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Ghosts, guides, spirits and past lives

Ghosts, Guides, Spirits, and Past Lives ~ how to understand and communicate with 


            Ghosts are the energy of those who have passed on or died.  I refer to them as disembodied spirits or "waywards".  Ghosts are just like us but without the body.  They are often wandering, confused or frustrated.  I do not believe a ghost can harm you and I have never seen this occur.  Television may show a different side but it is not that way, nor will it ever be.  What a ghost buster may see is not often what you see and believe me, it is hard to describe a wayward spirit encounter!  So Hollywood has done its best in being true to life in the shows dealing with this but remember a horror movie is meant to scare you and is not a true account of what actually occurs.

            Ghosts may come wandering into your home, be in your work place or pass you by on the street.  However, it is not your job to freak out, engage or even be aware of them. Ghosts are still a part of the universal energy thus they are still perfect and often still learning.

            If you feel a ghost is 'bothering' you, again, keep the 'wow' factor out of it and do not freak out.  Treat the ghost like a person (even though they do not have a body), which means tell them to leave you alone or to leave your space and go to the light.  It is very rare that ghost communication will become a regular part of your life.  We have all seen ghosts or spirits, it is normal and common, but not all of us are meant to deal with them.

Talking to someone's presence you feel.

1.     Just begin talking to them as if they were alive.

2.     Be firm.  If they are scaring you tell them they must leave as they are dead and this is your home.  Or you may talk gently if they feel gentle or scared.

3.     Tell the ghost they are dead and must go to the light.  Be firm and let them know either way they cannot stay in your home.  (Note:  It is fine if you are okay with having a wayward in your home, but do not keep them there just because you think it is cool or to dwell on their presence in any way. Ghosts do not need to be used for entertainment purposes.)

4.     Clear your home using whichever technique you prefer, using energy, a full clearing or the quicker techniques.

Daily or regular clearing of the home.

         The simple action of lighting incense in your home everyday mindfully will keep the energy in your home clear.  The smoke from the incense is thought to cleanse the energy within the home.  Ting Shaws can be used also in clearing the home.  You may use the Tibetan bells in the whole home clearing ritual, as well as a quick clearing by simply entering each room and standing in the center and ringing them once.  Move to each room, ring the bells once, to each floor, and then to the center once again, clear your mind, ring the bells one final time and know your home is clear.

            You can also use the white lighting technique and channel Universal Energy to daily clear your home.  The home must be cleared each time there is a lot of anger or sickness in the home, as the energy needs to be shifted to a more neutral place when this occurs and clearing will accomplish that. Remember to pray your way while you are doing any clearing in your home.  Prayer is the fundamental action of creating the positive energy that aids in the clearing of your space.

            If you only inhabit a part of your home, then clear the part that is yours, i.e. your room or bed space.  We do not have the right to clear other people's space without their permission.

            Never clear another's home for them, rather show them how to clear their own home.  To clear our home is a right each and every one of us possesses.

            Clearing your Home using Energy - Since you live in your home, you may use your channeled universal light energy to clear out unwanted energies and balance the energies in your home.  You may not clear someone else's home without their knowledge and permission.

1.     Stand in your home's center.
2.     White light and open your head and heart, feeling the energy flow to your palms.
Aim both your hands outward, imagining or feeling streams of universal light energy flowing through them and flooding your entire home or you may choose to feel your energy expand through the entire home as you learned to do when flooding a room rather than using your palms to aim the energy.
3.     Sit for a moment and feel the energy thoroughly saturate the home.
4.     Feel your Creator and send gratitude.
5.     Imagine a black colored cheesecloth like cover gently cloak your home.
6.     Shake your hands off to rebalance yourself and calm your energy.

            This technique can be done daily and is best if done at least weekly if there is tension, arguing, illness or a lot of people in and out of the home.  Otherwise do it when you feel your home needs a boost or when you white light yourself just expand it out.


Clearing your home of Wayward Spirits Or Unwanted Energies

Products needed are incense, or sage or sweet grass and a clear mind.

  1. Stand in the center of your home feeling the strength of what you believe in, thus setting the right tone for home clearing and white light yourself.
  2. Light the incense or the sage or sweet grass. Blow out the flame, letting the smoke rise.
  3. Begin to walk through your home with loving thoughts or prayers in your mind. Walk clockwise, the theory used to increase the homes energy or counterclockwise with the idea of clearing the energy.  Both ideas have merit.
  4. Walk through each room, paying attentions to corners, and closets.  Allow the smoke to rise up to the ceiling using a gentle sweeping motion to get the energy moving.
  5. As you reach a door or window, outline it. This is thought to keep unwanted energies outside the home or shift them to a more docile form if they enter to home.
  6. Clear moving room to room to create flow rather than back and forth across the hallway.
  7. Once you are done one floor, move to the next floor.
  8. After clearing your entire home then return to the center of your home.
  9. Imagine a black cheese like cloth floating down from the sky and gently covering your home, as to "cloak" the house.  The idea is that this will "hide" the home from wayward spirits or unwanted energies.

This technique is to do a "full clearing" of your home.  Most people do this when first moving into their home, yearly or as needed.  But remember, if you fear wayward they will still bother you, they are people without a body, work past your fears to keep your home and mind clear.


            In my opinion ghosts and spirits are not the same.  I believe that spirits have crossed over and then with permission, come back to watch over or be with the ones they love for a time.  You do not need to clear spirits from your home, as they will always bring a safe or good feeling.  Spirits love you and used to be a part of your life.  Sometimes a relative who has passed on will drop a tidbit of information or give you a nudge in another direction. Remember to let go of those you love when they pass and understand the pain of grief is normal and healthy.  Call and they will often come, hug them in your mind, talk to them regularly but let them go.  Know they will always be there if you need them.  They have another life to live, even though we may not understand it.

            Séances are held to call spirits to visit or ghosts to show themselves.  There is a particular way to handle this ritual and I do not recommend it for daily use.  Rather, clear your home or find a professional (like myself) to aid you in this process.  It is not that you cannot do it yourself but you can call those you love and they will come, you do not need a fancy ritual, medium or séance.   As for ghosts, you can clear your home yourself without hiring someone else.  This is how you do that.

Talking to Spirits

            Spirit or Ouiji Boards may be fun for the freak or wow factor but serve little or no actual purpose for most people.  You will not be communicating with your guide but waywards who can mislead you and lie.  They used to be human, so they will be present with all their human qualities intact.  Rather than playing with spirit boards and ghosts, learn your own guides and how to communicate with them.  Keep it real, keep it normal, and only do what is useful to enhance the quality of the life you are living now.

Calling someone you know

  1. Ask for the spirit you wish to speak to by name. 
  2. Once you feel a presence begin to speak as if you were speaking to them when they were alive.  These answers will feel like a thought, or you may just feel their love.
  3. When you are done, say thank you to them and what you believe in and let them know in your mind (by thought) they can go.  Be sure to release them for you do not wish for them to stay, they still have their own existence as you have yours.

Clearing your home does not keep out the ones you love or your guides.  They are always welcome as your love clears their path to where ever you are.

            Past Lives - The theory of past life varies from person to person.  Once you are becoming more aware of this lifetime you may want to go back into past lives.  Some believe to become fully present in this lifetime it is useful to understand some past lives by reliving those situations during a meditative state.  Anyone can find out about their past lives but remember you are living this life now and all situations can be dealt with here, in this time, as well.  Past lives do not serve a purpose if you are not able to live and enjoy the life you are in now.  Do not use past lives as entertainment, a reason or excuse to keep you from living the life you are in now.

            Past lives that run parallel are lives you will be remembering right now.  These are things you will find seem familiar to you, like countries, buildings or way of dress.  These memories are to show you things you have already 'lived' through or to show you the strength within yourself you may be underestimating.

            There is a place termed the Akashuik Records.  This place houses the records of your past lives along with every one else's. I want you to realize this place, regardless of what you call it, exists in each and every one of us.  Where it is or how you get there is solely up to you.   Remember, this is your past life, do not waste your time searching who you used to be until you are okay with who you are now.  There is no 'wow' factor here.  We all have lived before and we all will live on.  Treat this as normal or do not look into it at this time.

Meditation to the Akashuik Records

1.     Relax, breathe deeply, white light, and go through door, down rainbow path to your safe place.
2.     Sit down, see a rose, eat orange, lie on grass, feel sun, see sky then fly with purple bird.
3.     Ask to be taken to the Akashuik records. 
4.     Allow a building to form before you. 
5.     Walk up towards the structure, up the stairs and the gatekeeper will greet you. 
6.     Ask his permission to enter and wait for the doors to open.
7.     Find the room containing the records, they will books or scrolls.
8.     With your book or scroll in hand continue on up to your room (or sit in the room you found.)
9.     You will see a hallway with many doors.  Find your door. Open the door and go inside.
10.  Your guides will be waiting, greet your guides.  Look into their eyes, feel their love for you. 
11.  Sit and relax, open your book or scroll and begin to read. 
12.  Allow yourself to see and experience what you need to at this time.
13.  Say good-bye to your guides and thank them.      
14.  Leave the room closing the door behind you.
15.  Return to the room and return your book or scroll from the shelf you picked it up from.
16.  Exit the building through the doors you entered. 
17.  As you encounter the Gatekeeper he will have something for you, a trinket of some sort.
18.  Thank the Gatekeeper as you take it. The trinket will be a memento of what you have learned during that particular past life journey.
19.  Return down the stairs of the Akashuik Records and walk away from them. 
20.  Close your chakra and become aware of your body or Join your bird and fly back to your safe place, see sky, feel grass and sun, watch it set turning orange then red, go back down your rainbow path and through the door.
21.  Become aware of your body and the reality you are now in. Make notes in your meditation diary. 

            You do not need to visit the Akashuik Records to see your past lives that you need to know about.  Intent is everything and with clear intent you can see what you ask for, remember, this Universe works for your highest good.  Keep it real and keep yourself clear.  Do not get caught up in the past and stay focused on being capable in the moments of today.

Releasing or Understanding Past Life Pain and Experiences

            I believe that all things are meant to be dealt with in this lifetime but do understand that others believe they must travel back, so I include this exercise to be used within that theory.

Understanding Past life Pain or Experiences

1.     Relax, breathe deeply, white light, open your chakras and call you highest guide.
2.     Allow darkness to fall around you, keeping your senses alive and alert.
3.     Allow a scene to appear before you.
4.     Let the memories and past life flow before you.  Gain an understanding of where you have been and learned.
5.     Take the messages you require for the life you are living now along with the understanding of the experiences you have had.
6.     Thank your guide for their presence and return to your body now.
7.     Close your chakras, become aware of your surroundings and open your eyes.
8.     Ponder and reaffirm what you have learned and write down anything you may need to.

Exercise for seeing past lives in a waking state

1.     Stand in front of the mirror, or across from a friend

2.     Stare into the mirror or at your friend.

3.     Make mental note of the way your (their) face shifts and changes.

4.     Note the hair style or clothes

5.     You may see one or many looks/lives; note the ones you see.

6.     Once you refocus write down what you saw and make notes.

7.     Ask your guides why those lives are showing at this time and if there is anything you need to know at this time.

8.  Write the words or phrases you hear in your thoughts.  Do not run around telling others, as the information you received is for you, if you are running a parallel life, know you are not the person you were, but the person you are with so of the gifts you once had returning again to aid you in the journey you are on now. If you are dealing with others from your own past lifetimes, understand you are in this lifetime to learn the lesson shown now and not to deal with things from a past life.  If you are meant to heal things from past life relationships, they will present themselves this lifetime and you will do what you need today in the here and now.  Once done 'past life surfing' say "thank you" to what you believe in.

            Guides - Your guides are there for you and it is their job is to serve you and you alone.  There are many theories as to what guides are.  Some believe they are guardian angles, while others believe that they may be someone who has passed away.  Those who have passed on may guide us at times but the guides we have with us at all times have never been human and they are here to serve only you.  They are translators of Universal Energy and information.  Therefore they aid you to channel Universal Energy as well as channeling information.  They aid us in connecting to and understanding our messages until we are able to hear them for ourselves.  They are our connector to the universal force until we learn we are always connected and able to channel information and energy on our own simply because we are human.

            Guides around us - We will usually have only one guide that speaks.  This guide is often above your head or slightly behind you.  I call this your 'overseer', as they seem to 'over see' us until we get on our own, able to receive information directly from our source.   These guides are usually older feeling or male and are located directly above your head or slightly behind your head.

            You have another guide that will feel like a warm fuzzy feeling.  This guide is to aid you during energy transference – channeling energy.  This guide often appears or feels very feminine, very gentle and warm.  She does not often speak.  She is usually found above either shoulder.  Many refer to her as their angel as she works in feelings rather than words.

            To find your guides, mentally feel around your energy field.  When you feel something warm or tingly, chances are that is your guide.  Ask them something and see what happens.      Your guides and the Universe (God) have always been showing you the way, you just did not know how to see or hear them.  Once we learn to hear and see for ourselves through our guides, we will eventually not need them to translate for us, as we will have learned our universal language.

Exercise for talking to guides

1.     Feel your guide's presence and direct your thought (question) to that energy only.

2.     Use automatic writing or another divinatory tool (tarot, runes or pendulum) to focus on the answer you are receiving.

3.     As you feel/hear the information, write down the words or phrases that stand out to you.

4.     Look at what you have written from your conversation or reading and see if there is a flow or story being shown to you.

5.     Be honest and open to hear/feel what you are being told and not change it into what you want to hear.


Directly Channeling Information from your guides

1)  To begin channeling sit in a quiet room, burn incense and candles if you so desire.  Relax.  Achieve a comfortable state of relaxation but not meditation. 
2)  Focus on the energy in the room and feel for your guide.  Become accustomed to what their energy feels like.  Feel how your guides' energy feels different than yours. 
3)  Now listen, not with your ears but with your mind.  Focus and ask your guide a question, in your mind listen for the answer.  The answer will sound like your thoughts sound.  They answer instantly. You do not have to try to hear them it is like you will 'know' what they said.  Remember, everyone can do this.

Exercise for feeling guides and using their guidance for energy transference (healing)

1.     Feel the presence of your gentle guide.

2.     Focus on the center of your forehead to open your third eye.

3.     Become aware of the top of your head, feel it open.

4.     Become aware of your heart and allow it to open.

5.     Become very aware of the palms of your hands and feel them become warm.

6.     Ground your feet.

7.     Ask your guide to aid you in being a clear channel and move your hands to the energy you would like the Universal light to flow to.

8.     Once done shake your hands to remove residual energy.

9.     Say thank you to what you believe in.

            To work with your guides you need no special guidance or direction, it's simple, the purer your channels are, the more pure the information will be. 

            If you hear a voice that seems to be lying remember it could be a lower level guide still learning, a wayward spirit looking for someone to chat with or your own ego vying for attention. In what I have learned it could also be a past life memory of this planet to bring some knowledge you may require at this time so you may wish to take a trip to the Akashuik Records.  It takes time to differentiate the voices and feelings but you will.  It really is practice, practice, and practice with a whole lot of honesty.

            The guide best for channeling is your overseer.  Their purpose has always been what it is, to be a translator for the Universal Energy until you are able to bypass them and be a direct link yourself.  Through these guides we can hear the voice of our perception of "God".   Your guides can teach you to feel, see and hear the voice of your highest source more clearly.  Since these guides and us are of the same energy, they are our connection to the Universal Energy.   Always call for your highest guide.  They will always come for they are always with you.

Daily life - Remember to keep all of this real.  You are not a freak, odd or unusual; do not use your newfound information for anyone but yourself to aid your daily life.  Journal for your answers when you need guidance and remember to rely on yourself and not feel the need to journal for answers as a crutch during your day.  Know you are safe and work to develop your blind faith and belief system.  Clear your home and your spaces because you can, doing it your way and as often as needed.

            Remember not to look into your past lives until you can live contently in your life now, as too many people use past lives, divinatory tools or other seemingly intriguing information to avoid living daily the life they are in now.  You are in this world and this life, treasure that fact and find humility within it.  It does not matter who you were but who you are in the here and now.

            The same warning goes for ghosts, guides and spirits.  Do not run around creating drama for yourself with ghosts, guides and spirits.  Ghosts are dead people, case and point.  Clear waywards from your home and move on.  Do not put yourself above anyone or cause yourself fear because you may attract waywards.  You are not a victim nor do you need to fear them.  Waywards come when they can so simply clear your space and move on, do not call them back because you think it is cool to have ghosts or because you feel you 'need' them there, as they will come.

              With Spirits, be thankful and stay humble while these loved ones check on you as need be.  Your spirits will come regardless of how clear your home is.  They are of pure Universal love and they are here for you.  Guides are for your personal information, there is no need to compare or exploit that higher part of you that can act as a translator while you learn to hear it for yourself.

            This is your life.  Live it to the best of your ability with all the gifts, lessons and knowledge it offers.  You are a perfect and wonderful being, loved by an unconditionally loving force.  Take that to heart and you will never feel alone.








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AuKeeRa Rayne said...

Questions asked on Facebook by a client/friend ~ I have a question! If we have past lives why are there spirits are they waiting for the next life or are they done. Also if someone who was close to me in the last life is trying to contact me does my spirit feel it. Is there some spirits that can't be called because they are in the next living body! I'm not trying to be clever here these are things I'm truly wanting to know!

AuKeeRa Rayne said...

The answers I gave to these questions ~ AuKeeRa Rayne
2 seconds ago
AuKeeRa Rayne

There are hundreds of years often between past lives. And in what I have seen not everyone who has passed before you is waiting. Buddhist believe it is very rare to have another life, they say it is like coming up from the bottom of the ocean into a small ring.

A life is a life. Past lives don't ever lap as much as some would have us believe. If they are meant to be a part of this lifetime with you, you will meet them but you may not realize they are from another life, for that part does not matter as much as their part in this life with you (make sense?) You may have a sense that you feel you know them but it is still up to you to see who they are this lifetime, regardless of last time, for it is this life you are both living.

I would figure that is a plausible theory, but I have not come across that just yet. I have come across (like in the case of my own father) that he is further 'away' from me now in his spirit journey, so I can call him but I will feel him and he may not chose to come (because at this state they are pure unconditional love and they know we truly don't need them, for they know all humans are strong and capable living a life of perfection within the universal (God's) plan.