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Energy Transference class

I will include chapter 2 of From Above with Love shortly but for now, study this :) I will also include this chapter in its entirety later.

Energy Transference ~ Becoming a Channel for the Universal Light Energy

            Energy is all around us and makes everything we see.  Once we learn to feel our own energy we will learn the many uses there are for it.  We will also in turn learn how to feel others energies, along with energy shifts and the knowledge to balance those imbalances within and around us.  We, as an energy channel, can tap into the Universal Light Energy and use it to aid yourself and others in balancing, grounding, evolving and physically healing.

            The clearer our minds become and the more we know ourselves, the more energy we will feel we have access to.  We will have clearer intuition, better health, humble thoughts and a connection to our world that will feel content and be filled with gratitude.  Life will not be a burden and will always be worth living, even within the mundane.  Do the work to understand that you evolve and want to keep evolving, it is worth it and it is part of life.  All the theories on Atlantis and healing work the same way.  We are the true conduits and vessels for the Universal Light Energy or God.  Human beings have an incredible energy field and do effect their environment.  We are not paying attention lately.  Everything benefits from you having a stronger energy output.  When we expand when using the Universal Energies (God's love) and you will see your house feel wonderful, while people around you say you feel nice to be around, your plants will flourish and your animals friends will want to be around you all the time.  That said it is not your energy that heals and balances others as all of us have the same energy potential.  Some will always be 'stronger' but it is relative and you will always have as much as you need.

            If you are feeling weak or depleted, it is NOT due to something zapping you or taking your energy.  No one or thing or entity can take your energy unless you give it.  You do not get to give your energy away as you are not the source.  If your energy is depleted then it is up to you to replenish it using the Universal Energy, God or Blind Faith.  To blame another or the situation will not be your answer.  To sit and ask yourself, pray or meditate to find out what is up with you, what you are learning or what you need, will be your answer.  You may need to let go of some old belief systems and add some new more self-respecting thoughts and outlooks.  You need to understand and accept your emotions and the humanness of emotion.  You need to learn you are perfect and your life is exactly as you want it to be and you have the power to see and feel all the beauty in your life.  You can increase your energy; you can heal and balance yourself, especially when you realize you are not sick, lost or weak – you are perfect, even when you are sick or feeling lost.

            The purpose of seeking a 'healer' or becoming one, is to be a channel for Universal Energy to those who are already doing the internal thought work to aid themselves in getting where they want to be.  No person can heal another that only comes from the self and the energy from the Universe.  If you choose to involve your ego while doing energy work and decide you are using your own energy, you will get sick.  Do not let your ego convince you otherwise.

            People cannot take our energy nor can we use our own to aid another.  When we radiate Universal Energy it is not our own energy we give but the energy of our Universe that we are apart of and entitled to.  Hence people do not take of us but of what they and we are all entitled to – the Universal Energy.  You can never be hurt, 'hit' or depleted when you have so much Universal Energy it is overflowing.  Always remember to fill your own well first and know others are capable of filling theirs also.

            White lighting is one way to immediately feel the energies around us.  White lighting is simple and quick; you learned it during basic meditation.

  1. Think of the brightest and purest white light you can.
  2. Allow the white light to envelope your body.
  3. Open the top of your head and allow the light to flow into your heart and down to your hands.

Learn how your body feels in this state, as this state is when our energies are heightened.  By using the energy there are all sorts of things you may now choose to do.

            Expanding your Energy - When you are in a place that feels uncomfortable, try this

1.   Focus on the white light that surrounds you with your eyes open or closed.

2.   Feel or imagine your energy expanding into and filling the room you are in.  If you need to

   visualize something, imagine a large iridescent bubble or mist filling the entire room.

3.  With room now flooded with pure love, light energy, you will feel more comfortable along    with everybody else.

This technique is quick to do and useful when coming home after work, dealing with staff or intense business meetings, meetings to make business deals, entering parties, or before you need to get up to speak to people, no matter the number.  Your class, client, spouse or kids will appreciate the energy boost just as much as you will.

            Throwing your Energy - This is useful when shifting or diffusing a stressful situation.  Use it during a confrontation, a tense meeting or when meeting someone you are unsure of. 

1.   Focus on that person, then on your own the Universal energy.

2.   Feel the top of your of your head "open" to allow the universal flow of energy in.

3.   Allow the energy to flow down into your heart.

4.   Aim your palm or thought at the person you wish to 'touch'.

5.   Feel the Universal energy shoot from the palms of your hands to the person.

            This technique works well to deflate a hostile person, or aid someone who may be feeling uncomfortable and can be done while hugging someone.  A person may choose not to accept energy offered to them, so this technique may not always work due to that fact.

            We choose how we react and feel therefore another cannot take your energy.  Being around 'draining' people may be unavoidable if they are at work or in your home but it is you who chooses to feel their energy.  White light yourself first before entering the situation and then transfer Universal Energy into the area. 

            To block someone else's energy

1.   After white lighting, cloak yourself by imagining a black, cheesecloth like covering.
2.   If you are feeling 'attacked' by negative energies or bad medicine, remember it can only affect you if you let it, change your mind and your reality.  What does that look like?  Do not allow yourself to feel irritated, angry, frustrated or victimized in anyway.  Know the other's feelings are theirs, not to be fixed or taken on by you as that is your ego speaking. You are not a martyr and no one is broken, a victim or in need of 'healing' by another.
3.   Some people believe negative or harmful energies as well as other form of 'evil' can hit you.  The truth being you can only be hurt if you believe you can be.  If you decide it cannot hurt you, it cannot, ever.  This is your choice.  No one on this earth is a victim.  Decide not to be a victim and allow Universal Energy to flow through you at all times.

The point with energy is not to make it positive or negative but always the purest form of energy within what you believe.  The concept of negative or positive is a man made concept and lowers the truth of what universal light energy is- unconditionally loving and perfect.

            Channeling and Feeling the Ball of Energy - The energy ball will show you how big you can form your energy and is good to practice in order to keep your channels clear.  This is an excellent exercise for practitioners and business people as well as moms.

1.   White light yourself and 'open' the top of your head.
2.   Imagine the energy flowing from the Universe, through your head, into your heart and then down your arms to your palms.
3.   Place your palms about an inch apart.
4.   Slowly bounce them together until they feel like they are being repelled from one another like two magnets with the same charge.
5.   Focus on the energy ball and allow it to grow bigger and bigger while you see your hands sit further and further apart.



Forming the Energy Ball with another person

1.   Place your own palms facing each other. 
2.   Gently bounce your palms together.  It will feel like there is a rubber ball between your palms. 
3.   Slowly move your hands apart, while continuing feeling the ball of energy. 
4.   See how big the two of you can make this ball get.

This is a great energy exercise for those to work on your energy transference ability.

            Energy Swapping - This is fun exercise to do with other practitioners as well as partners, your children or friends to aid in increasing and balancing each other's energy.

1.   White light and open your channels.
2.   Sit across from your friend, partner or child preferably cross-legged on the floor. 
3.   Place your hands out right hand palm down and left palm up or simply both palms up.
4.   Have your friend place their hands over yours so the palms are facing one another but not touching. 
5.   Relax and breathe.  Focus on opening your head and allowing the Universal Light Energy to flow through your heart, down your arms and out your palms.  Your palms may begin to feel warm or tingle.
6.   As this occurs do not feel it is weird or strange and allow the energy to flow while opening your mind to allow your body take what it needs at that time.
7.   Once you are done, simply separate your hands and know the universal energy gave you what you needed. 

            Have you ever wondered why people hold hands to pray?  It is this reason.  Our energies increase when we are in a group and then choose to focus on the Universal energy, regardless of the name we have given it's source.  We, as humans are very strong and have the ability to do great things when we allow this 'Energy' be a daily part of our existence.

            Once you have transferred energy to that person, you must have the faith they received what they needed to from the universe – not you, as you are only a humble channel.  Always remember that.  Never allow your ego to tell you that you alone are capable of using your own energy to change, help or heal someone.  We do not need healing as we are always in a state of evolution, passing through different stages in our life. We are not disconnected or unable to receive Universal Energy for ourselves.  We are whole, complete and intact. You must always stay wary of a person who claims to heal others.

            Energy Transference - It is possible to transfer energy from one source to another.  As I mentioned before the receiving person can block the energy if it unneeded or given in a controlling manner.  When choosing transfer Universal energy it is important you never use your own.  There is an everlasting abundance of Universal Energy at your disposal to use.  Using your own will only make you tired, weak and possibly ill.  Your energy is yours and allowing the Universal Energy to flow through you will only make you more humble and grateful as you realize you alone do nothing.

1.     To transfer energy, white light yourself and open your channels.
2.     Include the person in your energy field and imagine the energy increasing.
3.     You may also shake their hand and imagine energy flowing up their arm to their heart.
4.     Your intent is not to fix anything for that person but to add to their strength and balance.

For practitioners or others that may feel it useful, use the technique of hovering and balancing energy blocks or imbalances.

            Hovering on the Body for Energy Imbalances - The technique of hovering is used to find energy imbalance on others, the self, children as well as plants and animals depending on the person's needs or abilities. 

1.   Focus your energy and center yourself.  Open the top of your head (the crown chakra), and then open your heart chakra, feeling the energy run to your palms.  Feel your ground yourself enabling the energy to flow through you.
2.    Hold your right hand about 3 cm above the person, plant or animal you wish to feel.
3.   Run your hand along the area and feel for heat, cold or tingling.  People feel imbalances differently so learn how you feel them.
4.   When you feel the energy of the person (plant or animal) shift, pause and hover over that area.  It is normal to feel a tingling, a burning, or even a cramping sensation as the person (plant or animal) chooses to release the stagnant energy into your receptor hand.  Remember to keep your head and heart open and your feet grounded.  You may also do this on yourself using your hand or simply visualizing internally.
5.   Once done gently run your hands through the other person (plant or animals) energy field (aura) to calm and rebalance and ground them once again.

Note this technique was done with your right hand.  The right feels imbalances and can channels the energy in.  The left hand balances and your right hand is the receptor to feel imbalances.  To aid in rebalancing we enact the left hand as it draws the energy out of the body and return it to the Universe.

            Using a Quartz Crystal to Direct Energy Transference –When using energy transference techniques you may use a crystal (or stone point if you wish to add the effects of that particular stone) to direct and amplify the Universal light energy to the person using that energy to balance or evolve themselves through an injury or illness.

1)    Hold the crystal point in your hands.
2)    Open your crown chakra (top of your head) your heart chakra, feel the energy in the palms of your hands and ground your feet.
3)    Hold the crystal point, point down in your right hand and begin to hover over the body.
4)    When you feel an imbalance, focus on the crystal and hold it there as you envision the energy coming down through your head, passing though your heart, down your arm through your right palm and moving into your left palm, flowing back through your heart and out your feet then into the ground.
5)    Move to each spot you feel 'called' to and repeat the three steps.
6)    Once done, gently sweep the energy field and know you humbly did what you were there to do.  Thank your Universe or what you believe in.
7)    Clear your crystal after using the energy method.

            You may feel your crystal get hot or vibrate and you may even feel it pulse.  This is fine and normal.  You and your client will love the energy of the crystal and the feeling it gives in the way it seems to make every sensation stronger.

            You may also use other stones to enhance the treatment.  Place stones on the corresponding chakras to enhance a treatment as well as the use of a Herkimere Diamond to enhance the energies being used and/or a Ulexite to aid in drawing out any ailments or illness.

            Simply place the stone on the chakra area, or place the Herkimere or Ulexite wherever the body shows you to place it.  These spots also may be found by using your pendulum.  Where the pendulum has little or no activity, you may wish to place the Herkimere (to enhance) or Ulexite (to draw out).


            Clearing and Recharging Items using Energy - There are many ways to clear stones and jewelry using the earth, moonlight, sunlight, water and even salt.  You may also clear these items using the light energy of the Universe.

1.     Take the items (one at a time) and place it in your left palm.
2.     Place your right hand over your left hands palm facing one another, but hands not touching at all.
3.     White light, open your head and heart, feel the energy flow down your right hand through the item and into your left hand, flowing through the item.
4.     Hold the item this way until you feel it clear and recharge.
5.     Do this as often as you feel the need.  Some stones are self-clearing, as their purpose is to clear the wearer's energy field.  However most stones do need to be clear regularly, if that means only once a year for some.





Rebalancing Energy Blocks (use both hands)

1.   Open your crown chakra, then heart chakra, feeling the energy in the palms of your hands.  Ground your feet.
2.   The left and right hand can feed into one another to clear energy blocks and enhance the energy of imbalanced area.  Place your hands on either side of the area that you felt clear through your right hand.  The right sends out energy and the left takes the unwanted or imbalanced energy.
3.   Hold your hands there and envision the energy coming down through your head, passing though your heart, down your arm through your right palm to the person, animal, plant or object then moving into your left palm, flowing back through your heart and out your feet and into the ground.
4.   Even if you do not feel this, it is fine, simply visualize and know the universe and the person (plant or animal) are doing what they need to do with you as a channel.
5.   Move to each spot you feel 'call' you and repeat number 3.
6.   Once done, gently sweep the energy field and know you humbly did what you were there to do.
7.   Thank your Universe or what you believe in.

            Never take credit for someone else's experience or physical healing due to being treated with you as your channel.  Always remember people heal themselves and do not need anyone else but it is nice to have an extension of the Universe to aid us sometimes.

            This is a technique used by many 'hands on healers' and energy workers while proving itself regularly to be very beneficial.  All forms of hands on work, whether the practitioner realizes it or not, transfers the universal light energy. That is why one must seek out practitioners, even medical ones who carry a humble approach to their work.  Even those who care for our animals must learn to draw on the Universal light energy rather than giving of their own energies when aiding the animal's health.  Human beings without a connection to their Universe do not even have enough energy for themselves let alone another.

            It is often very hard for those practitioners to not give of themselves, not realizing they are not suppose to as the universe has enough for all of us.  Our society teaches it is nice to give of you to another but that is ego based and not of spirit.  Spirit knows there is not need to be a martyr.  For others it is hard not to take credit and that is why they use their own energy at the risk of becoming very ill, as we alone do not have enough, not to mention the possibility of becoming egomaniacs.  Choose your thoughts and intentions well when working with any other living thing.  We are all equal.





Clearing your Home using Energy - Since you live in your home, you may use your channeled universal light energy to clear out unwanted energies and balance the energies in your home.

1.     Stand in your home's center.
2.     White light and open your head and heart, feeling the energy flow to your palms.
Aim both your hands outward, imagining or feeling streams of universal light energy flowing through them and flooding your entire home or you may choose to feel your energy expand through the entire home as you learned to do when flooding a room rather than using your palms to aim the energy.
3.     Sit for a moment and feel the energy thoroughly saturate the home.
4.     Feel your Creator and send gratitude.
5.     Imagine a black colored cheesecloth like cover gently cloak your home.
6.     Shake your hands off to rebalance yourself and calm your energy.

            This technique can be done daily and is best if done at least weekly if there is tension, arguing, illness or a lot of people in and out of the home.  Otherwise do it when you feel your home needs a boost or when you white light yourself just expand it out.

            We are all beings of energy.  We are all of the same energy and thus can channel for one another when asked or allowed.  Never offer energy in the mindset that the other person is needy or you are doing them a favor by 'helping' them.  These are words of your ego and when transferring energy with that purpose you underestimate the other person's ability and therefore your own.

            You are the true vessel of energy and therefore can store, expand, transfer, share and access this energy at any time.  It is the Universal Light Energy creates and 'powers' everything we see (as well as the things we do not see.)  It is there to be used and channeled so allow yourself to become apart of it.  You will feel connected, never alone, always content and still able to function in this wild, wacky and wonderful world we live in.

            If you decide to take a course such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch or any other energy technique remember regardless of the name, they all use the same energy and the same theory even if they say they do not.  All of these techniques are as effective as the simple technique shown to you here.  I feel all theories are right and have a place in this society.  When practicing an art of energy work with a lineage remain humble and respectful. Always remember to keep the ego out of it though and never to say you healed anyone or are practicing "healings" as words are powerful and you are not the healer, the person on your table is.


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