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The simple Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation

Learning to relax and let go


Meditations, a tool used to relax the mind, heal the body, and free the soul.  Although misunderstood by many and feared by some, meditation is widely used throughout the world.  From simple relaxation and prayer to sitting for days to months in meditative prayer, every individuals experience shall differ.

There is no right or wrong to meditation.  Many specific techniques are taught, but those ways need not be followed forever.  Meditation is for your highest good.  Once you know this you are free to learn your own way though the ways of others.

Chakras may be used in meditation.  The chakras are used during deeper states of meditation or can be used when aiding the body in healing.

Visualization is widely used, and soon after practicing, the mind begins to visualize without command.

Mantras are also used in meditation.  Mantras are sounds or words spoken to aid in focusing the mind and bringing the higher self closer into being.  Mantras, often used by those practicing eastern philosophy, always bring healing not only to the self, but to the rest of the earth also.

North American Natives use a form of meditation during their sweat lodges.  The sweat lodge is used for prayer and healing.  Spirits are called, visions are seen, many wonderful things happen.  The meditative state is to help deal with the heat.  Many songs of prayer are also sung.  A mantra in song is beautiful sound.

Christians, though often fearing the word meditation, do use a form of meditation each time they pray.

Anytime you place your mind in a relaxed state, not letting the constant mind noise rattle on, you are in a state of meditation.

Common Questions asked about Meditation

Will I always wake up?

            Yes, unless you prefer to take a nap.  Meditation is created by your mind for your enjoyment and relaxation.  Even if you are listening to a guided meditation, you are still creating an experience for your highest good.

Can I die during meditation?

            NO, definitely not.  When I began to meditate I feared not being able to return to my body.  I learned meditation slow but sure relying in my own instincts and feelings.  I always white lighted and prayed at first.  I used guided meditation tapes or relaxation music.

How often can I meditate?

            You may meditate or pray as often as you like.  Find out what works best for you, alone or in a group, daily, weekly even monthly.  The choice is yours.

What is the best setting for meditation?

            The best place for meditation is a quiet tranquil place.  While you are learning to quiet your rapid thought, you will need a place that is peaceful.  Play some beautiful music.  Burn some incense.  Light some candles.  Use some essential oils.  Do what is best to help you relax.

            Once you get used to meditating, you will be able to meditate anytime, anywhere.

What kind of music is best?

            Choose instrumental music, nothing with words.  Some choose to use subliminal tapes.  That is fine also.  Music with words tends to draw your mind back into thinking.

            At first you may choose tapes with guided meditations.  These are great.  Bookstores often carry these CD's.  Try to find a store that lets you hear the music before you buy.  This music can vary greatly.  Take your time and choose.

Can I use my guides in meditation?

            Definitely.  Call for your purest, highest guides and use them all you wish.  If they are not meant to be there, they will not come no matter how much you call.  All things work for your highest good, including your guides.  Unfortunately we do not always know what is best for us, but our Higher Self always know what is best.

Can I get answers though meditation?

            Yes.  If you are searching for an answer meditation can often help you see more clearly.

Can anything "evil" harm me during a meditative state?

            Evil's existence is something you determine; therefore I believe that nothing 'evil' can harm me during meditation.  All things in this life happen for our highest good.  Only we can learn the lessons that are offered, and only we can turn them down.  Trust your Higher Self to guide you and it shall.  Believe in the energy and trust in the lessons it brings.

Is meditation okay with religions or Christianity?

            Religions can be are rigid.  Remember, religions often base a lot on fear and people fear what they do not understand.  I personally know a lot of practicing Christians and Catholics who do practice meditation.

             Christians pray.  Prayer quiets the mind and brings the self in tune with the energy.  Prayer is performed for that persons highest good.  Most of us already meditate; we just call it by a more "western" name.

Are guided meditation tapes good to use?

            I think they are excellent to start out with.  I love giving guided meditation sessions and it is to bad that there are only a limited number of tapes available to us.

            Meditative therapy is an art that I have studied for quite a while.  Guided meditation is beautiful.  Learn to meditate and then maybe you can guide your friends, and they can guide you.

What about meditation classes, are they good to attend?

            Classes are also wonderful.  Be sure to find one that suits your needs.  Also be sure that you feel comfortable being there.  If you get there, and find out it is not for you, do not be afraid to ask for your money back and leave.  Not all teachers are meant to teach all students.  That is why there is more than one teacher out there!

            Also be sure to find a group that does not give rights or wrongs.  Yes, there is a best way.  But if it is the group's way or no way, you may wish leave and do it your way if you feel uncomfortable!

Is it okay to meditate in a group?

            Yes.  As long as you feel safe in the environment then it is fine.  The group must flow.  I used to get together with a group of women friends weekly and meditate.  It was beautiful.  It was not a guided meditation; we would all just sit together in the same room [not touching] and meditate.  After we would drink tea and relax.  A group can be very enjoyable.

            If you do not feel comfortable with a group at any time, leave.  Never question your instincts; you know what's best for you.


Remember you are your own best teacher.


Meditation Techniques

            When we learn to work within the energy, we learn that there are no boundaries within meditation.  Our Higher Selves know what we need and shall always provide us with it.

            All meditative or prayer experiences will be created for you and by you with the help of the energy that flows all around you.  This energy creates everything we see outside of us as well as within us.  Without the energy there just would not be.

            This energy can be explained by you and for you.  I have attempted to explain the best I can some of the base experiences that have helped by.  Work with yourself.  Test new ways that work for you.  Share your knowledge with those who wish to hear.  But always remember, my way is mine and your way is yours.   Neither is totally right for another nor wrong for us.  Accept the differences of those around you when you share.  By doing this, those around you will also always teach you.

            Some fears the word "meditation".  The word "prayer" is often accepted quicker than the word meditation.  Some people fear or do not like the word prayer because of the word's religious connotations.  These people often prefer the word meditation.  No matter what you call it, the experiences are the same.

            The experience is quieting your mind.  Stopping rapid thought and going within yourself to become one with the energy that flows within you and all around you.

            Experience this in anyway you feel is best.  Enjoy!


Relaxation and Visualization

            Meditation is a beautiful dreamlike state of mind.  In this state you may calm yourself, center your emotions, even heal your body!  The meditative state can only be brought on by you and may be removed at any time you wish.  You see you control what happens; it's your mind!

            Many people have experienced meditation without even knowing it.  You know how sometimes you'll be staring at something and thinking and then in the next blink of your eye it felt like you were gone for a couple of seconds?  Or when you're just beginning to fall asleep and all of these colors or shapes start flashing through your mind.  Even sleep is a self-induced state of meditation.

            Meditation can be used in many different ways to benefit you and your life.  The first stage of meditation is learning how to blank your mind, calm your feelings and thoughts and relax.

            The mind is thinking 24 hours a day.  Sometimes you can be thinking so much it almost drives you crazy!  You worry, you plan, you figure, you think, stop all of that noise or how do you expect to relax?

            There is a way to quiet our rational thinking selves . . . meditation.



Full Body Relaxation Technique

1.    Start with your feet, breath deeply and feel your feet relax.

2.    Move your mind's focus into your calves. Breathe deeply and feel them relax. 

3.    Onto your thighs, buttocks, stomach, breath deeply and allow all of your tension to release.  Let go of the stress from your day; allow your body to feel at ease.

4.    Move your mind's focus into your chest, your shoulders, remembering to breath deeply once with each new focus you take. 

5.    Allow your arms to relax, your neck, your face and then your scalp.  Breath deeply for a few moments relishing the moments and focus on the relaxation within your body.  Allow your thoughts to focus on nothing. Stay in this state as long as you desire.

6.    Refocus your thoughts again to your scalp and begin to feel revived, but relaxed. 

7.    Move to your face, allow yourself to smile and feel the tension stay at bay. 

8.    Gently move your head from side to side, stretch out your arms, and take a deep breath allowing your energy to return. 

9.    Focus on your tummy, your hips, your thighs and your calves.  Wiggle your toes and know you are relaxed and energized ready to meet with the rest of your day.  

This exercise can be done anytime of day or night, sitting or laying, in any clothes you choose to wear.  This relaxation exercise may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes.  Meditation and relaxation is an experience created by you, not special settings needed unless you desire them.

Focus and be mindful of your thoughts.  It is you who chooses your daily mindset.  Use these tools through out your day to bring your own mind back to the calmness of accepting daily stresses rather than having those stresses blow out of proportion. 


 White Lighting Technique

Another form of relaxation is "white lighting" your body.  This is to align your energy with that of what you believe in Spiritually, such as God, the Universe or simply a positive force.  (Name it what most feels comfortable to you.)

 To white light yourself

1.    Think of the brightest and purest white light you can. 

2.    Imagine in you're mind that white light outlining your entire body. 

3.    Then wrap the light around you to look like a glowing cocoon.

4. Know that you are safe and that light will keep you safe.  

Many people white light before they get out of bed every morning and often white light through out the day.  People find white lighting comforting and relaxing.  The technique of white lighting is also used before chakra meditation, or visualization and clearing exercises within the body.

 The idea of the white light is to increase our own energy field.  By increasing our own energy we are able to understand ourselves better.  Becoming aware of ourselves enables us to become more aware of those around us.  This will allow us to learn more about ourselves as well as the beauty in world around us. It is also believed by many that white lighting will protect us from any harm in our world.  You may wish to simply visualize white lighting yourself each morning before you get out of bed or before entering a situation that you find someone threatening or unsafe. 


Seeing a Rainbow Technique to activate internal color sight

1.     Begin by surrounding yourself with white light, remember your breathing, slow, diaphragmatic, in through nose and out through mouth.

2.     Now let your body disappear.

3.     In your imagination see blue sky.  Across that blue sky see a beautiful rainbow. 

4.     Stand gazing at the rainbow. 

5.     Note its beautiful colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (deep purple blue) and violet.  Feel good as you gaze at this beautiful sight. 

6.     Now watch as the rainbow disappears into the blue sky, and the blue sky also leaves your imagination.

7.     Become aware once again of your head and slowly the rest of your body.  Breathe deeply as you feel yourself relaxed, safe and whole. 

8.     Open your eyes and know that you created this beautiful experience. 

Running Across A Rainbow

            Try this while you're at work or at home, seated or standing, eyes open or closed.  Surround yourself with white light, take a deep breath, visualize a rainbow and quickly run across it, red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, violet.

            Notice how you are immediately placed in the safe place you created tonight.  Take a deep breath, feel your strength increase and your emotions balance and then run back across the rainbow, purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.  Know you are back in your body.

            This whole process may take all of seconds or minutes.  Note how good you feel after!            Practicing running across the rainbow to your safe place then running back, returning to your body, will help you to feel more relaxed, balanced, and strong.  Now, if you ever feel tense, angry or scared, you now have a quick immediate release and escape. 

            Use the rainbow often when dealing with the trials of society.  You created the rainbow experience; it is now there for you anytime, anywhere. 


Remember your life experience is up to you.  Therefore you are responsible to make it a joyful, learning experience.  Use your knowledge well.


Creating a Safe Place

1.    Lie down and relax, surround yourself with white light.  See before you the door that is easy for you to open, know that what lies beyond it is your "rainbow" path.

2.    Moving through a hallway of white light reach out and open the door in your imagination.  As the door opens, inhale deeply the sweet fresh air as you see before you the rich green forest where your "Rainbow" path lies.

3.    With a smile on your face, run down the path . . . Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  Note each color as it passes quickly beneath your feet.

4.    As you reach the end of your path know that you have reached a place where you feel safe.  Make this safe place anything you want it to be.  See a garden, a beach, see flowers, trees, maybe even buildings or benches, maybe even a crystal palace.  Create the ultimate sanctuary for yourself. This is your safe and special place that is being created by you and just for you.  Make it yours.

5.    When you are completed creating this place, stand in the center of it and note how relaxed, safe and strong you feel.  Also know that because you have created this place in your mind that you may come here any time you desire.

6.    Turn and see the rainbow path before you.  Return to the white door that lies at the end of the path as quickly or as slowly as you desire.  Purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

7.    Open the door that leads to the hallway of white light.  Note again how the door opened easily for you and know that it opens for no one but you.  Also note how it automatically closed tightly behind you as soon as you passed through.

8.    As you walk down the hallway of white, slowly become once aware of your body and your surroundings.  When you are ready, take a deep breath and open your eyes.  Know that you feel safe, warm and relaxed.  Also know that you created this experience and therefore may recreate it anytime you so desire. 

Creating a safe place is very important to the meditation or visualization process.  In this place you will often experience your first unplanned experience.  Due to the fact that you feel safe, you will allow more to happen during your meditative state.  In your safe place you can look at things objectively leaving this world behind.  Take time and care in creating this place.  Fill it with love.  Make it a place you want to frequent often.  Have fun!  You may also meet your guides here, or write questions on a chalk board and return to find an answer.  The possibilities are endless.  Remember your meditation journal!  Write about it, that may help you see it. 

You can use these techniques anytime, anywhere, and any day.  White light yourself in a cocoon when needing an extra boost of confidence, protection or love and light.  Run across a rainbow and back in your mind, to quickly 'reset' your chakras or your mood.  Meditation is what you make it.  It can be three deep breaths to clear your mind, or an hour of deep relaxation.  Mold what you have learned to suit your life. 

            A guided meditation tape you may wish to use for relaxation and visualization is "A Path to Inner Peace" for these techniques or "Deep Meditation" for a much deeper and longer meditative experience, both are by me, AuKeeRa Rayne, available at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon.

            Any type of drumming, or stress relief tape usually has nice calming music, it is best not to use animal sounds or nature sounds without a music background as those tapes lack a flow and can make a person tense.  Try Pachabel, Kitaro, Patrick O'Hearn, or the Natural Stress Relief tapes, some even use Enya, as she feels peaceful.

            When meditating with you eyes open, relax not seeing, or hearing anything in particular, just simply being.  You will learn to deal with things in all walks of life through acceptance and simply being.


            These books will deepen your understanding of the vastness of your mind and the actual simplicity of living.  We all need as many points of view as possible. 


Recommended reading

"From Above with Love – Basic Knowledge One" by AuKeeRa Rayne

"The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield

"Mutant Message Down Under" by Marlo Morgan

"Handbook to a Higher Consciousness" by Ken Keys




For more information on AuKeeRa Rayne, her services, published works and workshops go to www.aukeera.com



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