.

Working with charkas

            Over the last lessons/steps you learned how to relax and surround yourself with "white light", protecting yourself, enacting the Universal Light Energy, seeing your safe place then entering the first stage of meditation.  You also experienced a short exercise on activating internal sight by running across your rainbow.  The next exercises focus on your chakras.

All meditation begins with deep breathing, the initial relaxing and the white lighting.

Step 1  - Seeing Color

            This evening as you lay relaxed and surrounded by white light, imagine the color red.  Remember not to try to hard. Imagine all things that remind you of the color red, roses, hearts, raspberries, apples, fire trucks, red Corvettes, imagine anything you associate with the color red.  Take the time to note those images then move on to orange, yellow, green, blue (your shade of blue), indigo or purple, violet or white.  Remember you will be attracted to a certain color of indigo or purple for your sixth chakra and either violet, white or gold for your seventh chakra.   Make note of the things reminding you of the color you are feeling or imagining.            Once you are done working through all the colors slowly let the images fade, knowing you know you may recall those images at anytime to once again surround yourself with that color.

            Jot down what reminds you of red, then orange, yellow, onto green.  What reminds you of blue, then indigo or purple and finally violet or white? Taking the time to make note of the key images that brings that color to mind, for example, red - rose, orange - oranges, yellow - the sun, green - grass, blue - sky, indigo - dusk, violet - amethyst.  This will enable you to quickly recreate the color experience you are now creating for yourself as well as the feelings invoked by each color.  Meditation and visualization can also be used to aid an imbalanced chakra.  Simply focus on the color and the area of the body that your feel is out of balance.  This form of balancing is discussed later.  First of all you must learn what the colors are, what the colors achieve and what chakra the color governs.

            Over the course of the next 6 evenings read the "Seeing color" steps below each night substituting the color you are on.  Feel that color, taste it, see it and smell it.  Learn how that color makes you feel right now, what images or feelings it may bring.

            This exercise can take a few minutes or longer.  The choice of experience and time is yours.  Allow this to fit into your daily life.  Do it during your coffee break, when you need some down time or when you wish to daydream.  Make it a part of your day rather than something you feel as work or a burden.

Seeing color

First take a moment and jot down things that remind you of each color.  This will give your mind a point to work from.  Then you can simply imagine the object.  If you feel nothing, that is fine.  There is no write or wrong way to visualize and most of us try to hard at first.  If you can imagine it, you are already visualizing.

Use the objects you have noted to aid you in this exercise.  Do not try to hard and you can do with your eyes open.

1.   Take a deep breath to relax. (Track one on Path to Inner peace)

2.   Feel your white light (from chapter 2, track 2 on Path to inner peace.)

3.   Imagine the color you wish to see using your images to aid your visualization.

4.   Then if it feels comfortable, imagine that color in a ball or mist of color and allow you to walk into it.

5.   Feel or see the color surround you, flowing through you and all around you.

6.   Allow the color to fade once you are done your experience.

7.   Become aware of your body and surroundings once again.

8.   Make note of how you to felt or what images were invoked.

9.   Repeat the exercise for each color, you can just do one a day if you wish.  Some colors are easier to see than others, this is normal.  Some colors you may not be able to see at all, also normal, just make note and try again another day J


Step 2 ~ Opening the Chakras with Visualization

To reach deep states of meditation one will open their chakras. Use the "Deep Meditation Cd" by AuKeeRa Rayne to experience all of the following exercises and a 45 min meditation.

To open the chakras, move through them one by one starting with the red chakra, then closing them once the meditation is completed.  Opening them allows more energy to flow and deepens our meditative experience while bringing more 'light' to each chakra.

1.  Lie down, white light yourself and breath deeply. Allow worries of the day to fade.
2.  Imagine a path.  Let yourself move towards the path, know you are safe and creating this experience.  As you step onto the path imagine the path is red.  Feel the red flow up into your body, flowing all around you as you walk along the path.
3.  Now imagine the path has turned bright orange. Allow orange to surround you.  Inhale deeply and feel the color orange. 
4.  Imagine the path now turning yellow.  Feel the yellow's warmth surround you, feel safe.        
5.  See the path beneath your feet turn green.  Feel the cool refreshing sensation of green, the fresh smells, the trees and the green grass that lie on either side of your path.
6.  Feel the path turn blue.  Feel calm and relaxed as the blue surrounds and envelops you.
7.  Inhale deeply as the richness of indigo or purple lies beneath your feet. Feel your body tingle as the indigo or purple surrounds you.  Feel the knowledge and sight of your higher self.  Feel the space in the center of your forehead tingle as the color surrounds you.
8.  See the path turn a rich violet, white or gold.  Feel yourself float while you walk. Your whole experience feels spiritual and magical.
9.  At the end of your path you see your safe place. Turn to face your path once more.
10.  See the colors of the rainbow that make up your path and a smile on your face begin to run back down the path, feeling the violet, purple/indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, as they pass quickly beneath your feet.
11.  At the end of the path see a door, surrounded by white light.  This door opens easily for you but opens for no one else. Pass through the door and allow it automatically close tightly behind you.
12.  Feel your body once again and become aware of your surroundings.  Open your eyes, take a deep breath.  Know you have created this experience and therefore may recreate it at any time.

Tomorrow night repeat opening the chakras, so the visualization will become more like habit.

Step 3  – Basic Visualization

            For the last 2 evenings you have walked down a "rainbow" path enabling yourself to open and close your chakra.  Tonight lie down and relax, surround yourself with white light and see your door.  As the door opens, inhale the sweet fresh air and see your "Rainbow" path.  With a smile on your face, run (or wander) down the path, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo/purple and violet. Note each color as it passes quickly beneath your feet. 

            As you reach the end of your path know you have reached a place where you feel safe.  Make this safe place anything you want it to be, a garden, a beach, see flowers, trees, maybe even buildings or benches, maybe even a crystal palace.  Create the ultimate sanctuary for yourself.  This is your safe and special place that is being created by you and just for you.  Make it yours.  When you are completed creating this place, stand in the center of it noticing how relaxed, safe and strong you feel.  Know because you have created this place in your mind you may come here any time you desire, even by simply closing your eyes and without formal meditation. 

            Turn and see the rainbow path before you.  Return to the door that lies at the end of the path as quickly or as slowly as you desire.  Move through the violet, purple/indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.  Open your door and become aware of your body.  When you are ready, take a deep breath and open your eyes.  Know you feel safe, warm and relaxed.  Also know you created this experience and therefore may recreate it anytime you desire. The safe place is a great choice for meeting guides, receiving information or allowing you to receive knowledge. You do not have to be in a meditative state to your safe place. Close your eyes and go there at anytime.


Basic Visualization

1.     Lie down and relax, surround yourself with white light. 
2.     Open the door to your rainbow path.
3.     Run down the path . . . Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
4.     Come to your safe place and explore as long as you like.
5.     Return back down the rainbow path.
6.     Pass through your door.
7.     Slowly become once aware of your body and your surroundings. 
8.     Take a deep breath and open your eyes.  Know that you feel safe, warm and relaxed.

Step 4 – Running Across a Rainbow ~ quick way to energize the chakras

            Remember these exercises need to fit into your everyday life, as you do not always have the time to lie down and go into deep meditation.  Today try this while you are at work, seated or standing, eyes open or closed.  Surround yourself with white light, take a deep breath, visualize a rainbow and quickly run across it, red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, violet.  Notice how you are immediately placed in the safe place you created.  Take a deep breath, feel your strength increase and your emotions balance then run back across the rainbow, purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.  Know you are back in your body. This whole process may take all of seconds or minutes.  Note how good you feel after! Practicing running across the rainbow to your safe place then running back, returning to your body, will help you to feel more relaxed, balanced, and strong.  If you ever feel tense, angry or scared, you now have a quick immediate release and escape that will enable you to feel much better or balanced.

Running across a Rainbow

Try this while you're at work or at home, seated or standing, eyes open or closed. 

1.       Surround yourself with white light, take a deep breath and visualize a rainbow. 
2.       Quickly run across it, red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, violet.
3.       Notice how you are immediately in the safe place you created tonight.
4.       Take a deep breath, feel your strength increase and emotions balance then run back across the rainbow, purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.  Know you are back in your body.

            All day today you may have practiced running across the rainbow to your safe place.  Then running back, returning to your body, to feel more relaxed, balanced, and strong.  Now, if you ever feel tense, angry or scared, you now have a quick immediate release and escape. .  Use this visualization exercise to refocus yourself or your emotions at home or at work and often when dealing with the traits of our society. 

            You created this 'rainbow experience' so it is now there for you anytime, anywhere.  Remember your life daily perception is up to you.  Therefore you are responsible to make it a content learning experience regardless of what that may entail.  Use your knowledge well.  Use the rainbow often when dealing with the trials of society.  You created the rainbow experience; it is now there for you anytime, anywhere. 

            Remember your life experience is up to you.  Therefore you are responsible to make it a joyful, learning experience.  Use your knowledge well.

Use these techniques anytime, anywhere to aid your life.  White light yourself in a cocoon when needing an extra boost of confidence, protection or love and light.  Run across a rainbow and back in your mind, to quickly 'reset' your chakras or mood. Take a moment to visit your 'safe place' and diffuse a volatile situation or to clear your mind.

Step 5  - Basic Meditation

            Tonight begin the same as always, realize you are creating this experience; therefore you are very protected and very safe.  As you stroll along, take note of what you 'see' or feel around you in your meditative world.  Notice any smells, feelings or even tastes you may sense. Take note of the people you may meet or the buildings you may pass. As you awaken, write down some of the things you heard and saw and know that this special experience was created just for you!

Basic Meditation

1.     Set up your surroundings the way you would like with candles, incense, music and comfortable lighting.

2.     Lie back and begin to breathe deeply.  In through the nose and out through your mouth.  Breathe deep into your belly and allow your body to begin to relax and float.

3.     Feel the Universal White Light flow through you and all around you.

4.     See your door before you, open it and pass through.

5.     Walk down your 'Rainbow Path'.

6.     See your 'Safe Place'

7.     Wander aimlessly through your 'Safe Place' allowing yourself to see, hear, feel and even taste what forms around you.  Allow yourself to see people if you wish and even talk with them if you desire. 

8.     When you feel done, find your rainbow path and wander back down it.

9.     Pass through your door.

10.  Feel the top of your head and allow the strength to return to your body.

11.  When you are ready open your eyes.

12.  Make notes on any part of the experience you wish to hold dear.

            Learning to let your meditation flow and unfold without direction will bring great experiences into your life.  These experiences may not be the kind of thing that you run and tell all of your friends, but they will indeed be special to you.

            You are now entering the stages of meditation where messages come and spirit guide communication takes place.  No matter where you decide to go now during your meditation, you'll always be safe.  What you have learned in the past few weeks are the basics of keeping you in the positive realm during meditation.  Without first learning and mastering these base steps meditation may be a very frightening experience for some.

These are the basic steps of meditation and what they do

-  Making your body relax allows you to feel safe as you "leave" your body.         

-  The white light energizes your aura enabling you to stay balanced during your meditation and     be guided by the Universal Force (or God)

-  The deep breathing induces a relaxed hypnotic state as your oxygen supply is increased. 

-  The rainbow path opens your chakras to enhance your meditation.

-  The door allows you to fully enter and leave this meditative state while and ensuring nothing    follows you back emotionally.

-  Creating your safe place gives you somewhere to go if you ever feel lost or scared during           everyday life or meditation. Here in this sanctuary you will always be safe and find your       pathway home. The safe place also is a good place to do self-work or receive         information.

-  Returning back down the path or across the rainbow ensures that your chakras are closed.  To   neglect to close your chakras will leave you wide open and somewhat unprotected. You may       also fee dazed, light-headed, or woozy.  Be sure you always close your chakras before      returning fully to your body.

            Following these simple steps each time you meditate you will always feel safe and secure.  Your meditations will go beyond your wildest dreams and always be pleasurable.  If at some time your meditative experiences are not so great, you have now learned many ways to shift the uneasiness you may encounter. Deep Meditation is not a joke; done properly it can be a beautiful mystical experience. 

            Never meditate if you have taken any type of drug or alcohol. Contrary to some popular belief, drugs do not enhance the 'trip'.  Drugs and alcohol distort your perception and thus totally ruin wonderful experiences.  These substances force your chakras open and thus may cause a very frightening meditative experience. Please heed my warning and keep meditation for times when you can create the experience on your own. 

             Armed with knowledge you are free to travel safely the realms that others have not yet even acknowledged!  When you feel you are ready to enter the psychic realm, educate yourself.  Reading about 'psychic awareness' and channeling later on in the book will give you a good basic understanding of what lies in the psychic realm.  Ignorance is no excuse. 

Step 6 – Clearing and Balancing Chakras

            To meditate for chakra clearing, find a quiet place, play soft relaxing music to soothe your mind and body, burn candles or incense if you wish.  Lie back and close your eyes.  Feel the tension begin to wash away from your feet, breath in and out, slowly calming your body.  Move your mind up your legs, letting all the tension and worry flow from them, concentrating on the calming motion of your own breath.  Move your breath into your hips and relax, up through your stomach, and lungs.  Allow your body to feel as if it is beginning to float.  If at any time you feel unsettled, lazily open your eyes to assure yourself of safety then continue on.  To stop and jump up now will cause you to land on your behind; just 'trying' to relax will work. 

            Continue up into your shoulders, breath away all tension of the day.  Let in peace, tranquility and warmth.  Relax your neck and jaw; release your tongue from the roof of your mouth.  Let your arms hang loose and feel tension drain from your fingertips.  Feel your scalp relax; your eyes lazily roll back.  Let yourself float.

            When a thought passes through your mind, let it simply float by.  Let go of the need to control the moment, experience it. 

            See a beautiful white light in you mind.  Imagine the white light surrounding you, almost like a bubble, a mist or a cloud. You are safe, floating in your iridescent bubble, on a fluffy cloud or a gentle mist made of the purest form of white light.

            With your body is relaxed and safe in the "white light", open your door, wander down your rainbow path and relax in your safe place. Now, balance the red chakra by imagining a beautiful brilliant red sun/star in your mind's eye.  Warm and inviting, imagine the red any way you wish.  Feel it flow though you and all around you. You may see memories, words, and people from your past.  Take note of all you see.  If you see nothing, do not become discouraged, you may 'feel' it rather than 'see' it.  It is your imagination, do not try to hard and trust yourself. 

            When you are ready to leave the red, slowly allow the red in your mind to fade. You may continue on with the other chakras - orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet or just relax in your safe place before then return down the rainbow path, through the door and then becoming aware of your head, your neck.  Feeling the awakening flowing down your body, into legs and to your feet.  Slowly open your eyes to your reality now.

            Once your bearings return, make note of anything important. Working with chakras can aid in evolving the mental and physical self through conditions locked up, as memories in the mind and body that have created programmed responses no longer applicable to your age.

            If you are unsure of what chakras may be out of balance, look at your emotional behavior and how your body is feeling to see which chakra those imbalances may coordinate to.  Then you may wish to use 'hands on energy' work, color therapy or stones to aid the imbalance while doing the physical work needed in the way of diet change, counseling, accepting situations etc. Pendulums can be used to find chakra imbalances.  Some practitioners see the pendulum swing one way for an open chakra and the other way for an imbalance.  Also look at how big the circle becomes while the pendulum swings.  A strong pendulum movement is most likely the representation of a well flowing chakra.      

Chakra self-diagnosis ~ How do you find out which chakra may need working on?

1)    Jot down what you are feeling and things you are noticing in your body.

2)    If these things are on the right side of your body ~ it is something you are physically doing; need to do or are avoiding doing.  If it is on the left side of the body it is emotion based.

3)    Refer to the chakra descriptions, pg 259, look for the most commonality to your symptoms

4)    Focus on that color when doing the chakra clearing exercise.  Journal and choose do the work you need to do mentally and physically.  All things are a gift of learning.

            All illness and imbalance happens for a good reason.  All things give something we can learn from and not all things are meant to heal. There is always a reason, if you need to know it you will know, each reason is personal.

What I feel about my body at this time?

Visualization can be done anytime, with eyes open or closed and is just as effective when working with the chakras.  Mediation is a deeper state that also affects the chakra, do what suits you best as in time and contentment.

Cleansing, balancing & energizing the Chakras in Meditation 

1.     Relax, breathe deeply and white light.  
2.     Open your door.
3.     Move down your rainbow path to your safe place.
4.     See the chakra's color which you have chosen to work on.  
5.     Imagine the chakra's color and walk into the mist.  See and feel what you need to. 
6.     To cleanse the chakra, flood the chakra with the purest form of that color you can think of.  Ex. a pure red floods the red; a pure orange floods the orange and so on.
7.     Become aware of your safe place and follow your rainbow path.
8.     Go through your door, become aware of your body, open your eyes.
9.     Make note of anything that you wish to that may help you later to evolve yourself.

Cleansing, balancing & energizing the Chakra with Visualization

1.  Relax your body and white light yourself.

3.  Feel the chakra you want to work on becoming very aware of that part of your body.
4.  Begin to flood the chakra with the purest form of that chakra's color you can think of.
5.  Continue flooding the charka with color until you feel done.
6.  When done become aware of your body once again then open your eyes.
7.   Make note of anything that you wish to.

For general weight issues, too much gained or unable to gain, one must energize the three main chakras, as this body issue is a protective action caused by inner fears.


Short Exercise for clearing the three main chakras

1.     Relax, white light yourself and through imagine your safe place.

2.     Imagine a hot tub and immerse yourself in the water.

3.     Feel red begin to pour from you, not like blood but like red food coloring.

4.     Let the water turn bright red, then allow the water to clear.

5.     Feel yellow pouring from you allowing the water to turn bright yellow then clear once again.

6.     Allow blue to come pouring out from you.  Let the water turn deep blue then allow it to clear.

7.     Rise from the hot tub.  Allow yourself to feel clear and safe while returning to your body.



Step 7 ~ Working with the Primary Chakras – Red, Yellow & Blue


            Unblocking, balancing, clearing or energizing the Base Chakra - Red unblocks anger, pain and anger from sexual abuse, any sexually related problem; sterility, impotence, irregular period, very painful period, also weight gain around lower stomach, bottom and thighs are all indications of a base chakra block. 

You may place a red stone on the area while you meditate.

1.     Relax, white light, and open your chakras by going down your rainbow path.  
2.     Once you are relaxed, surround yourself with red and become one with the red.  Let your mind flow and release any memories you may be holding and hurting yourself with.
3.      Let memories, anger and tears flow from you while visualizing the red.  There is no need to be afraid or to block this release you are safe.  The memories may bring tears or anger and once brought forth you may finally deal with them by simply acknowledging them and you.
4.     As you feel your emotions begin to calm, begin to flood your mind with blue.  Watch as all the pain and anger begins to calm. 
5.     Feel your body relaxing, all emotion fading.  Feel yourself simply begin to float away.
6.     Let the purple fade to blue and let you float away on a sea of blue.
7.     Bring yourself out of this state slowly, closing each chakra and returning to your present reality.  (Walk back down the rainbow path, through your door and back to your body.)
8.     You may want to write down the things you experienced or felt.  Writing helps once to free yourself from your past pain and anger once it has been.
9.     To deal with emotions in a state of meditation will bring gentle relief rather than continuous confusion of dealing with memories while living daily life.

            Birthing the Inner Child - Yellow is the body's center.  Here we find the inner child.  An imbalance in this chakra is the most common of the blocks yet the hardest to deal with and balance.  For some, feeling balanced happens quickly while for others it simply never happens. A yellow chakra block is shown by lethargy, lack of positive outlook, feeling generally blah and not so happy.  Feeling weak and off balance can also be symptoms.  A yellow chakra block will also show itself in stomach problems, digestive problems, heartburn, nervous stomach, ulcers, etc.

To unblock the yellow chakra is to once again give birth to your inner child.  To balance and center the body and to remain that way as you go through life.  All chakras must be unblocked and balanced if one would like to live a content, relaxed and healthy life. This is also the chakra to deal with in adults who have suffered childhood physical, mental and/or sexual abuse.  It is in the yellow chakra those feelings are stored.

You may place a yellow stone on the solar plexus as you meditate.

1.     Lie back and relax. 
2.     White light and open your chakras. 
3.     Surround yourself with yellow.  Feel its warmth. 
4.     Let the white light cradle and coddle you. 
5.     Watch as you let darkness fall around you, feel your body floating, very warm and very safe.
6.     Feel as your head is suddenly locked in place.  You cannot move but you are not frightened. 
7.     Feel as the darkness closes in all around you and the space you are entering feels tight, you cannot move any part of your body, yet feel how warm and safe you feel. 
8.     Suddenly you squirm a bit as the darkness is washed away by brilliant light. The environment is dry and cold, you feel unsure but not afraid.  You cannot breath yet still no fear enters you. 
9.     You feel the rest of your body freed from its confinement.  You are being moved.  How or where you do not know but realize you are safe. 
10.  Suddenly you breathe and feel the foreign substance enter your lungs. You feel so alive, so free.  You are laid upon something warm.  It feels good. You feel very safe and content.
11.  Let your scene fade and bring yourself slowly back, closing each chakra and returning safe and sound.

Mentally go through and ponder the wonderful experience you have just had. Make notes if you so desire on the emotions or anger you felt.  Many people's anger begins at birth.  By rebirthing yourself you may be able to unlock this hidden anger emotion pain or confusion and thus learning it is part of your childhood and not a part of your daily life as an adult.  Use this technique of birthing to free you inner child of fear, thus freeing yourself from the old anger and fears left over from childhood. Fear of abandonment is very prevalent in our world today.  None of us want to be alone. Yet more of us would rather be alone than be left by someone we love.  This exercise will help you see you are never alone when you have yourself.


Clearing, balancing, energizing the Throat Chakra - clearing the blue chakra.  This is your voice.  Many of us have silenced ourselves with the fear of saying the wrong thing or fear of not being heard or listened to.  Fear of someone using what you say to ridicule you or make you look bad.  The fear of being physically harmed for what you say, or the fear of people actually wanting to listen to you. It could be the fear of people believing in you (which is fear of failure).  So many block their voices but why?  Do not be afraid.  If you live in fear you can never truly be free.  The choice is yours.  Free yourself!  If you truly believe in what you are saying then no one can ever harm you.  Remember what goes around comes around.  If you speak of only what you truly believe in with acceptance and respect, you achieve good conversation with others.

You may place a blue stone on your upper chest or throat as you meditate.

  1. Lie back and relax. 
  2. White light and open your chakras. 
  3. Now imagine the color blue. 
  4. Feel your body float away, gently, flowing, free, and calm on this sea of blue.   
  5. See or feel the blue begin to intensify.  Getting brighter and brighter all around you.  Feel the energy of the color blue begin to flow through you and all around you.
  6. Feel your voice begin to rise.  If you feel the urge to speak, sing or yell, let yourself release these words and sounds - just let it all go.  Tears, anger, words, sounds, feelings - let this blue carry them all away. 
  7. When you are ready let the blue fade. 
  8. Let darkness fall and close your chakras one by one. 
  9. Write down your experiences. Feel invigorated, strong, maybe a bit strange, but good.

      Developing your meditation ability ties in directly with your psychic capability.  By learning to use your imagination for the use of meditation and visualization, you will be able to not consciously plan your meditation experience at all.  Simply relax, white light and open your chakras, then your mind.  Allow yourself to play in your safe place, soar across space or simply see colors.  Become aware of your experience and open your mind to the possibilities.  It is in this state you can learn of past lives, spirit guides, future events, different people, place and things along with solutions, words of encouragement while deepening your spirituality.  All of this information was previously there, yet sometimes it seemed inaccessible to you, until now.  Armed with knowledge you are free to travel safely the realms that others haven't yet even acknowledged! 


To continue working with the chakras and onto the deep meditation exercises, meeting with your guides and ones who have passed


"Deep Meditation"

A 45-minute meditation experience by AuKeeRa Rayne

that will never be the same way twice.

Listen to the cd with your eyes open or closed, as you teach yourself to develop a calm meditative state during the waking moments of your life, allowing you to live yourself.  Remember, you already are spirit; you don't have to learn a spiritual mindset, you are learning how to enjoy your human experience (not run from it or fix this perfect life).



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