Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guides, Tarot, pendulum ~ Divining your own answers

Divine Communication – Channeling for your Own Answers
            Channeling is truly a wonderful gift.  It is one we all have and are able to use.  It is not a gift reserved for only the elite, for you see; all people are perfect and elite!
            To channel you need no special guidance or direction, it's simple, the more pure your channels are, the more pure the information will be.  In order to reach your ultimate channeling capacity you must stay as pure as you feel fit.  Thus you will channel the energy or information you so desire.
            The ultimate goal is to reach your purest channel or highest "guide" and eventually establish a direct link within you.  In order to do this one must not consume or acknowledge any negativity or negative energy whatsoever.  This means you learn to understand there is really no evil or negative here.  There is only the ego and the ego is a part of you and there fore it is also perfect – you just have to learn to not have it be your guide in life.  The journey to your highest channeling capability will indeed be the most exciting you have ever had.  Yet remember although there is no right or wrong here always call for you purest highest guide when you wish to channel.  If you feel you are ready to channel, then you are ready.
            If you hear a voice that seems to be lying it could be a lower level guide still learning, a wayward spirits looking for someone to chat with or your own ego vying for attention. In what I have learned it could also be a past life memory of this planet to bring some knowledge you may require at this time. It takes time to differentiate the voices and feelings but you will. 
            The guides best for channeling are guides that never have been embodied at all.  Their purpose has always been what it is, to be a translator for the Universal Energy until you are able to bypass them and be a direct link yourself.  Through these guides we can hear the voice of our perception of "God".   Your guides can teach you to feel, see and hear the voice of your highest source more clearly.  Since these guides and us are of the same energy, they are our connection to the Universal Energy.   Always call for your highest guide.  They will always come for they are always with you.
            You are a channel and not the source.  Without the information of the Universal energy nothing is possible.  Simply put, you alone do nothing.  Therefore taking credit and putting yourself above others simply because you have learned to be a servant of the Universe by channeling energy, light or information, will only bring you pain and confusion.  If you take credit for a person who has healed while using you as a channel, you may begin to use your own energy to heal others.  Thus your own energy shall be depleted and you shall become sick.  If you decide others must come to you for information rather allowing them or telling them they can learn to do it on their own, you will become stagnant within your ego and although you may make a lot of money or even become famous, you will have quit evolving.   Stay humble and give credit to the Universal Energy that brings your knowledge and insight.  To be a clear channel you become a servant of the Universe and not of your ego.
Guide Communication - To begin channeling
1)    Sit in a quiet room, burn incense and candles if you so desire.  Relax. 
2)    Achieve a comfortable state of relaxation but not meditation. 
3)    Focus on the energy in the room or in your mind and feel for your guide.  Become accustomed to what their energy feels like.  Feel how your guide's energy feels different than yours. 
4)    Ask your guide a question.
5)    Listen in your for the answer.  The answer will sound or feel like your thought but you will know it is of you.  It will feel calm and peaceful.
Know guides are of a respectful nature and will never swear at you, call you down, invoke fear, scare you, or make you feel bad.  If this happens it is likely your ego vying for your attention, refocus and try again. 
            You are in control of your guides as they are an extension of you and they're to serve and help you.  They are like translators for an energy, light and guidance the guidance you are not quite able to hear on your own yet.
            Realize this will take time to learn, each time refocus and try again with love, trust and great emotion.  Your guide will feel warm, kind and gentle, also speaking to you with a firm word or a good kick in the butt when required.

Speak openly with your guide. 
You will eventually get to a place where you may get immediate answers on questions, and receive information without even asking.

            As guide communication becomes clearer you will find your guides are always guiding you, as they are an extension of or link to God or the Universe.  The purer your channels are, the more aware you are and thus the more guidance you will receive.  Your guides (and the Universe) have always been showing you the way, you just did not know how to see or hear them or always trust them (yourself).
            In your mind are all your answers, along with all the information you will ever need to know.  If you need to learn something you cannot seem to remember, feel or hear, a human guide or a book will be provided for you.  Technically there are no teachers and students.  There are simply guides in human form that come when called.  We are all servants of the Universe for all people are equal.   You are already being used to aid others and often you will never be aware when the Universe is using you.  Trust and have faith in whatever you believe in.   Allow your faith to lead and not your ego.
            One day you may channel information for others. Through channeling you may access all sorts of information.  Body ailments, emotional imbalance, and present situations, past lives and the list does go on.  Your possibilities as always are endless.  Know and remember-
Unsolicited advice is never welcome.

Spirit never speaks down to another person.
Spirit is not used to "teach" someone
or help them "get it".
Spirit knows they already have it.
            Remember, we all have all the answers we need therefore always be humble and treat others with respect.  If you feel the need to tell someone you first must be able to differentiate ego from the higher self.  Not all channeled information is to be told.  A lot of information is meant only for the receiver and not for the rest of the world.  Do not let your ego convince you that you are better or the answer to other person's problems. 
            So often we hear people state things they think others need to hear when no one has asked their advice or their opinion.  We all listen politely and know their advice is meant for only themselves.  Our egos need attention, confirmation, someone to notice we are different or special.  Always remind yourself you are unique, special and perfect (along with everyone else) before you speak. 
            Yes, I realize as you learn new things that work for you, you wish to share these good feelings and newfound knowledge to the world.  You must understand everyone is on a similar path and they will find their own way without any unsolicited advice, including yours.  Even though you may "mean" well, you are in fact underestimating others and therefore underestimating your own potential as well.  To think any person needs to be rescued, healed or saved is to decide they are incapable of what you just achieved.  That view is pure ego and not higher self.
            The word psychic has been given a pretty hokey image.  Most psychics do not channel.  Those who channel are usually called clairvoyant, clairaudient or a seer, and they are seen as very gifted reader, and are most humble and peaceful.

            You do not need to be a clairvoyant to read tarot cards, use a pendulum, read runes, I Ching, Numerology, someone's Astrology or palm.  These are all very accurate when done right and are a whole science within themselves. These arts do not require clairvoyance but deep dedication and practice.
            To learn to channel information it is practice, practice, and practice.  Not all of us are meant to be "seers" as all of us are not meant to be plumbers.  We all do not have the same gift.  Some can see spirits, some auras; some can see the past and futures of others, while some can see all of this and more.  
            Practice and listen to yourself.  You will learn what you need to know at this time.  Our learning never stops.  Remember, your goal is to live your life, not save or change others.  We all are equal. 
            Stay mindful of your ego, it will always talk and that is fine but it does not need to control your daily thought process.  Also be aware of the need or addiction to reading yourself too often.  What is meant to occur is a process where blind faith takes over due to proof of what you have seen. 
            As you see your answers shown you will learn how to act within your world.  You will need to ask less your guides or divinatory tools less often and trust your inner self more.  You will know through prayer and 'knowing' how live to the best of your ability.
             Journaling will become your form of personal channeling and you will find your answer always lies within being honest with yourself, for within you lies your personal link to the Universal flows of light energy and information.

Automatic Writing
Sit down with your journal and write down the question you are pondering.  Then have a written dialogue with yourself.
Example of Self-Dialogue 
Write down your question or statement - I want a new job.
Then ask yourself - Why?
Then answer - I do not like the one I am at.
Then ask again - Why?
Now list the reasons why and then look at the truth of why you may not like your job.  Ask your responsibility in the situation.

Example of finding Self-Responsibility
I do not like my boss.
Then ask yourself "what is my responsibility in the situation?"  This is when honesty is required to find your truth.  You may write about how you are not to react with emotion or how you need to be more humble.  You may not always like the answer you find, as the responsibility will always end up being yours.  You are not responsible for the way another acts nor do you get to blame them for your reaction.  You are not there to fix their part of the situation, only to take responsibility for yours so you may learn and move on from that situation.

When looking to channel information one must also accept the lessons that often accompany the questions.  If you want to know your future be sure you are able to handle your present.  Learn to understand your issues with the here and now you are in rather than possibly trying to run to a possible future.

Take the time to talk things out with yourself and learn to find your own answers using the voice of the higher self and learning to hear the ego and not listen to it or follow it.  Rather learn to treat your ego with love and kindness as you would any unhappy child.  When the child is yelling and complaining trying to get your attention you would not let it take over, you would listen and then continue with what you are doing.  The ego just wants to be heard, so say to your ego "I hear you."  In a kind and loving tone of thought.

Voice of Ego
Does not feel responsible
Feels revenge is fine
Tit for tat
Feels I don't have to if other people aren't
How come I always have to be the bigger person?
They weren't nice to me
I can teach everyone
I know more than they do
I am not good enough
I can't find my own answers
Things are always done to me
I am the one getting hurt!
I didn't do anything to deserve the treatment I am getting
I am alone
I am unworthy
I may not be good enough, but I know I have other people's answers
I know what others need to do
I am right, they are wrong
I have a right to tell people how to treat me.
I have a right to tell people how they are suppose to act when around me
I can tell you how to speak to me.
Nobody likes me.
I always do it wrong.
See my idea is right!
The ego always comes from a place of right or wrong.  Always from a need to control you or another person through guilt, blame or fear.  The ego uses emotion as a weapon.  The ego has the need to act righteous, hierarchical while feeling it knows everything.  The ego feels the need to prove it is not weak and has a predetermined idea that higher-self, respectful or accepting behavior is weak.

The Higher self
Is able to put you into another's shoes and see the situation from their perspective.
Does not blame.
Takes responsibility.
Does not need to fix or save another.
Does not judge.
Take the time to learn the lesson presented.
Does not let emotion cloud the lessons present.
Knows everything happens for a reason to aid in learning.
Does not need saving.
Does not need a leader to follow.
Does not need someone else to make them whole.
Does not need religion.
Knows there is a personal relationship already formed to their perception of God.
Knows it has no one's answers except its own.
Know to live by example rather than speak.
Knows to never give unsolicited advice.
Knows the ego is present and must be loved, accepted but not listened to or acted on.
Knows you are whole at all times and always learning.
Knows life is not work and supports you during perceived hard times.
Knows forgiveness is does within self to accept another to let the hurtful situation go.
Knows life experiences do not define you.
Knows everyone has had hard learning experiences also.
Knows we are all equal, learning, and doing the best we can.
Love and accepts all and knows how to say no.
Knows self-sacrifice is ego as you are not here to save the world nor anyone in it.
Knows that being self-centered is not ego based for you must live only your life.
Knows once you love and accept yourself you will accept those around you as they are.

            It does take practice to call your bluff and not allow ego to run your actions and your thoughts.  Your actions may stay the same but the thoughts you back them with will change.  For example, you may still come across cold or yell at your family for a while but the thoughts will not be "I have a right to act this way!"  Rather they will become "How can I handle this differently next time." 
            The realization will come and you will see your thoughts are very important and you are responsible for what you think at all times.  There will always be another lesson so accept your lessons for this time.  Do not let your ego convince you there is nothing left to learn or you are not capable to see the solution for yourself.

As you learn to see your answers you may also try divination.

            There are many forms of divination.  The pendulum or the stones for yes, no questions, Rune stones for clarity in life's directions and spell casting, Tarot cards to clarify a particular situation, I Ching for daily divination of proper action.  There are also daily divination cards such as the Power Deck, which has absolutely breath taking artwork along with knowledgeable and inspiring insight.  This deck is not a Tarot deck.  This deck will help one to clarify life's little incidents.  For the use of all of these divinatory tools you do not need to be psychic or clairvoyant.  It is practice, practice, and more practice.  Often people seek insight from a "professional psychic".  There are many readers out there today to "help" you with you life.  But here is a word to the wise. 
            There is no such thing as a good reader or bad readers per say.  There are readers who may see more or more clearly than others.  There may be some that are more accurate than others.  But the reader that comes into your has told you exactly what you needed to hear at that time be it good, bad or indifferent.
            Be very weary of readers who say that they can fix your life for you for a "minimal" cost.  You and you alone can fix your life.  There may be some clairvoyants/psychics or shamans who will tell you this plus give you some suggestions as to how to learn to help yourself that is good as long as they realize you have to do the work and not them. (Be wary of those who feel you are beneath them and need their help).        Trust your instincts.  When choosing a psychic, clairvoyant or shaman, follow you gut.  If you like that reader then let them read you.  If there is something about them that you just don't trust, leave.  Even if you booked the appointment without meeting them first, leave.  The Universe is trying to tell you something if it just doesn't feel right.
            Clairvoyants and psychics can be an asset to your life but be careful of becoming addicted to them.  A psychic cannot fix your life nor do they have all the answers to all of your problems as you have to do the work. You need to learn to rely on yourself and trust the Universe.
            Phone lines and psychic fairs are often filled with people waiting to make a living off your fascination rather than being able to aid you, as always use in moderation.  Seek help or confirmation only when you truly need it and do not let anyone ever tell you it costs over one thousand dollars (or even over $200) to rid your house of spirits, you can do this yourself-for free.  I'll tell you how at the end of this chapter.  Oh and one more thing.  If anyone ever ask you to "bow down to them" or thinks that you are lesser than they are because they are the "psychic", leave.  There are people that wish to control and  "teach" others or have a following that admires them for their gifts and who they are as a person.  Unfortunately for that "caring" person is working for ego and may not even realize it.  Be wary if a group seems to have one leader, even it the group is trying to meet with the purpose of love, peace or healing in mind.  You may feel odd and you should for ego is running amuck!
            Read for yourself and with others with only love in you mind.  Never read with the simple purpose of money in mind.  There will always be some things you just are not supposed to see coming.  It is through these instances we learn our greatest life's lessons. 
            Learn to let your life flow and learn to feel the fear and live life anyway! 
PENDULUMS - Pendulums answer yes/no question.
            A pendulum may be a needle on thread, a pendant that has a point [like single crystal or stone pendant] or an already made pendulum.  Pendulums can be made from metal, stone or wood.  Never use plastic.  Plastic has no life force and no vibration of its own therefore it cannot link you to any other vibration.  Pendulums are the simplest divinatory tools to use.  For many years women have used a needle and thread dangling over a pregnant woman's stomach to determine the sex of her unborn child often seen as a circle for a girl, back and forth for a boy.
            This method has also been used to learn how many children or pregnancies a woman will have in her lifetime.  Using a needle and thread held over your own wrist and ask, "How many children shall I have?"  The needle should never touch the skin, stay still and let the needle talk.  There will be a slight break between each child.  When the pendulum is done it will simply stop.  In my case the needle showed circle, back and forth, back and forth, circle, back and forth.  [Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl, Boy] "Oh my God," I exclaimed,  "I am going to have five children?  But I don't want five!"
            Well today I sit almost thirty with the first Girl given up for adoption, and three miscarriages.  So do not worry, the pendulum does not lie.  However the pendulum cannot give an explanation, miscarriages, abortions, and so all pregnancies will be counted and shown.
            If you want the pendulum or needle to be more specific, ask, "How many live children shall I give birth to."  And then count out loud for your pendulum to answer yes or no to.  Same thing can be used for determining the sex.  Ask "How many girls" and then count and then "How many boys."  Learning how to ask questions to get a more specific answer from your pendulum is a talent within itself!
            With every question in life do not go running to the pendulum.  We are not supposed to know everything that is coming up in life, learn to live and except what is coming.  Divinatory tools are like anything else in life, use them in moderation and you will find them helpful.  Use the tools to often and you will only get confused.
            You may carry your pendulum.  If you need confirmation on a "yes-no", use it. The pendulum is quick, easy and straightforward.  Yes, there has be one night that a group of you will start playing with the pendulum and you may go for hours, as the questions get more silly and outrageous.  Though this may be fun it will end up being pretty useless for clear, concise information.
            The pendulum is a great divinatory tool to start out with, as it is simple and straightforward.  There are a few books out there that have some great ideas for using pendulums.  Pendulums are also used for checking food allergies, the clarity of chakra, and for testing foods.
            For allergies hold the food in one hand and have someone else hold the pendulum over your wrist or hold your pendulum over the food while it is in your hand.  It will swing one way for the foods compatibility with your body and the other way for incompatibility with your body.
            This is the same as foods testing except for you hold the pendulum over the food that you wish to ingest.  Again, the pendulum will swing one way for compatibility and the other way if the food is incompatible with you.  You do not have to be allergic to a food for it to be incompatible with your body.  Foods may not stay incompatible for life so if you feel you would like a food you may not have been able to have before, trust yourself or test it, for things never stay the same.
            When testing the chakras, you may lie down and have someone test them for you by holding the pendulum over each chakra.  If there is little, no motion or erratic movement in the pendulum, the chakra is blocked or in need of some attention.  The chakras are thought to swirl counter clockwise, so may your pendulum.
            To test your own chakra hold the pendulum ever your wrist and imagine the color red.  Watch if the pendulum answers yes or no, or for how strong the movement is.  If the pendulum's movement is weak or the answer is no, begin to focus on the color red.  Feel the red flowing through you, becoming stronger.  Do this until the pendulum answers a strong YES.
            Go through all the colors of the chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  Make note which colors were weak.  This technique will also show you which chakras to focus on when meditation or choosing a stone to wear.
            Choose your pendulum with care.  You may wear it around your neck or simply carry it in a pouch.  Learn your pendulum well.

RUNE STONES – Offer gentle life guidance.
            The symbols on rune stones are of a language long past.  There are many different rune symbols available today.  The most popular are the Celtic runes.  There are 25 runes in this particular set. 
            Rune stones are used for daily divination as well as other forms of divination, such as destiny readings and answering specific divinatory questions.  Although the rune stones answers are not necessarily specific they give the reader insight he often did not have before.
            The best runic interpretations I have encountered are by Ralph Blum written in THE BOOK OF RUNES.  Ralph's explanations are positive and uplifting.  I recommend his book over any other available today.  I do not feel I could come anywhere close to the meanings that he has already written and therefore encourage you to purchase his book if you wish to pursue reading the runes.
            The most popular runic spread is the 3-rune spread.  This particular spread can be done daily. 
1) Choose three runes, with your eyes closed, one at a time.  Runes are read from right to left, there for place your second rune to the left of your first and the third to the left of the second.
2) Referring to THE BOOK OF RUNES look up the first rune you have chosen.  Read the whole meaning of that rune. 
3) As you read make note of what phrases pertain to your situation that day. 
4) Continue on to the second and then the third rune.  Looking up their meanings and jotting down the phrases that enlighten you that day.
5) After read through what you have written.  You will see before you an answer, and insight to the situations you may be encountering that day.

Note:  I highly recommend Ralph Blum's Book of Runes, 
Rune Diary, and Healing Rune Book

There are many interpretations of runes, find the ones that suit you.

Tarot Cards – Give a clearer overview of the situation occurring often with some advice and perspective.
            Tarot cards have been used for centuries and are often connected with the "occult".  Tarot cards tell a story of a possible future event and the present situation.  The card's story is only as good as their reader. 
            The fear towards tarot cards has been produced due to the lack of knowledge, misuse and misunderstanding.  The most feared card is the death card and it is actually a good card as it shows there is a new beginning for with death always comes new life.
            It is true anyone can read tarot cards and as always the more you practice the better you will get.  One word to the wise - Do not let your personal opinion ever enter into the card's story.  Learn to be objective and tell the truth.  Never use the cards to control another or cause fear.  The only person you will hurt in the end is yourself.  Just because you may be able to read in away another may not does not make you better or more special; it simply makes you!
            Most people begin reading by using the handbook that comes with their deck.  Choosing a deck is very important, the artwork must appeal to you as it is through the colors and pictures combined with the meaning you will be able to get a broader meaning to the card's story.  Yes, learning to tell the card's story is reading tarot cards.  Well, how can a story be accurate?  The person who is being read puts their 'energy' into the cards when they are shuffling the deck and asking their question, then the reader tells the story to the best of their ability.  The card's story can help clarify what question lies in your heart and will possibly help you to see your answer.  Often people think the tarot holds all their answers.   The fact is you hold all of your answers.  Thinking you can get all your answers from tarot is not believing you have the power within yourself to begin to see the answers the Universe gives you without a Tarot deck in hand.
            Yes, as you work with divinatory tools, continue working on your self-esteem and the relationship with yourself. Take the time to learn what you believe in spiritually and you will not need tools to find your answers.  This may be hard to believe for some but soon you will know what I mean.  Remember we are always evolving.

Card Layout
I personally prefer the Celtic cross.  There are nine cards used in total.

1)    Hold the cards and clear your mind. 
2)    Begin to shuffle the cards thinking of the question you wish to have answered.  If you simply need direction then place that thought forward.
3)    Shuffle the cards until you feel the time to stop.  Some readers prefer to cut the cards into three piles and choose a pile.  Take the chosen pile and set the other cards apart and then set them out accordingly.
4)    Lay out the cards in the preferred reading whether it is one, three or a nine card layout. Turn the cards over side not over end.  Leave the cards that show reverse stay in reverse.  I personally read even if all the cards are in reverse for all readings hold a message but some readers will not. 

One card Layout
1)    Shuffle and think of your question.
2)    Choose one card not looking as you do.
3)    Read the card's meaning and note the words/sentences applying to you for that day.

This is a great read for daily use, Angel Decks, Medicine Decks and the Power Deck; any deck which is not an actually tarot deck with major and minor arcana. 

Three card layout                    1past                           2present              3future
1)    Shuffle the cards and think of your question.
2)    Stop shuffling and cut the deck.
3)    Lay out three cards facing upwards one after another.
4)    Read the first card as the immediate past.
5)    Read the next (second) card as the present.
6)    Read the third card as the future.  This card layout is not for the far future as it can be read weekly.
7)    Note what the cards are telling you.  This layout is very similar to the three rune spread.

Nine Card Layout – not to be used more than once a month

                                                            3                                              10

                                    5                      1                      6                      9
                                                            2lies horizontally over 1

First card is what is closet to your heart.
Second card is what covers your heart and may block you from seeing your heart's desire.
Third card shows what is in your head or how your mind may perceive the situation.  This is usually different from your heart's view of the situation.
Fourth card represents the bases you stand upon, where you get your strength or what you may perceive as your weakness.
Fifth card shows what occurred in your immediate past, within the last three month.
Sixth card represents the situation or situations that will occur in the future, usually up to the next three months.
Seventh card enables you to see how you represent yourself.  This card represents a clearer picture of you and how you are feeling.
Eighth card shows what is occurring in your environment whether it is at work or in the home and whether your environment is conducive to your change or not.
Ninth card tells of your greatest hopes and fears.  For whether you know it or not, what we want the most is also what we fear the most.
Tenth card is your final outcome.  This card completes the story of the cards. 

Do not always expect a straight answers as the Universe also wants you to learn from your experiences.

Number Meanings
1 -> One is the number of new beginnings
2 -> Two is the number of togetherness, doing things again and/or communication or finding balance        
3 -> Three is the number of spiritual communication and development (mind, body and soul)
4 -> Four is the number of foundation
5 -> Five is the number of building a basis for spiritual communication within the self
6 -> Six is the number of the family
7 -> Seven is the number of a spiritual search for the true self or nature and can occur within the self, family and/or business
8 -> Eight is the balance of family and business or things in life
9 -> Nine is the number of completion

The Card Suit Meanings
Swords (spades)- strength and/or conflict
Pentacles or Discs (diamonds)- money and/or prosperity 
Wands or Rods (clubs) - building either in family, relationships or business
Cups or Caldrons (hearts) - matters of the heart, relationships, love of the self

            Lessons are the most important thing in life.  There are no mistakes and no accidents.  Everything and I mean every little thing, happens for a reason.  To discount any emotion, incident or situation is to turn your back on the lessons that are the Universal gift to you.  It is not the Universe that makes your lessons painful; it is you who makes that choice.  It is you who wishes to hold on to your old ways and patterns, no matter how destructive or harmful they may be.  There are no victims in this world; there are only people who do not wish to accept or let go.  There is nothing to fear except for change and that fear alone is enough to make you stop living or striving for life itself.
            Use the cards to show you things you need to see but may not want to.  Do not dwell on a future that has yet to come, use the cards to show you what you can improve on now to better prepare in the here and now and therefore, the future.
            Living in the here and now is the best lesson you will learn.  Do not distract others from doing the same, be a living example. 
            Reading tarot takes patients, practice and trust in your Creator.  By yourself you can see nothing, yet through using the eyes the Universal energy and listening to what you feel, you can and will see many things.
            The Major arcana tell a very special story.  These cards are numbered one through twenty-two.  Personally I believe the
Devil card represents society, one who believes in money/ego and not the Universe or themselves. 
Hierophant or High priest card often shows when "false" religious beliefs or ego is being used and believed. 
Death card a tell tale sign that old beliefs are about to be replaced with new beliefs or changes. 
Lovers card show illusory love and not true love.  The true love card, in my opinion, is the two of cups. 
Otherwise I find that most of the textbook meanings are accurate but remember to look beyond what the book or the deck's written guide may tell you.
            There are 52 minor arcana cards.  These are identical to a deck of playing cards.  There are four suits, 13 in each that run from Ace to King.  Spades and swords are similar.  This suite shows strength and/or conflict.  Diamonds are pentacles, representing money and/or prosperity.  Clubs are wands or rods depending on the deck you are using.  This suit represents building either in family, relationships or money and/or business.  Finally Hearts are cups or caldrons, again depending on the deck.  Yes, this suits works with matters of the heart, relationships as well as the love of the self.
            If you choose to read tarot, find a deck you really love to look at, for the pictures, suit, number, colors, expressions, the scenery as well as the cards position in the spread (1-10 in the Celtic spread) all play a part in the story of the cards.
            Trust yourself and the cards, ask for the Universe's help and know you will see all you need to know at that time.  Remember, the cards are only a medium to communicate with you.  If you trust the Universe enough eventually prayer will be the only thing you need and you will literal hear and see your answers.  You will know what I mean as it happens.  I really wish I could tell you how but you are the only one who knows how to do it for yourself.  The Universe loves and accepts you unconditionally and therefore believes in you, for you with love.

I Ching
            This ancient divinatory tool is most in-depth, and you must have a clear heart and honest mind to hear what the coins say.  When you choose to read the I Ching purchase the Book of Changes and only this book if you are serious about the I Ching.
            You will also need three Chinese coins.  The coins are used to form the lower trigram and the upper trigram.  This is determined by the symbols shown upon the coins when they are tossed.
            The side of the coin with four symbols on it equals 3.  So if you toss the coins and they all show the side with four symbols it equals 9.
            The side of the coin with two symbols on it equals 2.  If you toss the coins and all the coins show the side two symbols then it equals 6.

            1) Take the 3 coins in your left hand.  Toss them down.  Add up the coin:
All three coins show two symbols = 6 = a broken line -- --
Two of the coins are 2 symbols and one is 3 symbols = 7 =a solid line -----
Two of the coins are 3 symbols and one is 2 symbols = 8 =a broken line -- --
Three coins showing 3 symbols = 9 =solid lines ----
6 and 9 are read in the Book of Changes as moving lines, where the 7 and 8 lines are not.
            2) Toss the coins 6 times, each time adding them up.
                                                6 -- -- broken line / moving line
                                                7 ----- solid line
                                                8 -- -- broken line
                                                9 ----- solid line / moving line
First toss adds up to 6.  Draw a broken line as the bottom line of the first trigram.  This would a moving line because it is a 6.
Second toss adds up to an 8.  Draw another broken line above the first line.
Third toss adds up to an 8 also.  Draw another broken line above the 2nd line.  These three lines make up the lower trigram.
Fourth toss adds up again to an 8.  Draw another broken line above the 3rd line.
Fifth toss adds up to a 7.  Draw a solid line above the 4th line.
Sixth toss adds up to a 6.  Draw a broken line above the 5th line.
            In total you will now have 6 lines.  The first toss is always the bottom line of the lower trigram.  Now refer to the back of the I Ching or Book of Changes by Wilhelm / Baynes to match your lower and higher trigrams to identify your hexagram.
            In this example the lower trigram is K'un and the upper trigram is K'an.  Joining the two refers us to 8.  Now look to the front of the book to find 8, which is not the page number but the number of the Hexagram.
            8. Pi / Holding Together  (Union) - page 35 The Book of Changes by Wilhelm and Baynes.  Read the whole section and note the messages within that relate to your situation, and may giving you directional suggestions.
            Hence you will read "The Judgment" and "The Image", however upon reaching the section "The Lines" read only the lines that have added up to 6 or 9. In this example your first and your sixth lines add up to 6.  So read the first line and the sixth line once again noting what messages the I Ching is bringing you.
            I Ching can be read daily, or when needing guidance or clarification on a love, business or personal issues.  Personally I highly recommend I Ching, but definitely not as your first divination experience.  The I Ching or Book of Changes by Wilhelm and Baynes is the only I Ching book I personally recommend.
            The energy that brings information is the same used in forms of spiritual healing such as Reiki, Shiatsu, and other 'healing' techniques.  You may wish to also learn this form of channeling.  The same energy flows within the Chi and can be felt while practicing Tai chi, Yoga along with any form of marshal art.  This same energy shows itself in many forms.  Try them all if you wish.  You may explore the 'healing' theories in the Energy Transference Workshop by AuKeeRa Rayne.  The first and easiest form of channeling energy is what I call "energy swapping".  (No energy is taken or given as it simply flows.)  This is where you and a friend open your channels and create a circuit between the two of you.  This is one of the quickest way to feel another's energy as well as your own.  Note, this same energy flows through your aura as well as your body. You may then add in stones to enhance energy.  Learn to use Universal energy to clear your home, areas or objects.  The possibilities in this life are endless.  So enjoy!
And always remember -
"Life is not meant to be an uphill climb, it's just life." AuKeeRa RayneAppleMark

No part of this document may be copied or reproduced in any manner.ãAuKeeRa Rayne 2007AppleMark  ISBN978-0-9783105-6-1
Nine Card Layout   
                                                            3                                              10
                                    5                      1                      6                      9
                                                            2lies horizontally over 1
1) Closet to your heart.
2) Blocks you from seeing your heart's desire.
3) What is in your mind
4) Basis you stand upon.
5) Immediate past.
6) Immediate future.
7) You
8) Your environment
9) Greatest hopes and fears.
10) The outcome.
Number meanings
1 -> new beginnings
2 -> togetherness, doing things again, and/or communication; finding balance
3 -> communication spiritually (mind, body and soul) and development
4 -> foundation
5 -> building a basis for spiritual communication within the self
6 -> family
7 -> spiritual search for the true self or nature – self, family and business
8 -> balance of family and business or things in life
9 -> the number of completion
Swords (spades)- strength and/or conflict
Pentacles or Discs (diamonds)- money and/or prosperity 
Wands or Rods (clubs) - building either in family, relationships and/or business
Cups or Caldrons (hearts) - matters of the heart, relationships, love of the self

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